What widgets are part of Woocommerce products templates?

With Elementor WooCommerce Builder you can now design your Single and Archive product templates.


Product Title – Control the style and layout of your Product Title

Product Images – Set the image or gallery you wish to display

Product Price – Set the Product Price position and style

Add to Cart – Control the layout and style of the Add To Cart button

Product Related – Set your own style to the Related Products

Product Stock – Add a Product Stock Widget to display the product’s stock number

Product Meta – Set the distance between the text, display it stacked or inline, and control the style of your Metadata

Short Description – Control the Short Description layout and style

Product Content – Set your own style to the Product Content

Product Data Tabs – Control the Data Tabs style

Additional Information – Add Additional Information to your product display

Upsell – Set your own style to the Upsell Products

Note: To learn more about WooCommerce Single Product Builder click here


Archive Title – Control the style and layout of your Archive Title

Archive Products – Set the style and layout of the Archive Products


Products – Set your Products content and style

Woocommerce Breadcrumbs – Control the colors and layout for WooCommerce Breadcrumbs

Custom Add to Cart – Add an Add To Cart button anywhere on your site

WooCommerce Pages – Display a WooCommerce page (e.g. Cart page, Checkout page, etc.) anywhere on your site

Menu Cart – This special custom widget opens the cart in a window. It is best practice to use it in your Header. You can display your cart from any page of your website without leaving it

Important! In order for the Woocommerce Builder to work, you need Elementor pro 2.1 + WooCommerce 3.4 or higher.

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