CSS classes in Elementor

Classes let you combine several different elements so that you can apply one style to them without having to code every element separately. 

How to create a simple CSS class

Elementor greatly simplifies creating CSS classes.

To add elements to a class:

  1. Select an element
  2. In the panel, open the Advanced tab.
  3. In the CSS Classes field, enter a CSS class name. 

Note: When creating a class, do NOT add a period before the class name.

  1. Repeat for every element you want to include in the class.

Example: Alex wants to create a site where every week they can change the color of select text. When building the site, Alex labels all the text elements they want to change with the CSS Class – “change-color”.  In Site Settings, Alex adds the CSS:
.change-color {
    color: green;

Now, every time Alex wants to change the color of these elements, they just have to replace green with their selected color.

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