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Lead Collection Popup

Last Update: May 29, 2024


The Lead Collection Popup Service is designed to boost your website’s lead generation and conversions with custom form design, automated responses, and redirection functionalities.

What We Offer

Custom Form Design: We will design a lead collection form tailored to your specifications and brand identity.

Automated Responses: We will set up automated responses to engage your leads immediately after form submission.

Redirection Functionalities: We will adjust redirection settings to guide users to a specific page after they submit the form.

Focus Areas

  • Custom Form Design: Designing a lead collection form that aligns with your brand and meets your specifications.
  • Popup Development: Creating a custom popup that houses the lead collection form to capture user attention and encourage engagement.

What You’ll Get

  • Customized Lead Collection Form: A fully customized form designed and integrated into up to two specified pages on your website.
  • Custom Popup: A custom-designed popup featuring the lead collection form, integrated into up to two specified pages on your website.


After completing the service, we offer two revisions to ensure the form and popup meet your expectations.

Scope of Work

Our lead collection popup service includes:

  • Development and Integration: Developing and integrating a customized lead collection form and popup.
  • Testing: Ensuring both the form and popup are working correctly.
  • Client Handoff: Providing all necessary information on how to use the form and popup effectively.

What’s Not Included

  • Extensive changes or redesigns of the website beyond the specific task of integrating and styling the lead collection form and popup.
  • Development of marketing content or email campaign content, except for setting up automated responses.
  • Integration with CRM or email marketing platforms.
  • Ongoing management or optimization of the lead collection form and popup.

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