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Optimize a single image

Last Update: January 11, 2024

Image Optimizer plugin by Elementor adds several options to the Media Library, allowing you to optimize a single image.

Images must be:

  • Under 10MB
  • In one of the these formats: JPEG. GIF, PNG. WEBP

To optimize a single image:

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, go to Media.
  2. Click an image.
    image Optimize a single image 33
  3. In the panel on the right, click Optimize Now.

In addition to the standard editing options, you’ll see the following:

What you’ll see
What you can do
Image not optimized
Optimize a single image 35
Click Optimize Now to optimize the image.
Image optimized
5VAsLBILV33QOfW54FulBKhyLrGwk7FsRSyXnYBxNjXcSQD2UX4QR09DdYTgdgdNBW1HQB37l8wZOEgyFCqtgspjr 3hjBH xUB3WEPDQ6gFadEc3WbW2TbuGCReK36LNo zPAa5gJLhTvG5M1WX0g Optimize a single image 37
Click Restore original to undo the optimization 
Optimization failed
tQJ2BZXlsz25Izz pzIn18O3zo4hNYRVcXDk1PHqctqRlSG7GJtaCrnSROTKfxa3fYOVZx Optimize a single image 39
Correct the reason the optimization failed and try again.

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