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Integrate forms with Drip

Last Update: April 18, 2024

Drip is an automated marketing tool. With this integration you can send form submissions to their system. 

Enter your API key

Note: Before integrating your form with Drip, you’ll need your Drip API key. Refer to the Drip website to get your API key.

  1. From WP Admin, navigate to Elementor>Settings.
    image 35 Integrate forms with Drip 1
    The Elementor Settings appear in the right pane.
    image 36 Integrate forms with Drip 3
  2. Click the Integrations tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Drip section.
    image 37 Integrate forms with Drip 5
  4. In the text box, enter the Drip API.
  5. Click Validate API Key.
    image 38 Integrate forms with Drip 7
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the screens and click Save Changes.

Add Drip to your form

  1. In the Elementor Editor, return to your form.
    image 39 Integrate forms with Drip 9
  1. In the panel, expand the Actions After Submit section.
  2. In the Add Action box, click the + sign.
    image 40 Integrate forms with Drip 11
  3. In the text box enter Drip and choose it from the dropdown menu.
    image 41 Integrate forms with Drip 13
    This adds a Drip section to the panel.
  4. In the panel, expand the Drip section.
    image 42 Integrate forms with Drip 15
  5. Confirm the API key is set to Default. This will use the API key you entered via WP Admin. 
    You have the option of entering a custom API key. This will allow you to assign specific forms to different campaigns.

    image 43 Integrate forms with Drip 17
  6. Use the Account dropdown menu to select the Drip account you want to link the form to.  
    The Field Mapping section appears.
    image 44 Integrate forms with Drip 19
  7. Use the dropdown menu to map the Drip email field to a form field.
  8. (Optional) Toggle Form Fields to map other fields. 
    image 45 Integrate forms with Drip 21
  9. (Optional) In the tags field, add Drip tags to the form submissions. This will help you organize the results more efficiently.    

Form submissions will be sent to your Drip account. 

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