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Upgrade plan error

Last Update: February 12, 2024


A message is received asking to upgrade Elementor.

Possible cause

Elementor Pro subscription comes with a limited number of activations. If you try to exceed that number of installations you will receive an error message asking you to upgrade your plan. 

For upgrading your plan, see Upgrade Your Subscription » Elementor.

Other reasons why this could happen are:

  • You uninstalled Elementor Pro from a website and then reinstalled it 
  • You changed the URL of a website built with Elementor Pro 
  • You have already used your license on the maximum number of websites

In these cases, some of your activations may be counted twice. 

Elementor Pro users can disconnect and reconnect licenses to five different domains. A notification appears on your My Elementor dashboard when you have two or fewer activations remaining.


Following are the solutions for different causes:

Uninstalled Elementor Pro from a website and then reinstalled it

Elementor will see that as two separate activations.To correct this, you’ll need to deactivate the website and then reactivate it. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to My Elementor.
  2. Go to the Subscriptions. This brings up a list of your subscriptions.
    Upgrade plan error 3
  3. Select the subscription containing the site you need to deactivate/activate. A list of sites associated with that subscription shows up.
  4. For the site you want to deactivate click disconnect website icon. This will free up the activation.
    Upgrade plan error 1
  5. Login to the WP Admin dashboard of the website where you reinstalled Elementor.
  6. Go to Elementor > License.
    Upgrade plan error 2
  7. Click Connect & Activate to reactivate Elementor Pro for this site. The site is now using one activation instead of two. For more information, see Activate Your Elementor Pro License (Get Started).

Changed URL and the system asks to upgrade

If you switched domain names for your site, Elementor may count this as two activations. To correct this, you need to deactivate Elementor Pro on the old domain and activate it on the new domain.

Deactivating a site will not affect the live site.

Follow the steps for deactivating Elementor the old website and reactivating it on the new website. It is already discussed in the previous solution.

Elementor Pro used on maximum number of sites

You may transfer your Elementor Pro subscription between sites, but there is a limit to the number of sites for which you can activate your subscription. If you have reached this limit, you need to upgrade your subscription. For details, see Upgrade Your Subscription » Elementor

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