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Activate Elementor experimental features

Last Update: February 8, 2024

Elementor Features provide an opportunity for users to voluntarily test and contribute to the refinement of new Features prior to their release. Future features might include widget enhancements, editor settings and functions, or even WordPress backend functionality.

  • Experience and play with new features in a safe environment.
  • Turn features on and off as desired. 
  • Potentially influence future feature releases by sharing feedback and reporting issues about the experience. 
Some Features are activated by default for NEW sites only.

How to use Features
Screenshot Activate Elementor experimental features 9

  1. Go to Elementor > Settings > Features tab
    Screenshot 2 Activate Elementor experimental features 11
  2. Select Active from the dropdown of any experiment you wish to use
    Screenshot 3 Activate Elementor experimental features 13
  3. You may alternatively use the Activate All / Deactivate All buttons to quickly apply changes
    Screenshot 4 Activate Elementor experimental features 15
  4. Click the Save Changes button under the list of features

Types Of features

Ongoing Experiments

These are still in the Alpha/Beta versions. They are likely to change before final release.

Stable features

These features have been marked as stable by the developers but may be activated/deactivated if found to cause issues or unneeded for your website. 

Each feature contains:

  • A brief explanation about the feature and a Learn More link if needed
  • A status ( Dev, Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate) which indicates the stage the feature is in
  • An activity indication


  • Alpha: Likely to change and evolve
  • Beta: Fairly stable but will need checks. Usually active by default only on new sites
  • Release Candidate: Stable, minor changes might be added but the feature is mostly complete
  • Dev: Like Alpha, this is likely to change and evolve, but this is only in the Dev version

Activity Indicators:

  • Green: Active (even if the value “Default’ is selected)
  • Gray: Inactive (even if the value “Default” is selected)


Q: What does “Default” mean? 

A: The default value can either be Active or Inactive and is defined by Elementor per experiment, per release. The default can change according to conditions, such as whether the site is new or already existing.

Q: Can I deactivate an feature if I no longer want to use it?

A: Yes! You can deactivate experiments at any time. Simply choose Inactive from the dropdown next to the experiment.

Q: Can you randomly remove a features?

A: Yes, each experiment has a status, which is shown under the description of each experiment. When the status is in Alpha phase, it can be changed multiple times. 

Q: Can these features affect live pages?

A: Yes, absolutely. Please keep in mind that when using features, they may change or be removed.

Q: What happens if I change an feature to inactive after I already used it? 

A: Elementor acts as if the feature has never existed.

Q: Will you let us know before a feature is removed?

A: Yes, we will communicate before removing features.

Q: How do you decide which features to keep?

A: We decide based on your feedback as well as the stability and performance of the feature.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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