What is the loop grid?


Many websites contain a page or pages with a list of posts. These posts can be anything from product listings to news stories to blog posts. The Loop Grid lets you customize the appearance of these lists, allowing you to build a design tailored to your specifications.

Example – Alex has a site that hosts a blog about worldwide travel. They want to create four pages – one with all posts about traveling to Europe, another about traveling to the US, another about traveling to South America and one more about traveling to Asia – all of which will update automatically when a new post fitting their subject is created. They want all these listings to be in alphabetical order, with each item featuring an icon associated with that geographical region.  

Example – Francis has a cooking site. They want their site to include pages of recipes grouped by chef and by main ingredient, with each recipe featuring a photo of the chef and they want these pages to automatically update whenever a new post is created fitting their criteria.  In addition, there will be individual pages where each chef can feature their favorite recipes.   

The Loop Grid

The Loop Grid is a widget but acts a little differently from most widgets. In most cases, users drag the widget onto the canvas and then edit them in the panel. With the Loop Grid, however, after you drag the widget onto the canvas, you’ll be asked to create a template. That’s because when you build a loop, you’re creating a template that will be used to display a listing of various items in a uniform way. 

You’ll then edit this template in the canvas using other widgets. Once you’re ready to design the loop’s layout, set its pagination and control its content – you can click the Loop grid widget on the canvas or by selecting the Loop Grid in the Navigator. This will open the editing panel.

Next steps

You’re now ready to start building a loop

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