It’s hard getting those Likes, shares and engagement on social media.

So how can you have a bigger social media impact? (other than pouring more cash into Facebook ads)

Luckily, we are now introducing our new Facebook Widgets. This pack of widgets will turn your site into a lean mean social sharing machine. These are the best tools to grow your business in Facebook, and they are available right now in Elementor Pro.

The Facebook Widgets set saves you from both dealing with pesky Facebook embed codes, as well as from a handful of Facebook integration plugins that cram up your WordPress site.

Using the new widgets allows you to increase your organic social engagement automatically, without any extra work on your side.

Perfect Time For Facebook Engagement

Did you know that Facebook engagement is getting harder and harder to attain?

According to BuzzSumo, the average number of engagements with Facebook posts has dropped more than 20% since January 2017. 

This is why this is the perfect time to hook your site to Facebook. Let’s take a closer look to examine how these new widgets work to boost your social presence.

Facebook Page Feed (Previously Like Box)

Place your Facebook page in a Like box across your website, to get more Likes and followers. Your visitors will be able to Like and share your page without leaving your site. You can choose from a timeline, events or message display.

Where to use: Put it in your sidebar 

Benefit: Get more Likes to your Facebook page

Facebook Like Button

Add a Like button in posts, so your visitors are encouraged to Like your content on Facebook. This button also allows you to share the page’s Like count, adding an important trust element to your site’s content. By setting the Facebook button to Follow, your visitors can Follow your Facebook page or profile. 

Where to use: Put it above and below your blog posts

Benefit: Get more Likes to your posts

Facebook Comments

Interact with your readers, by letting them comment on posts through their Facebook accounts. This makes comments more personal and easy to use, no registration needed. You can order the comments by time, reverse time or social relevance ranking.

Where to use: Place it under your blog posts. Can also work well for landing pages as a way to show social proof

Benefit: Get more comments on your blog

Facebook Posts Embed

Wrote a Facebook post that resonated among your followers? Share it on your site along with some explanations and remarks.

Where to use: When you want to spin off a successful Facebook, post and write commentary about it on your blog

Benefit: Generate more engaging content on your blog

Facebook Video Embed

According to the BuzzSumo article we previously mentioned, videos now gain twice the level of engagement of other post formats on average. Share your videos on your sites to get them to perform even better and get more views.

Where to use: This is another way to generate creative blog content

Benefit: Get more interactions for your Facebook videos

Facebook Embed Comments

Embed comments from Facebook to your website. Got a supportive testimonial? You can even share it on your Checkout, to get the social proof you need to gain your site visitor’s trust.

Where to use: Checkout pages, landing pages and every other page where your goal is to get conversions

Benefit: Get social proof for your products / services

Facebook SDK Integration

The Social Suite also includes integration with the Facebook SDK. This feature is meant for advanced users, so if it seems like I’m talking alien language simply continue to the next section.

If you are a developer that uses Facebook SDK, there are 3 key points to follow:

  1. For comment moderation, it is important to activate the Facebook SDK through the Elementor settings page.
  2. Don’t forget to add your domain name to your App Domains.
  3. Using the field I just mentioned specifies a Facebook app ID as the managing entity, which lets administrators moderate comments. Doing this enables a moderator interface on Facebook where comments from all plugins administered by your app ID can be easily moderated together.

Get More Social Traffic

You might be wondering how these widgets help you get more social engagement and traffic. Here are just a few points that clarify the importance of using these widgets.

Make your site more dynamic and interactive

By embedding these Facebook elements, your visitors can get a much more dynamic and interactive user experience.

Interact with your visitors beyond regular comments

Using the Facebook widgets, people can comment, Like, share and interact in a much easier way.

Get social proof for your business

By embedding comments, videos and other elements you are providing social proof for your visitors, this way increasing their trust.

Increase your Facebook page exposure

By using Facebook widgets you can leverage your current traffic to grow your social media audience and presence.

Reuse and re-purpose content from Facebook

Wrote a long and carefully crafted Facebook post? Re-purpose it by embedding it and adding some remarks about why you wrote it.

Previous Social Widgets

Social media features are not a new thing in Elementor. We cannot properly review this subject without mentioning two powerful social features already inside Elementor, one belonging to the free version and the other to Pro.

The Social icons widget allows you to add social icons that link to your various social media pages, allowing your visitors to subscribe to your update in a variety of places.

The Share buttons widget is a flexible multi-design widget that allows you to add sharing buttons that come in a huge variety of designs you can choose from.

Optimized Loading & Mobile Responsive

Like any other script, Facebook Widgets could have a negative impact on loading speed. That’s why we’ve made sure the script will start running only after the DOM is loaded. This is the best way to ensure your visitor gets a great user experience.

Elementor’s Facebook widgets are also 100% mobile responsive, and adapt to the screen they are displayed on.

The Future of Elementor Social

You can use the new Facebook widgets inside a single page, or embed them in the sidebar and other areas that run across your site. The future of Elementor, however, will open whole new possibilities of embedding these and other widgets much more easily across your site.

Which of the new social features will you be using first? Let me know in the comments below.