Inner Section Widget (formerly Columns Widget)

Please note: If you only want to add a column to your section, right-click the column handle > Add New Column. You can add up to 10 columns.

The Inner Section widget use is to create nested columns within a section. This way you can create complex layouts.

  1. Drag an Inner Section Widget to your column
  2. As a default, you will get a section with two columns
  3. You can add or remove columns by right-click the columns handle icon
  4. You can drag and drop the Inner Section widget to any column on your page, but it cannot be used within another Inner Section.

Now you can style the Inner Section in the same way you would style a Section.


Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this widget

Why did we change the name?

After a continuous period of user-research, we found a disturbing common mistake made by users of all levels. When users needed to add a column to an existing section, instead of doing it using the right-click > Add New Column, users mistakenly dragged the Columns widget.

This mistake adds unnecessary markup code to the page, and may cause various unexpected behaviors.

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