Get Started With Elementor

It is very easy to create a new WordPress + Elementor website or install Elementor on your existing WordPress website. Follow these simple Get Started instructions to begin.

Go to and click the Get Started button. This will prompt the question, “Do You Have a WordPress Website?

  • If you don’t already have a WordPress website, click the Continue button in the No, I don’t panel. See these instructions now.
  • If you already have a WordPress website, click the Continue button in the Yes, I sure do panel. See these instructions now.

No, I don’t process

Choose a host

If you’ve chosen to continue via the No, I don’t panel, you will be given the opportunity to choose one of our recommended hosting providers. You may click each More info icon to learn a little more about each host or click the Continue button to sign up with one of the hosts.

Sign up for a hosting plan

This will take you to the hosts’ website, where you will sign up for a hosting plan with them. 

Create your first page

Once you complete the hosting signup process, you will be presented with a list of next steps. 

You are now able to login to your new WordPress website, where you will discover that Elementor has already been installed for you. You can start creating your site!

Yes, I sure do process

Check that your site is ready

If you’ve chosen to continue via the Yes, I sure do panel, you will be instructed to enter your full website URL, e.g. and then click the Check For WordPress button.

Login to your site

Next, click the Click to Install button to log into your site.

Install Elementor

A page with Elementor’s details will appear once you are logged in. Click the Install Now button in the lower right corner.

Activate Elementor

Once installed, just click the Activate Plugin button. 

Design your first page with Elementor

A Welcome to Elementor screen is shown with a getting started video to help you learn how to start using Elementor on your website!

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