Transitioning from Layers to Elementor: Common Tasks

This should help you transition from using Layers for common tasks such as changing text typography and adding icons. 

Tip: All Elementor page settings are in the Panel on the left side of the editor, separated into tabs: Content, Style, and Advanced. Each change you make is instantly shown in the Editor. Click to learn more

Tasks, first in Layers, and then in Elementor:

  1. Change the font color of the two boxed headings.
  2. Change the font size of the two boxed headings.
  3. Change the font family of the two boxed headings.
  4. Add an icon above the two boxed headings.

Layers changes the font color of both the boxed headline and its accompanying text, rather than just the headline, which was not the goal. In addition, Layers cannot change the font family of an individual element, as the family is set globally. Layers also has no icon widget.

Tip: In Elementor, if you want to quickly copy a style from one element to another, right-click the pencil icon for the element that already has the desired style, select Copy, then right-click the pencil icon of the element that needs the style, and select Paste Style. If you want to duplicate the entire element (content and style), right-click the pencil icon for the element and select Duplicate. Drag the new element wherever you please.

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