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What will happen to my website(s) if I don’t renew Elementor Pro?

Last Update: March 12, 2024

Elementor Pro offers you a wide range of benefits, including advanced widgets and other powerful features. Your subscription helps us to constantly maintain and update these features, giving you more powerful tools to work with.

If you decide not to renew your subscription, you will no longer be able to update Elementor Pro or add Pro features to your site, and you may only have limited access to existing Pro features. Anything that is part of the free version of Elementor will continue to function and you are free to continue updating this version. 

Updating the free version of Elementor without updating the Pro version can lead to compatibility problems and cause issues with your site.

Remember that by renewing your subscription, you’ll remain eligible to: 

  • Update your Elementor Pro plugin
  • Edit sites created with Pro or Expert-level kits
  • Add Pro widgets to your website
  • Duplicate Pro widgets
  • Add new dynamic tags 
  • Access premium or VIP support (depending in your subscription level)

Note the following:

  1. Users with an early adopter renewal discount will lose their discount if their subscription is not renewed on time.
  2. Legacy Expert Subscriptions (Legacy 1,000) are canceled if not renewed on time, as this plan is discontinued as of March 9th, 2021.

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