Troubleshooting Layout Issues

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Are you having layout issues? These are the most common issues, causes, and solutions available.

General Layout Issues

Cache Issues

Quite often, cache is causing the layout issue you see.

You can first try to simply clear your browser’s cache, use a different browser, or view in an incognito browser. If this doesn’t help, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to Elementor > Tools > Regenerate CSS and click the Regenerate Files button. 
  2. Update your page. You may need to make a small change to enable the Update button. 
  3. Clear all cache including server cache if it exists, any WordPress caching plugins you are using, and your own browser cache. You can also try checking in another browser, or in an incognito browser.

Plugin Conflicts

To find a plugin that is causing the layout issue, deactivate all of your plugins except Elementor and Elementor Pro, if applicable. If this solves the problem, reactivate each plugin one by one, until you spot the problematic plugin. If found, contact that plugin’s support for help, or use a different plugin.

Theme Issues

Switch your theme (temporarily) to a default WP theme such as Twenty Nineteen to see if your theme is causing an issue. If so, contact the theme’s developers for help, or use a different theme.

Version Problems

 Layout issues can also be due to the use of an older version of Elementor. Sometimes it isn’t obvious that there is a plugin update available. Go to Dashboard > Updates and click the Check Again button to be sure.

iOS Issues

Column layout issues can happen in old versions of iOS due to the use of CSS grid by Elementor. iOS supports CSS grid starting from iOS 9.3. iOS versions before that may have issues with column layouts.

Specific Layout Issues

Please see the Specific Layout Issues: FAQ Index for articles that help troubleshoot more specific issues you may be having with the layout of your site.


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