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AI Features


Container Layouts

Step into a new era of web creation and embrace the incredible power of AI to instantly build beautiful designed layouts.


Write a prompt that guides AI to generate your desired design, bringing Elementor widgets and containers into action.


Generate variations based on existing Elementor containers and AI will replace content, style, images, etc., according to your prompt request.


Radically transform the way you create websites by generating designs, based on any layout you reference from the web.

Library-Based Containers

Generate AI Container variations based on templates from Elementor's library and customize as desired. Choose the template you want to reference directly from library or from the AI Containers prompt input.

Dream Up Any Image

No more searching through endless stock images. Let AI generate impressive images that you can, edit, enhance and refine without ever leaving the Editor environment. Get ideas from our
Prompt Library

Extend Images in Any Direction

Let AI seamlessly extend your image by cleverly filling in the image borders while leaving the original image intact.

Create Image Variations

Use any image as a reference to generate similar variations, so you can constantly update your website with fresh content.

Change Resolution or Resize

Adjust image resolution or change its size to fit different aspect ratios that precisely match your site requirements.

Remove Image Background

Remove image backgrounds by detecting the object in the image and replacing its background with a transparent one.

Replace Image Background

Replace the background of an image with anything by describing the background you want instead.

Leverage Generative Fill

Adjust image resolution or change its size to fit different aspect ratios that precisely match your site requirements.

Goodbye Writer’s Block

Say hello to a smarter way of working. Let AI write headers, posts or any type of textual content for the text area of every element. Get ideas from our
Prompt Library

AI Writing Assistant

The built-in AI assistant offers suggested prompts to kickstart your work and inspire you with new ideas.

Tone of Voice Adjustments

Highlight any text on your website and AI will help you adjust the tone to make it more casual, formal, simpler, etc..

Language Translations

Save the time and expense of translations and expand your reach. Translate to any language directly from the editor.

Length of Text

Create both short and long copy based on the instructions you provide. Easily craft full blog posts or shorten for the excerpts.

Context Sensitive Prompts

AI will suggest prompts based on what you are editing, like ‘craft a catchy slogan’ when working on a heading widget.

Spelling & Grammar Correction

Use AI to correct spelling and grammar mistakes to ensure you always deliver a high quality, professional website.

Code Like a Pro

Code like a professional programmer, without being one! Generate custom code, HTML, or CSS directly within the Editor, and gain complete control over your website. Get ideas from our
Prompt Library

Write Custom CSS

Apply AI-generated CSS code to add animations, visual effects, or other impactful styling options to your website.
*Pro only.

Add HTML Anywhere

Use HTML code created by AI for interactive buttons, widgets, and other elements for your website. Customize as you like.

Generate Custom Code

Embed custom code for unique functions, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel to measure impact of your website.
*Pro only.


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How do Elementor AI credits work?

Your plan gives you an annual amount of credits to spend on the mix of prompts you want to enter. These are the credits needed for each type of prompt you write.

The Starter Plan enables you to generate up to 24K text entries or 24K code snippets or 725 image requests, or 600 Container prompts, or any mix.

The Power Plan enables you to annually generate up to 50K text entries or 50K code snippets or 1,500 image requests, or 1250 Container prompts, or any mix.