Generate Web-Based Containers With AI

Build container layouts with the power of AI by referencing any
website you admire.

First, Choose a Website that Inspires You


Drop in the URL of the website you’ve selected.


Highlight the section you wish to reference.


Write a prompt to bring the results closer to your desired outcome, if needed.


Use the wireframe container layout that AI has generated and start adding your content.

A Gamechanger For Web Creators

Revolutionize your Web Creation with AI

Note – AI is a tool that complements website building and is not here to replace human creativity, intuition, and skill.

How to start your free trial

01 Verify/Update Your Version

Make sure your website is updated to a compatible version: Elementor 3.18 and up.

02 Press AI inside the editor

Press the AI icon located within any Elementor widget that accepts content, images or code and you’ll be guided to follow the Connect Wizard.

03 Start using Elementor AI

After pressing Get Started, you can begin using Elementor AI anywhere on your website.

Unlock Your Business Potential

Select an Elementor AI subscription plan

Non-refundable, try it free on any Elementor Website. Compatible with Elementor 3.13 and higher.

By purchasing Elementor AI, you agree to our AI Terms & Conditions

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The above prices do not include applicable taxes based on your billing address.


Have more questions?
Try the Elementor Help Center or Contact Us.

Read more FAQ’s on Elementor AI.

How do Elementor AI credits work?

Your plan gives you an annual amount of credits to spend on the mix of prompts you want to enter. These are the credits needed for each type of prompt you write.

The Starter Plan enables you to generate up to 24K text entries or 24K code snippets or 725 image requests, or 600 Container prompts, or any mix.

The Power Plan enables you to annually generate up to 50K text entries or 50K code snippets or 1,500 image requests, or 1250 Container prompts, or any mix.