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What are performance experiments?

Last Update: September 11, 2023

Making your pages faster

Increasing page speed helps visitors both find and stay on your website. Elementor has introduced a number of features to help improve your page speed by reducing code and optimizing the DOM, among other improvements. These are still considered experimental features and are specifically marked as Performance experiments

What are performance experiments? 1

Performance features currently in the experimental stage are:

  • Optimized DOM Output -This experiment is designed to improve performance by decreasing the number of wrapper elements present in the HTML generated by Elementor. 
  • Improved Asset Loading – Should improve page speed by only loading the functionalities needed by that page. This experiment reduces the amount of code loaded by default, which translates to significantly faster page load times and better page speed scores.
  • Improved CSS Loading – An experiment that only loads the CSS of widgets on a page once, in order to prevent multiple requests to the server. With this experiment, CSS files are loaded as inline style tags.
  • Inline Font Icons – This experiment renders icons as SVGs without loading the Font-Awesome and eicons libraries. Since SVGs are vector-based images which are rendered using the browser’s engine, they do not increase server requests which improves performance. 

We encourage you to try out these experimental features in order to improve your site’s performance. If you run into any issues with these experiments, you can turn them off and report any problems to Github so our development team can work on them.   

Further exploration

Learn more about the different types of experiments and how to activate them.

Learn more about other ways to speed up your site

For more tips on improving your website check out the Elementor Academy for helpful learning resources. If you come across any issues or need help along the way, please contact our Support Center.

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