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Slack Integration with Elementor

Last Update: January 14, 2024

With Slack integration, you can send submitted form data to predetermined text channels on Slack via a unique Webhook URL.

These actions will be performed after a visitor submits the form and is a great way to organize form data in a smart way.

  1. Go to the “Actions After Submit” dropdown and click on the Add Action field > Slack
  2. Choose Slack
  3. This adds a new Slack Dropdown. Click to open it

Selecting Slack Options

Note: Click to learn how to create a Slack webhook URL

  1. Webhook URL: Enter Slack’s webhook URL
  2. Channel: Type a channel name, so the webhook knows where to send the form data to in Slack. Make sure that the channel already exists in your Slack workspace. The default is set to #general
  3. Username: Choose the username that will be shown as the sender
  4. Pre Text: You can add some custom text which will appear below the Username
  5. Title: Add a title for each message
  6. Description: Add a description for each message
  7. Form Data:  refers to the Name, Email and Message your visitor will fill in on the form. Select YES to turn it on or NO to turn it off
  8. Timestamp: Select YES to display timestamp or NO to turn it off
  9. Color: Set a custom color for the vertical line that appears to the left of the message.

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