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draw a following

Add countdowns for your events & landing pages

Add countdown to any page with a simple drag & drop, then customize it visually and easily

sleek skins

2 Skins to choose from: Block / Inline

Change the look and feel of your countdown timers by switching between block and inline skins

Design flexibility

Customize box, text, background color & typography

There really is no end to the different kinds of countdown timer boxes you can create with this flexible widget

Advanced Design Capabilities

Never has it been so easy to design the perfect countdown timer

Show / Hide fields

want to use your own timer label?
you can do that easily

Live Editing

Choose exactly which fields of the counter you want to show​

Container Width​

Set the exact container width
of the countdown timer​

Border & Background

Play around with different borders and backgrounds for a perfect fit​

Color & Typography​

Pick the right colors & typography to get your countdown just right​

Size & Spacing​

Adjust the size and spacing
of the countdown fields

Get Your Visitors
To Take Action​

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