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How do I create anchor links?

Last Update: April 16, 2024

If your page is long, you may want to create links to specific headers or other parts of the page. These are called anchor links. They are essentially internal links within the page. 

First we’ll create an anchor link, a spot where you can link to:

  1. Select an element (widget, container, section).
  2. Click the Advanced tab
  3. Fill in a name in the CSS ID text box. This is the anchor name so it’s best to keep it simple. Only letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores are allowed. Do not put a # before the name.
The Advanced tab with CSS id emphasized
Find the CSS ID text box and name your anchor.
  1. Select the text you want for the link.
  2. Click the link icon
  3. If you’re linking to an anchor on the same page, simply enter # and then anchor name (e.g. #Intro). If the anchor is on a different page, enter the URL followed by # and then the anchor (e.g.
The link menu in the panel.
Creating an anchor link in the panel.
Create an anchor link on the canvas
You can also select text and create a link on the canvas.

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