Known Bugs and User Experience Issues

Version 3.0 (Elementor Core and Elementor Pro)

Please see FAQ for Elementor 3.0

  • Some 3rd party plugins are not yet compatible with Elementor 3.0. These include, but may not be limited to:
    • SG Optimizer by Siteground – Siteground has released an update to patch this, so please update this plugin if you are using it.
    • JetElements / JetEngine by Crocoblock – Crocoblock has released an update to patch this, so please update this plugin if you are using it.
    • ElementKit
    • Ele Custom Skin – An update has been released to patch this, so please update this plugin if you are using it.
  • Some users were seeing HTML source code which appears on the WooCommerce orders page on WP-admin. A patch has been issued to fix this. Please update to the latest version.
  • If Yoast Premium plugin is activated, some users may be receiving a JSON error or be unable to switch between Visual and Text tabs in the WP text editor. A patch has been issued to fix this.
  • Some users receive a “go pro” message although Elementor Pro is installed on their website. This happens when Elementor Pro has been updated before the core. Please go to Elementor > Tools > General and sync the library to receive the invitation to update Elementor free. Now update Elementor free before Elementor Pro.
  • If you cannot update the typography or lose previous typography settings, please try regenerating the CSS by going to Elementor > Tools > Regenerate CSS.
  • If you see two Theme Builder links or cannot access the new Theme Builder and its templates, you may have only updated the free version of Elementor. Elementor Pro should also be updated. 
  • Some users are seeing code on their pages that says “Server Error, see Elementor => System Info”. A patch has been issued to fix this. Please update to the latest version.
  • If you see a Data Migration message, please click Proceed until it is complete. A patch has been issued to fix this. Please update to the latest version.
  • If a site part’s “Entire Site” condition is removed, the site part may still be displayed. To fix this, please go to the template itself, and save the condition from there.
  • Some users are reporting that sections or other elements disappear once they are edited. This is being investigated and a patch will be issued once a fix is determined.
  • If a form is integrated with a 3rd party integration such as ActiveCampaign or others, there may be issues with field mapping that affects button colors. The developers are aware of this and are working to find a solution. A patch has been issued to fix this.
  • Cannot delete/duplicate columns/sections – This has been fixed in a later patch.
  • Internal embedding bug causing changes to not update unless regenerate css button was clicked. This has been fixed in a later patch.
  • Column widget space settings broke after updating and disabling Optimized DOM Output setting. This has been fixed in a later patch.

WordPress version 5.5 + Elementor Pro 2.10.3 or less

Posts widget + WP 5.5 – Pagination links lead to 404 page (Page Not Found)

WordPress version 5.5 causes the Elementor Pro Posts widget’s pagination links to break. Clicking these links result in a 404 Not Found page. The developers will release a patch ASAP.

Version 2.10.2 (Elementor Pro)

A bug in version 2.10.2 involves forms with hidden fields, causing these forms to be unable to send.

In this version, hidden fields erroneously inherit the “required” property as if it was previously selected in this field, which will cause the form not to send. Until a patch is released, you can change your hidden field back to text, switch off the required control and switch the field back to hidden to solve this problem.

Version 2.10.1 (Elementor Pro)

A bug was introduced with version 2.10.1 that caused forms to be unable to send in some circumstances.

To fix the issue, please update to Elementor Pro 2.10.2, as this fixes this issue.

Version 2.9.0 (Elementor Pro)

The shortcodes of the fields are missing double-quotes

To fix the issue below please update to Elementor pro 2.9.3

The shortcodes of the field should include double-quotes by default. If you use, for instance, the email2 option, you have to make sure that the shortcode of the field includes double-quote, otherwise, the users won’t be able to submit a form. If the shortcode in the advanced tab is of the format [field id=email], you must wrap the field name in quotes, so you would need to change [field id=email] to [field id=”email”]:

Version 2.9.1 (Elementor Pro)

Custom Attributes control not available

Custom attributes are not available in the elements. 

Please rollback if you need this option. A fix will be sent asap.

Add new section button not available if the website global editing has been used on an empty post.

If you click on the handle of the Header Template to edit the template in an empty post, the add-new-section button disappears, and, as a matter of fact, you cannot edit the content anymore. As a workaround, you have to leave the editing mode of Elementor and go back to it one more time. This bug won’t happen if you assigned a Single Post template to the post you are editing.

Image ratio is displayed under the Archive Posts widget

The image ratio number will happen in some cases under the Archive Posts widget. You may use Custom CSS as a workaround: .elementor-widget-archive-posts:after {display: none;}

Version 2.9.4 (Elementor free)

Infinite loading when trying to access a template of the Theme Builder (confirmed bug)

The error ” Uncaught Error: Routes: “ not found.” appears in the console browser when users attempt to edit a template via the Theme Builder.


If after creating a template via the Theme Builder (” Templates” > “Theme Builder“) you are unable to edit it, reload the page so that you can access the template editing or go back to the previous page with the navigation browser.

The issue will be fixed very soon.

Versions 2.9.1 – 2.9.2 (Elementor Free)

To fix these issues please update to Elementor 2.9.3

We are aware of a few bugs following the release of Elementor 2.9.1 that are being tackled by the developers. Here is a list and workarounds to patch them in the meantime:

PHP Warning on the frontend (confirmed bug)

If you see a PHP warning that looks like this: 

array_merge(): expected parameter 1 to be an array

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array

This can be either a compatibility issue with an addon for Elementor or you have a Custom Add to Cart widget on a page that is not a WC template.

To address the issue, in the meantime, you can set wp-debug to “false”. It should remove the warning on the frontend. Alternatively, you can rollback:

Animated headline layout issue (confirmed bug)

There is a layout glitch affecting the animated headline: long animated headlines are visually split into two blocks.

To patch the issue you can add the following CSS:

.elementor-widget-animated-headline .elementor-headline {

The issue will be fixed by the development team as soon as possible.

Underlines suddenly added to links (user experience issue)

Before the release of the Theme Style, Elementor overrode all the CSS added to the links (custom CSS and CSS added via the themes). This behavior was wrong and has been modified.

Some users who installed themes that add underlines to the links will see them after updating Elementor to versions higher than 2.8.5. Beyond that, if you use a theme that does not set a general text-decoration for the links, the browser will set the text-decoration-line to “underline”.

From now on, you have to set a default link style via the Theme Style (or you can use this custom CSS:

a {
  text-decoration: none !important;

If you experience any other issues following the release of the Theme Style please contact our support.

Deprecated Typography section in Section & Column elements for users who didn’t place values (user experience issue)

(Original post see here)

For any place that used section or column typography that capability will still be available per control. This change is part of a bigger effort we are making with global styling. We have a hunch that lots of you will see the value once you’ll experience the full solution. We always keep an open conversation and feedback loop with our users. This move is still being discussed internally and we might put this option back.

Sorry for the inconvenience these issues are causing.

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