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Edit a staging site

Last Update: March 11, 2024

After creating your staging site, you’ll need to edit it and start using it as a test site.

Follow these steps to access your staging site and edit it:

  1. Go to your My Elementor.
  2. Hover over the website card that you want to copy to create staging site.
  3. Click Manage this website. The website overview page is displayed.
    Editing a staging site 1
  4. Click Advanced. The Advanced page shows.
    Editing a staging site 3
  5. Click Manage Staging from the Staging environment section. A yellow banner displays with the message that you are accessing staging site.
    Editing a staging site 4
  6. Click Edit this website. The staging site opens in Elementor.

The URL starts with “stg” indicating that it is a staging site.

Editing a staging site 2

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