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Become a Beta tester

Last Update: February 11, 2024

Being a beta tester will keep you on the cutting edge of our releases, and help us monitor and fix possible bugs whenever we release a new beta version. 

Beta testers enable us to test the compatibility of the upcoming versions in a variety of hosting configurations. Each beta tester will be running under a unique server setup, with varied combinations of plugins, themes, and custom code, all of which helps us understand which types of configurations may present issues that we can resolve before release. 

Beta testing is especially useful for website developers & designers, as well as plugin developers, as they are able to test the compatibility of their plugin or website with the upcoming version of  Elementor.  

Beta user feedback plays an important role in our ability to improve Elementor.  Feedback about any Issues should be reported in the relevant Github thread.

Important! We recommend only beta testing on a development or staging site, as beta versions are not stable and may break a live production site.

How To Enable Beta Testing Mode

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  1. Go to Elementor > Tools > Version Control and look for the section labeled Become A Better Tester
  2. Beta Tester: Select Enable to be notified whenever a new beta version of Elementor or Elementor Pro has been released. 
  3. After enabling, go to Dashboard > Updates and click the Check Again button to make the latest beta version available to you. All subsequent beta update notifications will show up on the Plugins admin page as normal. 

Note: The Beta version will not install automatically. You always have the option to ignore the update notification.

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