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Create or open a page (Hosting)

Last Update: November 14, 2023

Creating and editing new pages

The Elementor editor and site builder works in conjunction with WordPress. When you create a new page to edit with Elementor, you first need to create the page in WordPress, and then select Edit with Elementor.

Create a new page

Screenshot of the WordPress dashboard. The "Pages" and "Add New" buttons are highlighted in red boxes.
Just look for the “Pages” and “Add New” buttons to create a new page.
New pages can be created from the Admin bar
Creating a new page from the WP Admin top bar.
  1. From the WordPress dashboard, select the Pages tab
  2. Click Add New


  1. Select New>Page from the WP Admin top bar
  2. Click Edit with Elementor

Edit an existing page

For existing pages, there are two ways to open the page. From the My Elementor dashboard, you can quickly access your most recently edited pages. To access all of your pages, you need to go to the WP Admin dashboard.

Open pages from the My Elementor dashboard  

  1. Go to your My Elementor dashboard.
    image 2 Create or open a page (Hosting) 3
  2. From the website card, click Manage this site.
    image 13 Create or open a page (Hosting) 5
    In the lower part of the dashboard, a list of recently edited pages is displayed.
    image 14 Create or open a page (Hosting) 7
  3. Click the pencil icon of the page SiAEpJZR 786MOAhVNpRPJvN 2M RhjWQ3n Gjjjqi6UmpbuyBkDb7RF5tsMDIw2azq9 BJw8jXHCQ7E7ffpEKJesaiwI2U6O Create or open a page (Hosting) 9 you want to open.
    The page opens in the Elementor Editor.

To open a page from WP Admin

  1. From WP Admin, click the Pages tab
  2. Hover over the page name  
  3. Select Edit with Elementor 
Screenshot of WordPress dashboard showing users where the "Edit with Elementor" button is located. The "Edit with Elementor" button is highlighted in red.
Create or open a page (Hosting) 14
You can also edit a page with Elementor by clicking Edit with Elementor from the admin bar.
Top admin bar Create or open a page (Hosting) 12

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