Deactivating an Elementor Pro license

The most common reason to deactivate a Elementor Pro license is to transfer Elementor Pro to a different site or domain

Deactivate the license

Note: Deactivating a site will not affect the live site.

In order to deactivate a license:

  1. Go to the subscriptions section of the My Elementor dashboard. This will bring up a list of your subscriptions.
  2. Select the subscription containing the site you need to deactivate/activate. You’ll see a list of  sites associated with that subscription. Locate the site you’d like to deactivate and select Deactivate Website. This will deactivate the website and free up the activation.

Note: You can only activate an Elementor Pro license on a limited number of domains.

Note: Deactivating a license does not affect website functionality but you will not be able to update any Elementor Pro features.  

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