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Create a popup

Last Update: January 14, 2024

Follow these steps to get your first popup set up. Using this guide, you will manually trigger a popup using a button.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Templates > Popups > Add New
  2. Name your template and click ‘Create Template
  3. Choose a template from the Library or create your own design
  4. Click ‘Publish’, then ‘Save and Close
  5. Open a new page in Elementor (CTRL / CMD + E, new page)
  6. Drag in a button widget
  7. Under Layout, choose Link > Dynamic > Actions > Popup
  8. Click Popup > Open Popup > Select the popup you created
  9. Go to the live page, click on the button and see the popup appear

With this type of basic popup which appears when a button is clicked, no ConditionsTriggers, or Advanced Rules are required.

That’s the basic setup. Try it out to get a handle on using Elementor Popups.

One example where you might want to use this is to create a popup with a form in it that is triggered when a button is clicked. Check out this video tutorial to see how this is done.

For more complex scenarios, see the Popups documentation.

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