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Starting from Elementor Version 2.1, we transferred all of our editing controls to a new context menu, that appears when you Right Click a Page/Section/Column/Widget handle.

Note: To access the browser’s original right-click functionality click CTRL/CMD + Right Click.

right click elementor


When you  Right Click you’ll find the Copy and Paste functions. There are three different types of Copy/Paste:

Copy/Paste Elements – Now you can simply Copy an element (WidgetColumn or Section) and Paste it anywhere on the page. When pasting on top of an element, the pasted element will be placed below it.

copy paste

Tip: Use the shortcut CTRL/CMD + C, and then CTRL/CMD + V, to copy and paste elements.

Copy/Paste Element Style – With Paste Style, you can paste just the style of any element you copy (WidgetColumn or Section), then apply it on any other WidgetColumn or Section.

Bonus Tip: Use the shortcut SHIFT+CTRL/CMD + C, and then SHIFT+CTRL/CMD + V, to copy and paste style only.

Copy/Paste Between Pages – Copy Paste and Copy Style actually work between pages! You can Copy any WidgetColumn or Section, and Paste it on a different page on your site.

Reset Style – You can easily return to the default style settings of every element by right clicking and choosing Reset Style.


Navigator is a navigation tree panel providing easy access to every element on the editor with just one click. Navigator enables the user to drag elements throughout the page and edit them, quickly and easily. Click to learn more

Right Click – Page Level

Right Click anywhere on the drop area, will get you these Pagelevel options:

  1. Copy All Content – You can copy the entire page content and paste it to a different page.
  2. Delete All Content – The ‘Delete All Content’ option moved into the Page Level Right Click.
page level

Elementor drop area

Right Click on Mac

  1. Go to the settings of the mouse
  2. Modify the right click option and choose “Secondary click”
right click on mac

Tip: If the secondary click solution doesn’t work, you can always click to “Show Handles” in the Elementor Settings > Advanced > Editing Handles

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