Guidelines for creating better AI image prompts

There are three keys to creating better prompts:

  • Detailed description of your vision
  • Utilizing adjectives
  • Using examples
Detailed description of your visionCreating a good AI prompt is key to producing just the image you want. Remember that AI is designed to follow your instructions as closely as possible, so be as descriptive as possible. The prompt “flower delivery” will produce these images:
The prompt “Painting by Caravaggio of a bouquet of roses being delivered to an excited woman as she opens the door”, will produce these images:
Basically, you need to treat the prompt as if you were describing the image in a book and you wanted the reader to know exactly what you had in mind. The more details given, the more accurate the AI generated image will be.
Utilizing adjectivesLiberal use of adjectives is a great way to convey what emotions you want the image to evoke and provides the AI with the technical details to produce a more exact image. 
Use examplesOne of the easiest ways to let the AI understand the style you want, is to find an artist who matches that style. Add phrases like, “in the style of Salvador Dal” or “by Monet” and the AI will have a precise idea of what you want.

Enhance your prompts

Use AI to improve your prompts with the enhance prompt feature:

  1. Enter a prompt.
  2. Click the enhance prompt icon .

    AI generates an enhanced prompt.
  3. Edit the enhanced prompt to reflect the image you want to create.

Note: Enhanced prompts will use credits from your free trial.

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