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Elementor AI Copilot

Last Update: April 30, 2024

Copilot is a passive feature, once it is turned on, it will automatically offer suggestions as you hover over a blank section.


In order to use AI Copilot, you must have:

  • Elementor 3.20 or above
  • an Elementor AI account

You can create an Elementor AI account by clicking the Elementor AI logo CglbPPJP2krMI4 gRIS03e5WfJ1Tj3MoK6HkktCh0CFjFNpdCxGj2 dA2OxMAZgwBDEVEOHC jgqifONx30h8ZY wdht6pnj PT5D50nPYm snTZj96f mmXT8N8zk7eeajdW8AnOVsyT6D1Q6goHg Elementor AI Copilot 9 anywhere in the Editor.

One of the great benefits of AI is its ability to complete, or shorten, repetitive tasks. Elementor AI Copilot acts as a virtual assistant, using the information it has about your website and your building style to anticipate what you’ll want to create next. This gives you a headstart and cuts down on the time you need to build web pages.

After you register for an AI account or free trial, you will be offered the opportunity to turn AI Copilot on. You can also turn AI copilot on and off using User Preferences. For details, see Activate, deactivate and snooze AI Copilot.  

Build with Elementor AI Copilot

To turn on Copilot:

  1. Open a page in the Elementor Editor.
  2. Hover over an empty container. 
    When you hover over an empty container for more than two seconds, Copilot will automatically begin working to suggest a container design and content. 
    AKDIgPyCL0YWgwm9cBfj4BbQC6Nru9dH5gYTWhfwWyWQMd2YuIxPGlgjE0y7Vi7VR 06aK Elementor AI Copilot 11indicates the Copilot is working.
    image 100 Elementor AI Copilot 13
  3. When done processing, Copilot suggests a container. You can then:
    • Accept the suggestion
    • Reject the suggestion
    • Snooze Copilot for a period of time. See Turn off or Snooze Copilot, below. 

After you accept a suggested container, you can still edit the design and content.

Suggestions generated by Copilot do not use up your AI credits unless you accept the suggestion.
Copilot will not make any more suggestions as long as you haven’t Accepted or Rejected the current suggestion.

Activate, deactivate and snooze AI Copilot

There may be periods of time where you want to design on your own without suggestions from Copilot or you may not enjoy the Copilot feature. In these cases, you have the option of either snoozing or turning off Copilot.

There are two ways to turn off or snooze AI Copilot.

Use the Accept/Reject Bar

  1. Click the Snooze icon.
  2. Use the dropdown to select a snooze period or turn Copilot off.

Use the User Preferences menu:

  1. Click the Elementor logo 5pwEIi df3JPr4erFBukQfrdopOJG26iTh19Oe83FMQeWGWPuQBtcOhomVTxXlaQ1X6zjWSEcXlP5lFrTIaXRo Quo0kHt0GG DQrTx4d3IRxYht8jkiJi PczYUOTyVafo5jnZM67PYWW M1wOrpw Elementor AI Copilot 15 in the upper left corner of the Editor.
    image 101 Elementor AI Copilot 17
    A dropdown menu appears.
    image 102 Elementor AI Copilot 19
  2. From the dropdown menu, select User Preferences
    image 103 Elementor AI Copilot 21
  3. In the panel, use the Editor Copilot dropdown menu to either snooze or turn off the Copilot.
User Preferences can also be used to turn Copilot on.

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