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Add custom fonts using Elementor

Last Update: January 14, 2024

If you need more than the 800+ Google Fonts that come With Elementor, you can easily add Custom Fonts to your website. Watch this short video.

Upload Custom Fonts

  1. Go to the WordPress dashboard, under Elementor > Custom Fonts
  2. Click Add New
  3. Give your font a name and click Add Font Variation

Note: Uploaded fonts are stored in the wp-content/uploads/ folder on your server.

Available Font Formats Include:

  • The Web Open Font Format (WOFF) – WOFF is the most recommended format to use, since it is supported by all modern browsers
  • The Web Open Font Format (WOFF 2.0) – TrueType/OpenType font that provides better compression than WOFF 1.0
  • TrueType Fonts (TTF) – This font was developed in the late 1980s, by Apple and Microsoft
  • SVG Fonts/Shapes – SVG fonts allow SVG to be used as glyphs when displaying text. Make sure to use this format to support old versions of iPhone
  • Embedded OpenType Fonts (EOT) – This font file works on IE, but not on other browsers. Make sure to use this format to support earlier versions of IE

Weights & Styles

  1. Choose a Font Weight. Although all weights will be shown, please only select a weight that your custom font supports. Learn more.
  2. Select a Style
  3. Click Publish
  4. Repeat for every font variation
addnewfont Add custom fonts using Elementor 1

Viewing your Custom Fonts

You will find the newly added fonts when you edit text with Elementor.

  1. Go to the STYLE TAB
  2. Under Typography > Family you’ll see your new Custom Fonts.

If you’re using Typekit fonts, please see this article.


If you experience issues, check this guide.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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