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Edit the Hello Theme settings

Last Update: November 2, 2023

Note: To edit the Hello Theme settings, make sure you have Hello Theme version 2.9 or later installed..

The Hello Theme is designed to give web creators maximum flexibility with their website designs while boosting website speed. This means reducing the theme’s code to a minimum. While the default settings do indeed make the Hello theme light, users can customize the settings to create an even lighter theme that will further improve site performance. 

Customizing the theme settings 

To customize the theme settings:
image 17 Edit the Hello Theme settings 9

  1. From WP Admin, click Appearance>Themes>Theme Settings.
  2. All settings are active by default. Toggle off the settings per your needs.
    image 18 Edit the Hello Theme settings 11
  3. At the bottom of the window, click Save Settings.

Below is a description of the settings you can disable in the Hello Theme.


Hello Theme features

Fine-tune the way your Hello Theme works.

Warning – Some of these settings affect the site content and may break your site. Any changes to these settings should be tried on a staging site before implementing them on your live site. 

Disable description meta tagThe description metatag helps search engines find and categorize your webpages. Leave this setting on if you’re using Elementor and the Hello theme to help people find your page.Switch this setting off if you are using a SEO plugin as this setting would be unnecessary.
Disable skip linkThe Hello Theme has a “Skip to content” link to improve accessibility by providing a quick way to bypass the header and other elements. This link only appears for visitors who are using their keyboard to navigate your site. If you’re using your own custom skip links code or are using an accessibility plugin, this setting is unnecessary and can be toggled off.
Disable page titleThe Hello Theme includes the page/post title as an H1 (heading 1) above the content area. If you use Elementor to add a custom H1 element, this can lead to SEO issues due to having multiple H1s on a page. Toggle the setting off to avoid this issue. 
Unregister Hello style.cssThe Hello Theme adds different stylesheets.Hello style.css contains the reset rules found in almost every theme. If you create your own style rules, for example if you use a child theme, you can toggle this setting off to increase website performance. 
Unregister Hello theme.cssThe Hello Theme adds different stylesheets.
Hello theme.css contains the css rules required by WordPress. If you create your own style rules, for example if you create a child theme, you can toggle this setting off to increase website performance. 

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