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Elementor Pro does not work

Last Update: February 11, 2024

If you cannot edit when you activate Elementor Pro, check the following:

  • Activate the Safe Mode and check if it helps. If it does not help try the following:
  • Enable the editor loader method in the Elementor > Settings > Advanced on your WordPress Dashboard (if the issue happens on a specific server).
  • Deactivate your plugins besides Elementor and Elementor Pro and check if it solves the issue. Switch to a WordPress default theme (temporarily) such as Twenty Nineteen and verify if it fixes the problem.
  • If it did not help, make sure that your memory limit is set to at least 128MB according to our requirements. You can check the memory limit for WordPress via your system info located in the “system info” tab of Elementor settings on your WordPress dashboard. If your memory limit is under 128MB, send this article to your hosting company:
  • Ask your hosting company to deactivate ModSecurity via your Cpanel to troubleshoot. Some configurations set via this firewall can block Elementor Pro. Instead of deactivating ModSecurity, they can check the error logs of ModSecurity to figure out if some rule of this firewall is not leading to the issue. Memory limits added via this firewall can prevent Elementor Pro from working.
  • If nothing helped, edit from another computer to rule out an issue with a program installed on your computer.

If you were unable to solve the issue after trying the tips mentioned above, please open a support ticket via and provide us with Administrator-level WordPress login details.

Note: Safe Mode can be activated only by site admins (i.e. users with administrator privileges), because only they can deactivate plugins. If you are not receiving the Enable Safe Mode option, please ask your site administrator to activate safe mode and troubleshoot the problem for you. In the case of a multisite setup, only Super Admins can activate Safe Mode.

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