Create Fast-Loading Websites With Ease

Build with performance in mind
Performance Art

Efficient Code

Load your website faster with dynamic assets loading without unnecessary code.

Continuous Improvements

Update your Elementor website with each new version for faster loading.

Element Reduction

Reduce the number of DOM elements by removing unnecessary wrapper elements.

Prioritizing Your Website’s Performance

Speed at the Core of Our Development
Prioritizing Your Website’s Performance

Load Only What You Need

Only load what each page needs with smaller CSS and JS files and conditional loading logic.

Leverage Native Browser Support

Use native browser support, replacing the need for external libraries.

Improve the Use of Internal JS and CSS

Detect what features are being used on a page and only load external libraries when it’s needed.

Optimize Backend and Rendering Processes

Load dynamic values from the cache and have them rendered immediately.

Improved, Slimmer, and Better Code Output

Experience greatly reduced the DOM output size with eliminated multiple wrapping elements.

Built-in Features for a Top Performing Website

Optimize your website for Core Web Vital metrics.
Background Image

Background Image

Display smaller background images on mobile devices
Custom fonts

Custom Fonts 

Load fonts locally to reduce external requests
Lazy load video

Lazy Load Media 

Only load videos, image carousels and background slideshows when a user scrolls to it on the page.
SVG & WebP formats

SVG & WebP formats

Use next-gen image formats with reduced file sizes.

Constant Performance Improvements

Enjoy better and faster performance with each new version of Elementor.
Speed - 82
V 2.9
Speed - 84
V 3.0
Speed 95
V 3.5

V 2.9

V 3.0

V 3.5

Decoration Image
Decoration Image
*The performance was tested at the time of each version’s release using the Google PageSpeed Insight tool on the same page layout. The scores are an average of 5 tests performed on Mobile.

Speed Up Your Website, Optimize Performance

Dive into this 6-part course that will walk you through the best practices for building and optimizing your website layout with Elementor.

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No, it isn’t. Actually, Elementor was built with Performance as a top priority so you can have all the tools and features you need to create a fast-loading website. Since version 3.0, every update came with significant performance improvements and we will continue to find new ways to make your websites load even faster.
Website speed is comprised of multiple factors like choosing a reliable hosting provider, using a lightweight theme (like Hello Theme), compressing images, optimizing JS & CSS scripts, and following the best practices for the layout and structure of the page.

Elementor’s Developers are working very hard and listening to the needs of our users. We are improving our performance from the foundation up and empowering third-party developers to do the same.

If you are looking for reliable, hassle-free hosting that was built specifically for Elementor, we have just a thing for you. Our Hosted solution comes pre-installed with WordPress and Elementor Pro, has world-class security and with CDN, your visitors are automatically directed to the closest server, ensuring the best experience possible.

A great place to start is our Academy, where you will find a dedicated course about Performance Optimization. Also, make sure to check out our In-depth Guide on How to Speed up WordPress.
If you are looking for a theme that was made for Elementor, we have a perfect solution for you. Our Hello theme is built with lean, non-intrusive code and has zero unnecessary styling.

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How Elementor Made Your Website Run Faster

Build faster and more consistently with reusable, scaleable elements across your files
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Running a Website Speed Test: Best Practices

Build faster and more consistently with reusable, scaleable elements across your files

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