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Elementor AI FAQs

Last Update: February 12, 2024


Why don’t I see a “Write with AI” or “Code with AI”?

Elementor AI is available from version 3.13 and above and Elementor AI for images is available from version 3.14 and above. so make sure your Elementor and Elementor Pro plugins are up to date. 

Custom CSS and custom code are both part of Elementor Pro, therefore need a Pro subscription to use Elementor AI with these features. 

Note, after you first use Elementor AI features, Write with AI and Code with AI no longer appears, only the Elementor AI icon is displayed.

How do I connect my websites to my Elementor AI subscription?

If you’re using Elementor 3.13 and have an Elementor account, you already have access to Elementor AI. Just drag in any text-supported widget into your page, hit the “Write with AI” button” and start working. Elementor Pro subscribers will also be able to add custom CSS to elements and custom code to your site with Elementor AI.

Elementor Core users who do not have an Elementor account will be prompted to create an account in order to use Elementor AI.

Do I need an Elementor Pro subscription to get an Elementor AI free trial or to purchase an Elementor AI subscription?

You do not need an Elementor Pro subscription to benefit from either the Elementor AI free trial or subscription.  Elementor AI works perfectly with the free version of Elementor. However, you will not have access to Pro features with Elementor AI, such as Custom CSS and Custom Code.

Why should I use Elementor AI instead of the free AI models?

  • Convenience – Elementor AI is natively integrated within Elementor, meaning you don’t have to go back and forth between the Editor and the AI tool you use, which also accelerates your productivity.
  • Relevant Suggestions – Anytime you open Elementor AI, you are provided with a number of relevant suggestions, based on the asset you would like to use AI on. For example, if you choose a heading widget and want to use Elementor AI to help write your heading, a number of appropriate suggestions are added to the modal. This empowers you to fine-tune your request and brings you closer to your desired outcome.
  • Context – Elementor AI is built specifically for Elementor. When writing a request, the result provided already includes the relevant context and specific selectors. Elementor AI for images enables you to create images designed specifically for the context you are creating. The image works smoothly within your website, with no copying and pasting required.

Can I use Elementor AI on more than one website?

Yes! Elementor AI subscriptions apply to your Elementor account rather than a specific website or license. Your prompt quota applies across all the websites connected to your account.

How can I prevent my clients from using up my Elementor AI credits?

Access to Elementor AI is on an individual user basis. Meaning, your clients will need to create their own Elementor account in order to use Elementor AI, and their usage will be unrelated to your Elementor AI credits.
Please note: if you shared your credentials with your clients, then the service would recognize your clients as you and your clients will have access to your Elementor AI subscription

How can I make sure my clients won’t break their website by trying to add custom code (CSS / Code / HTML) on their own?

Similar to before, Elementor Pro users can manage the level of access for users with the Role Manager feature. This allows you to assign different permissions to anyone with access to a site.

Why does Elementor AI sometimes generate text that isn’t accurate or completely made-up?

This is sometimes referred to as AI hallucinations which occur when an artificial intelligence model, such as a language model, generates content that seems plausible or coherent but isn’t actually based on factual information or grounded in reality. These hallucinations can manifest as incorrect data, false statements, or completely fictional scenarios.

At this point in time, all large language models (LLMs), including the most advanced ones, are susceptible to the issue of hallucinations. It’s crucial to recognize this limitation when utilizing AI-generated content and why users should approach it with a critical eye. Always verify the information to ensure its accuracy and relevance. By acknowledging this inherent challenge, users can employ LLM-generated content effectively while maintaining the necessary vigilance to ensure its validity.

What languages does Elementor AI support?

Elementor AI supports 25 different languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

The AI images I generated were not what I expected or were not helpful.

We created a best practices articles to help you create better images with Elementor AI. See Guidelines for creating better AI. In addition, we are here to help if you continue to have any issues.

How much free content do I get?

The free trial allows you to experience what you can achieve with Elementor AI. The number of prompts you can generate with the free trial depends on the type of prompts and the volume of content and images you generate. You will be notified within the Editor and by email when you’ve used 80% of your free trial, and again when you’ve used all your allotted requests.  After that, you can purchase an AI subscription in order to continue using the feature.

Make sure you’ve subscribed to our newsletter in order to receive this email.

To subscribe:

  • Go to Elementor
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your email in the Subscribe to our newsletter box in the bottom right of the page.

Are there any copyright issues with Elementor AI?

See our Terms and conditions for more information about copyright and Elementor AI. 

What happens after my free trial ends?

After your free trial ends, you’ll no longer receive responses from Elementor AI. You can click Upgrade to purchase an Elementor AI subscription.

How much does Elementor AI cost?

For pricing information check out the Elementor AI page.

Access to Elementor AI is on an individual user basis. This means your clients will need to create their own Elementor account in order to use Elementor AI and their usage will be unrelated to your Elementor AI subscription.

How do credits work with my Elementor AI subscription?

Your subscription comes with an annual allotment of prompts to spend on content you wish to generate. Each prompt costs a certain number of credits depending on what type of content you are generating.

1 Text prompt = 1 credit
1 Code prompt = 1 credit
1 Image prompt  = 33 credits
1 Container prompt – 40 credits

Remember that when generating text, code, or images, you may want to use multiple prompts until you reach your desired result.

How will I know when I’ve used up my subscription?

We will notify you within the Editor when you’ve reached 80% of your plan’s subscription limit, and will continue to display how many credits you’ve used from that point onwards.

I purchased an AI Write plan – why can’t I see the pricing page anymore?

Elementor AI Write has been renamed to Elementor AI Starter. This plan was expanded to include AI-generated images, along with text and code. The new capability was automatically  added to your subscription and is available on every Elementor website running Elementor 3.14 and above.

I purchased Elementor Write for unlimited access to AI text and code, why don’t I have unlimited access anymore?

In Elementor 3.14, Elementor AI expanded to include image generation, and this was automatically added to your subscription at no extra cost.

Once you start generating images, your subscription will follow the new plan tiers and will no longer be unlimited, as generating images uses more credits than generating text/code. However, if you continue to generate just text and code, your subscription will remain unlimited.

What happens when I reach my credit limit?

Once you reach 80% of your credit limit, we will inform you and recommend you upgrade to a higher plan at that time. See: AI plans. If you choose not to upgrade and run out of credits, Elementor AI will no longer respond.

The custom CSS code generated by Elementor AI broke my site. Can you help?

The code provided by AI is designed to work with the Elementor Editor, however it can sometimes be inaccurate. We strongly recommend saving/backing up your page and reviewing any generated code before implementing it. 

Can you help me with my custom CSS or custom code?

Providing custom code falls outside of the scope of our support. As a workaround, we suggest you join the Elementor Facebook Community where you can find a supportive and helpful community of experienced users that are happy to provide useful tips and tricks.

Can I transfer my Elementor AI subscription to someone else?

No, an Elementor AI subscription cannot be transferred to a different account. But it can be used on any website associated with your account.

How will I know when to renew my Elementor AI subscription?

Like Elementor Pro and Elementor Hosting subscriptions, Elementor AI subscriptions are set to autorenew by default. Users will be notified 30 days before the subscription autorenews. If you choose to turn off autorenew, you will be notified 30 days in advance that you need to renew your subscription.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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