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Integrate forms with HubSpot

Last Update: June 25, 2024

Hubspot is an automated marketing tool and CRM. With this integration you can send form submissions to their system. 

HubSpot settings

In order to integrate Elementor forms with Hubspot, your Hubspot settings must accept non-Hubspot forms.For more details about this setting, check the Hubspot documentation. 

Install the plugin
image 23 Integrate forms with HubSpot 1

To use HubSpot, you need to install the HubSpot plugin. For details on how to install plugins, see Install WordPress plugins.

Connect to your HubSpot account

You now have to connect the plugin to your HubSpot account.

  1. From WP Admin, navigate to Plugins>Installed Plugins.
    image 24 Integrate forms with HubSpot 3
    A list of your plugins appears.
    image 25 Integrate forms with HubSpot 5
  2. Locate the HubSpot plugin and click Settings.
    image 26 Integrate forms with HubSpot 7
  3. Click Continue with this user.
    image 27 Integrate forms with HubSpot 9
  4. Click Continue with this account.
    image 28 Integrate forms with HubSpot 11
  5. Click Connect website.

Add Hubspot to your form

  1. In the Elementor Editor, return to your form.
  2. In the panel, expand the Additional Option section.
    image 29 Integrate forms with HubSpot 13
  3. Give your form a name.
  4. Return to the HubSpot website and login to your account.
    image 30 Integrate forms with HubSpot 15

Form submissions appear under Marketing> Forms.

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