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Troubleshooting – Upgrade messages still appearing after I purchase Elementor Pro

Last Update: February 19, 2024

Elementor Editor comes in a free version, Elementor Core, and a paid version, Elementor Pro. When using Elementor Core, you will see notices in both WP Admin and the Elementor Editor encouraging you to Upgrade and purchase Elementor Pro. These messages should disappear if you purchase Elementor Pro. 


After purchasing Elementor Pro, the ads encouraging you to upgrade to the pro version still appear. 


  • Make sure you are using the latest versions of both Elementor and Elementor Pro. Remember that both the free version and the Pro version must be installed and activated. For more information on updating Elementor and Elementor Pro, see Update Elementor and Elementor Pro.
  • Confirm that you have activated your license key under Elementor > License in your WordPress dashboard. To learn how to access your license details, see Change license settings.
  • Check for plugin conflicts:
    • Temporarily deactivate all of your plugins except Elementor and Elementor Pro. If the Update message disappears, then you know one of the disabled plugins is causing the problem. 
    • Reactivate each plugin, one at a time, until the problem reappears. The last plugin reactivated is the cause of the problem.
    • Contact the 3rd party plugin’s developers to get help with resolving the conflict, or use a different plugin with similar functionality.

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