Introducing Testimonial Carousel: Design Testimonials That Get More Conversions

With Elementor's new Testimonial Carousel widget, you can make sure your customer testimonials are presented in the most aesthetic and well-designed way.

Testimonials offer a great way for gaining customer trust and getting more conversions. With our latest release, we are pleased to introduced the most highly customizable way to showcase your customer testimonials.

Introducing the Testimonial Carousel widget.

This widget joins the Media Carousel released last week, and allows you to rotate a variety of testimonials in a wide array of designs to choose from.

Since first releasing the single Testimonial widget, we’ve received a lot of user requests to add a testimonial slider. This widget is our answer, and it’s bound to get a lot of our users thrilled. Let’s explore the Testimonial Carousel options.

The Testimonial Carousel comes with 2 skins:

Default. Displays the classic testimonial carousel design.

Bubble. Displays testimonials as bubbles that are connected to the profile image

Testimonials Layout & Alignment

For Each skin, you can choose between one 5 different layouts. The content can also be aligned to the left, center and right, allowing you to set the position just right

Image inline. Image appears next to name

Image stacked. Image appears above name

Image above. Image appears above content

Image left. Image appears left of content

Image right. Image appears right of content

Slides Per View & Width

The carousel slides display is easily customized. You can choose how many slides are shown per view, as well as the width that the slides take on the screen.

These settings can be separately set per device, so you can quickly set up the testimonial slider for desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Testimonial Carousel Style & Design

Take a look at these gorgeous testimonial slider examples, and see just how flexible this widget is.

Play with the space between slides and give the slides some breathing room

Use the Bubble skin, a bold color & border radius to reach this speech bubble testimonial

The background color and padding interplay contribute to this testimonial slider’s unique design

Combine multiple testimonials and play with the gap between image and content

Here you can see a play of border, border radius and image border for a stylish look

The grey bubble on top of this smashing background really makes an impact

Combine testimonials and headlines for more interesting sections

Using solid borders and padding allows us to reach this clean design

Here you can see colors and typography that help reach another stylish testimonial slider

Autoplay, Transition & Interaction

Besides letting the visitor browse through the Testimonial Carousel using the arrows and pagination navigation, you can also customize the play and speed of transition for the slides.

The options allow you to set the carousel as:
Autoplay – Have the carousel play automatically, and set the autoplay speed.
Pause on interaction – Have the carousel pause when the visitor clicks on it.
Transition Duration – Set how fast the transition between slides occurs.

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Getting the testimonials right can have a large impact on your conversions and sales. It’s not easy, though.

You need to find the right people, and get them to write the right copy, and finally display it in a way that it integrates beautifully in your sites. For the first two tasks, I recommend you read a recent in-depth analysis of using testimonials, published on BigCommerce. For the design part, take Elementor’s new widget for a spin and experiment with the truly remarkable array of design controls available for the Testimonial Carousel widget.

I look forward to reading your comment about this widget. Please write where you plan to implement it on your site.

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Ben Pines
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59 Responses

  1. Absolutely perfect timing! This last week I have been messing around with getting testimonials just right on the page, to no avail. I have used 3rd party add-ons and have tried multiple ways through existing Elementor widgets. This new testimonial widget is exactly what I have been needing!!! Also, great work on offering the high level of customization in it.

  2. One additional feature that would be nice to have is an option to display rows. You already have “Slides Per View,” which is great but can you add “Rows Per View” as well. In the case I am working on I want them in a 4-up grid so 2 per view/row and 2 rows. I know I could make a grid but using this testimonial slider allows me to more quickly and easily setup the testimonials, and customize them just as I want, as apposed to a grid. What I did as a stop-gap is just created the testimonial widget with 2 slides per view then duplicated it and changed out the testimonials in the duplicate. Now I have the 4-up grid testimonials.

  3. Awesome!
    Is there a way to pull the data for the testimonials from custom post types?
    I am using to custom post types to manage all testimonials of my client’s websites. That way it is much easier to add new testimonials and also choose which ones to show. I have created a shortcode where I can either display a selection of testimonials from a category, with particular IDs, randomly or just a single quote.
    If this could be nicely integrated with the testimonial slider of elementor, that would be super awesome!

  4. Such an amazing new feature and benefit for pro! Testimonials are so important and the ease to put them anywhere and everywhere? Wow! Loving all the updates. This looks like it was a while in the making with all the things you can do. Thanks Elementor Team!

  5. New to Elementor already seen loads of updates which is great, unless I missed it!
    would having the option to also output Structured Data Markup for testimonials. So if used of a product or service page would aid SEO.


  6. Thanks for the great new feature. Can you please try to add an option to make the testimonial a link? I have testimonials that are excerpts and when clicked they bring you to the extended version. It would be great if I could just make the entire testimonial (in the slider) link to my testimonial post.

  7. Please provide a page of documentation so I may understand all controls and what the controls do. Put it all on one page.
    Please do not make another video. I can read faster than I can listen. If I have to look up something I forgot, it is hard to look up something in a video. Videos are linear organization, hard to jump around.
    TEXT is a non-linear organization, I can easily jump around to find what I want.
    Thanks for all your wonderful, creative work.

  8. Hi guys! I’m using the Testimonial Carousel currently with the “Image Left” layout. Can you please make it possible to select another layout for mobile users? On a mobile phone it doesn’t look good to keep the image left and the text right…. the text-bubble becomes way too tall and narrow.

    1. Ugh i have been trying to fix this problem too! Apparently, they don’t seem to care to fix it as it’s been 8 months since your comment. 🙁

      It says in the article above that you can easily change the view for each screen size, but I cannot see anywhere how to do that without doing your own CSS.

  9. Hi.
    i really love elementor. however i have a problem and hope you can help me with it.
    for most times, i do not my clients, any acsess to pages that i designed.
    the problem is that if i dont give them acsess they cant add any testimonials (same with portfolios).
    my question is, is the any way to create a custom post type for testimonials and gallantry, so people that dont have access to elementor will still be able to add new testimoials and gallres?
    would love this option vety much.

  10. Love the carousel — would love to know how to stop the animation after the last slide has been shown (so it doesn’t keep cycling through the batch of testimonials again and again).

  11. Is there a way to allow for adaptive content height? I would like each slide to change height depending on the length of the testimonial?

  12. Pingback: URL
    1. You can style the different Elements individually by going to the style tabs in the widget settings.
      You can also set different Layouts for the elements via the Content Tab in the widget settings.

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