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Form Invalid error

Last Update: October 30, 2023

When completing a form on your website you may experience the following error message(s): “an error occurred” / “there is something wrong the form is invalid.”

This generally happens when some field(s) ID(s) is/are empty.

Please open the settings for your form, select each of the fields and then switch to the Advanced tab. If you notice that the ID option is blank, please try typing in a value (this needs to be a unique ID value that isn’t used anywhere else inside the form). 

Form Error One Form Invalid error 1
Form Invalid error 3

Other potential reasons:

– Two fields have the same ID.

– The integration is not working correctly. To confirm that, you can unset the integration with your email marketing service.

– The field Mapping for integration has not been done properly.

Tip: Always consult the Form Submissions logs to understand any delivery issues.

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