How to Add & Edit a Background Video in Elementor

You can set a video as the background of a Section or Container, enabling you to create interesting hero headers and other engaging areas on your page.

Enabling the background video feature

Enable the background video feature by first navigating to the Style tab of a Section or Container. It will then be located in the Background settings.

  1. Background Type: Click the video icon .
  2. Video Link: Enter a YouTube, Vimeo or .mp4 link to the video.
  3. Start Time: Specify start time in seconds.
  4. End Time: Specify end time in seconds.
  5. Play Once: Slide to Yes to only play the background video once, with no repetition.
  6. Play on Mobile: Slide to Yes to play background video on mobile devices, if the device supports it.
  7. Privacy Mode: Slide to Yes to enable privacy mode. This feature will only work with YouTube.
  8. Background Fallback: Upload a cover image. This image will replace the background video in case that the video could not be loaded.

Tip: Use Background Overlay to darken your video or to add your own personal color overlay.


Issues with autoplay

Background Video Autoplay doesn’t autoplay when the following are active:

iOS Devices

Your power-saving mode is on: Enabling power-saving mode prevents ANY video from auto-playing, as your phone is trying to save as much battery as possible.

In order to fix this, go to your phone settings and then disable the option.

Android Devices

Data Saver is on: It will prevent any videos from auto-playing.

Note: Autoplay is affected by Google’s Autoplay policy on Chrome browsers.

Related videos and titles showing


Related videos: YouTube changed their API in September, 2018 and does not allow the possibility to disable related videos any longer. The parameter “rel=0” is no longer a working parameter.

Titles: Background videos now briefly show the title of the video. Elementor cannot disable this as it is controlled solely by YouTube.


Controls and titles: Only Vimeo premium accounts can remove Vimeo background video controls and titles.

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