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Elementor Benefits – Pro VS Free

Last Update: February 2, 2024

Elementor’s free version (Elementor Core)  includes everything you need to get started, including the visual drag and drop builder. Elementor Pro complements the free version of Elementor, and gives you the features you need to complete a fully functioning website that engages visitors and boosts conversion. 

Below are the top five reasons you should upgrade to Elementor Pro, followed by a full comparison list between the free and Pro versions. 

  1. A widget for any Purpose  – 60+ additional widgets, including dedicated professional widgets and features, for every type of website. For example, you can use the Portfolio widget to showcase your best work, Review and Testimonial carousels to boost conversion, Posts widgets to display your blog posts, Countdown widgets to create urgency, Stripe and PayPal buttons to collect payment, and much more. Elementor Pro also enables you to customize every part of your website, including its headers, footers, post templates, archive templates and other theme parts with the Theme Builder
  2. Native marketing features – Collect leads and increase conversion to optimize the performance of your website.
    1. Built-in Form builder to collect leads: Elementor Pro’s built-in form builder makes creating complex forms simple. Generate leads with beautiful forms that include any field type and limitless styling options.
      • Form Submissions Seamlessly keep track of your form submissions with Elementor’s submission page. Use Elementor Pro to collect submissions with the same tool you build your form.
      • Integrates with CRM software – Effortlessly connect your Elementor form to your favorite CRM and Marketing tools to make the most of every lead.
      • Actions after submit – Increase visitor engagement by setting actions after submit, display a confirmation popup, redirect visitors to a thank you page, or send them a dedicated email. 
    2. Built in Popup Builder to Optimize Conversion and Interactions
      • Design – Leverage all the power of Elementor’s drag and drop visual builder, and its widgets to design any type of Popup, including full screen, modal, side / top banner, and slide-in. 
      • Set Display Conditions – Display the right message, to the right visitor at the right time by determining what pages you want the popup to appear on, when, and how without having to inject a template or use another plugin. 
  3. Advanced Customization Options – Create websites that stand out, are unique and keep visitors engaged. Utilize Elementor Pro’s advanced customization features to elevate your website. These advanced features ensure you are able to customize your website any way you want, and enable you to grow your professional skills over time.
    • Motion Effects and Interactions – Add motion and interaction to your website as visitors scroll through your page to tell your story with Sticky Elements, Scroll Snap, Motion Effects, Lottie Animations, Mouse Effects, and Hover Effects. 
    • Custom Code, Custom CSS – Elevate your website by adding Custom Code and Custom CSS snippets to further customize specific elements, adjust your website’s design, and more. 
    • Custom Fonts and Icons – Upload your own custom fonts or icons to create a unique website design that perfectly matches your brand. 
  4. Dynamic Content – Build content-rich websites seamlessly, and fully leverage the power of WordPress’s CMS. Use Elementor’s dynamic content to design your website using dedicated dynamic widgets that automatically populate content from WordPress, or use any Elementor widget and assign a dynamic tag to it to create content-rich websites with intricate designs. Elementor also integrates with Custom Fields and Custom Post Types, so you can further enhance your website’s dynamic capabilities with Elementor. 
  5. WooCommerce Builder – Boost conversion and purchases increasing trust and brand loyalty with a consistently designed and branded website. Design, build, and customize every part of your WooCommerce store with Elementor Pro. Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder enables you to design one, or multiple templates for your product page, shop or product archive page, as well as your transactional pages including the Menu Cart, Cart, Checkout, My Account, and Purchase Summary. Additionally, Elementor empowers you to customize the location and design of the WooCommerce notices, to ensure every part of your website is consistent with your brand. 

Get Elementor Pro today to enjoy these benefits and more with a single plugin. Check out the full side by side comparison, along with the benefits of the different Elementor Pro plans, below.

FeatureElementor CoreElementor Pro EssentialElementor Pro Advanced, Expert, Agency
Template Library
Export / Import Templates
Mobile Editing
Shape Divider
Video Lightbox
Box Shadow
Text Shadow
Background Overlay
Hover Animation
Entrance Animation
Template widgetx
Text Editor
Image Box
Icon Box
Social Icons
Basic Image Gallery
Image Carousel
Icon List
Progress Bar
Menu Anchor
Google Maps
Background Gradient Effect
Revision History
Blank Canvas Template
Maintenance Mode
Page Settings
Element Hover
Redo / Undo
Post Contentx
Post Navigationx
Post Commentsx
Post Infox
Post Excerptx
Embed Anywherex
Author Boxx
Global Widgetx
Table of Contentsx
Lottie Widgetx
Code Highlightx
Progress Trackerx
Video Playlistx
Archive Titlex
Archive Postsx
Custom CSSxx
Menu Cartxx
Pro Templatesx
Price Tablexx
Price Listxx
Product Price xx
Product Titlexx
Product Imagesxx
Short Descriptionxx
Product Metaxx
Product Stockxx
Product Ratingxx
Product Data Tabsxx
Product Relatedxx
Archive Productsxx
PayPal buttonxx
WC Productsxx
WC Elementsxx
WC Categoriesxx
WC Add to Cartxx
WC Breadcrumbsxx
WC Additional Informationxx
WC Product Contentxx
WC Archive Descriptionxx
WC Checkoutxx
WC My Accountxx
WC Purchase Summaryxx
WC Noticexx
Flip Boxx
Featured Imagex
Site Logox
Site Titlex
Page Titlex
Masonry Layoutx
Blog Paginationx
Ken Burns Effectx
Share Buttonsx
Form Integrationsxx
Login Widgetx
Animated Headlinex
Facebook Widgetsx
Nav Menux
Media Carouselx
Testimonial Carouselx
Call to Action Widgetx
Custom Fontsx
Header & footer builderx
Dynamic single post & archive page designx
ACF & Toolset integrationxx
Scrolling Effectsx
Popup Builderxx

Elementor Pro Plans

Elementor has 4 paid plans you can choose from:

PlanBest for:
EssentialUsers interested in building a basic beautiful website without eCommerce. 
AdvancedUsers interested in building up to three professional websites, who are looking for more advanced customization options, integrations or to be able to support eCommerce
ExpertProfessional web creators managing up to 25 websites, who are looking for more advanced customization options, integrations or to be able to support eCommerce. 
AgencyLarge web creators working with teams and managing up to 1000 websites, who are looking for more advanced customization options, integrations or to be able to support eCommerce.

The table below shows the differences between each plan:

DescriptionFor building basic websitesFor professional and eCommerce websites
Number of websites1Advanced: 3Expert: 25Agency: 1,000
Number of widgets5082
Theme Builder featuresYesYes
Advanced customization options
Basic design featuresYesYes
Custom iconsYesYes
Custom fontsYesYes
Custom codeNoYes
Custom CSSNoYes
Global CSSNo Yes
Marketing Features
Form Widget and DesignYesYes
Form SubmissionsNoYes
Form IntegrationsNoYes
Unlimited Popups NoYes
Custom AttributesNoYes
Dynamic Content
Native WordPress Dynamic FieldsYesYes
ACF, PODs IntegrationsNoYes
PayPal / Stripe IntegrationNoYes
WooCommerce BuilderNoYes
Team Collaboration and Management
Role ManagerNoYes

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