How do I copy elements from one site to another?


Many web creators work on multiple sites and need to reuse elements among these sites. Elementor allows you to copy an element you created on one site to another.

Copying the element

You can copy any element (container, section, widget) with the following steps:

  1. Right-click either the upper-right corner or handle of the element. 
  2. Select Copy from the dropdown.

    The copy element dropdown
  3. Right-click where you want to copy the element.
  4. Select Paste from other site from the dropdown.

  5. Confirm the paste action by pressing either Cmd-V or Ctrl-V.

Note: in order to copy and paste between sites, both sites must be using Elementor 3.11 (at minimum) and must have the same features enabled. For instance, you can’t copy a container into a site using sections, however you can copy a section into a site using containers.

Next steps

Another great way to reuse your work among multiple sites is by using templates. Learn more about templates or how to save a page as a template.

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