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Integrate forms with Slack

Last Update: April 11, 2024

With Slack integration, you can send submitted form data to predetermined text channels on Slack via a unique Webhook URL.

Send form submissions to Slack

  1. In the panel, expand the Actions After Submit section.
    image 11 Integrate forms with Slack 1
    The Add Action section appears.
  2. In the Add Action box, click the + sign.
    image 22 Integrate forms with Slack 3
  3. In the text box, enter Slack and choose it from the dropdown menu.
    image 20 Integrate forms with Slack 5
    This adds a Slack section to the panel.
  4. In the panel, expand the Slack section.
    image 21 Integrate forms with Slack 7
  5. Enter the following information into the Slack section:
Webhook URLEnter Slack’s webhook URL. To learn how to create a Slack URL, see the Slack article Incoming Webhooks (external link).
ChannelEnter a channel name, so the webhook knows where to send the form information. Make sure that the channel already exists in your Slack workspace. The default is set to #general.
UsernameChoose a username that will be shown as the sender.
Pre TextEnter custom text that will appear under the username.
TitleAdd a title that will appear before each message.
DescriptionAdd a description that will appear before each message.
Form DataToggle on if you want the form fields to appear in Slack.
TimestampToggle on if you want the time the form was submitted to appear in the Slack message.
ColorSelect a color to appear as a vertical line to the left of the Slack messages. 

Form submissions will be sent to your selected Slack channel. 

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