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Create a full-screen popup

Last Update: August 10, 2023

Full Screen Popups are great for directing your user’s attention to only one Call To Action or Promotion. In this example, we’ll wait for the user to be inactive for a while, at which time, we’ll display a full screen popup that uses a Countdown widget to help change that user’s inaction to immediate action.

Create Popup

  1. Go to Dashboard > Templates > Popups > Add New
  2. Name your template and click ‘Create Template
  3. Choose a template from the Library or create your own design


  1. Set Width to 100 VW
  2. Set Height to Fit to Screen
  3. Set the Horizontal position to Center and the Vertical position to Center.
  4. Show Overlay
  5. Show Close Button


Change text, background image, button, and styling as needed.

Publish Settings

Conditions: Include: Entire Site

Triggers: After Inactivity of 30 seconds

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Connect your domain to Elementor Hosting

Connect your domain to Elementor Hosting

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