Elementor’s 2nd Year Journey

Can you believe Elementor is two years old? The second year proved to be even more interesting than the first. In this post, I recap the steps that helped our phenomenal growth and the development of the ecosystem built around it.

2rd birthday

Two years ago, Elementor was first launched into the world. During the first year, we mainly focused on getting the word out. We knew we had the best tool, and needed people to know about it. 

The second year, however, posed a greater challenge: making Elementor the leading solution for professional web designers. We tackled this ambitious task via different approaches: developing Elementor beyond the page builder level, making significant UI improvements, and releasing features specifically oriented to improving the designer workflow. These are just some of our actions that helped Elementor grow from 100K active installs at the end of year one, to 900K+ active installs today.

So let’s dive in and look back at the second year of Elementor’s development.

What we accomplished

Top Plugin

Elementor is the 39th most popular plugin. We weren't even in the top 100 a year ago, and our trajectory looks promising

100+ YouTube Videos​

We greatly improved the quality and quantity of our YouTube videos. We built an in-house studio, set up professional recording equipment and managed to create dozens of helpful videos, which were viewed over 3 million times. These videos helped us grow our following to 25K+ YouTube subscribers - more than 3 times what we had at the end of year one.

17,000+ Members in Facebook Group​

Since the start of Elementor, we made a conscious decision to invest in building our Facebook group. I have to give an honorable mention here to Verdi Heinz, Ike Ten, Barna Buxbaum, Mor Cohen, Siggi Becker, and Menny Benady, who devote considerable time and brain power to maintain the many challenges that managing such a heterogeneous group involves.

Elementor Available in 50+ Languages​

Elementor is one of the top 10 most translated plugins in WordPress. We want to bring better design to every WordPress user, regardless of their language or origin. If you want to help with the translation efforts, visit our plugin's translation page.

Developer Resources & Github Activity

This year, we released a complete code reference for Elementor. We also further expanded our API and opened an entire developers website dedicated to theme and plugin developer tutorials. Our GitHub achievements are quite remarkable: 10,974 Commits, 2,494 closed issues, Starred 1,436 times, Forked 339 times, Watched by 128 GitHub users. More about the developer API

Elementor Add-ons and Themes

It is hard to precisely quantify the many plugins and themes developed to extend Elementor. A quick search in the WordPress repo reveals over 70 plugins that explicitly extend it, and many other popular and useful ones exist outside the repo. We've seen an explosion of Elementor themes as well in the past year, and we see more and more well crafted themes pop up everywhere.

How Elementor developed

Editor Interface

This year saw some major improvements to our interface, as well as some enhancements that were necessary to allow the extension of Elementor into the website building realm.

Theme Builder

A major portion of the year was spent developing the Theme Builder, and coming up with an entirely new and innovative process of building every part of a WordPress website.

This was a venture into the unknown and was the greatest challenge we ever faced. People have been used to building websites with code and themes for 15 years, and we were bold enough to challenge the status quo.

The past year’s accomplishments are both a testament to our commitment to our users, as well as our users’ commitment and belief in us.

The official launch of our WordPress theme builder was on Apr 16, 2018, not so long ago. We worked long and hard on this product, examining its solution from every angle.

Version 2 is still in development, and we have some really interesting features lined up to be released in the coming months.

Template Library

Elementor’s template library has expanded in size and improved in functionality. The library now has filtering, search, favorites, and easier import and export options. The most consequential improvement, however, came from introducing the new Blocks tab, which increases speed and productivity to your workflow when setting up a landing page or any other page on your website. Blocks go hand in hand with the release of our Theme Builder, since users need Blocks to quickly set up their header, footer, single post, archive page, and other areas of their site.

Features for WordPress Professionals

For the first versions of Elementor, we focused our efforts on features that all users can enjoy, newbies and professionals alike. For the second year, the emphasis shifted toward evolving Elementor as a tool for professional web designers.

This is apparent throughout this review but is most noticeable in features oriented explicitly towards professionals. Integrating to mail automation services, restricting users to only edit content or using code reference and developer API were much needed by Elementor professionals, and adequately addressed by the following releases.

The work is far from done in this area, and we have extensive plans to make Elementor more useful for professional web designers, developers and marketers that make their living from providing WordPress related services.

Focus on Design

Following the line of the previous idea, we released several features oriented explicitly towards web design professionals. From icon packs, custom fonts, hover effects to the call to action widget, we are making many efforts to put Elementor at the forefront of the design industry. This way, you never have to settle for bootstrap-looking websites, and can elevate your designs to a truly premium level without having to pour endless custom CSS code into your websites.


Last but not least, we come to the rest of our design soldiers. Each one of them can be considered as a standalone plugin, and together they combine the most useful powerpack for designers.

What's Next?

In the following weeks, we will release the WooCommerce builder, as well as Copy Style and a few other surprises. Two years after launch, today Elementor is the established and growing brand we set out to create. Our vision continues far into the future, with many opportunities to strengthen what we’ve already built, while branching out into much needed and yet unexplored territory.

Don’t go just yet! Wish us a Happy Birthday, and tell us what kind of feature gifts you’d like to see next year.

About the Author

Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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47 Responses

  1. Well done! Elementor’s birthday is a happy birthday to all of us!
    Indeed, one of the most powerful and cool plugins for WordPress, no doubt about it.
    I would be personally happy to see better interfacing with the WooCommerce plugin, and it would not hurt if you were to release a WordPress log-in extension instead of the annoying WordPress log-in …

  2. Happy Birthday Elementor!!! I would like to see a feature where you can set padding by dragging in between widgets rather than using the elementor panel. This is a more visual and quicker way of doing it.

  3. Progress in developing EL has been swift and welcome but I would like to see an alternative chat/group/forum support other than through FaceBook or Facebook messenger. Not everyone is , or wants to be part of the Facebook ecosystem, and I don’t just mean due to recent adverse publicity about FB.

    1. We do have a premium support ticket system for Elementor Pro users. Plus, there are many other Facebook groups, for more niche audiences. There’s a group we ourselves recently opened for Elementor Translators. It’s good in my view that there is one FB group that is prominent.

  4. What a ride at Facebook! From the early days with Mike ( I entered at the 200 member mark) to Bens question in Juni17 if I had a little bit of time to do some moderation in and for the group. Little did I know what would happen. 😉
    I would not have done it so long if I didn’t believe in the farsighted vision of this outstanding product. Sometime in the future I will initiate a exclusive Elementor WordPress Meetup in Düsseldorf!

  5. Happy Birthday, Elementor! You’ve created an amazing amount of achievements in a very short time. I am continually excited to use Elementor, and I look forward to all the new things to come in the future. You’ve already granted most of the wishes I’ve had. I guess if I had one wish left, it would be to have the ability to easily design for landscape mode, as you once had, or to set custom breakpoints.

  6. Happy birthday! Congratulations on all your achievements and a big thank you for this fantastic tool.

    I’d like to see more features geared towards pro developers: Advanced deep integrations with backend tools like ACF, Toolset and Pods. Or maybe you should extend WordPress backend in your own way and offer functionalities offered in that plugins yourself. Page builder -> Theme builder -> Site (CMS) builder. 🙂

    More work on advanced animation and interaction capabilities. Like some features I saw in Webflow.

    Best wishes!

  7. Happy Birthday !!!
    I’m so happy to have the right tools to make my websites, I celebrate my first year with Elementor and hope for a long business relationship 🙂

    I have one request: Could the form be able to send an attachment file in the email instead of a link to retrieve the file please.


  8. Happy Birthday, I’m bought your ideia a long time ago, I could choose other option but I really believe in this project and since then I’m always trying to help with some improvements.

    I think is time to elementor look back and make some improvements in every widget to make more complete. For example:

    – Buttons: add option to make gradient buttons;
    – Icons: option to use line icons and others options;
    – Posts: Carrousel posts, more effects on hover, improve the pagination;
    – Form: Option to use columns on the forms and added more fields to send the fields (converkit example, just send the name and email field);
    – Countdown: Evergreen coundown would be good;
    – Share Buttons: Disable the name only on mobile, its not possible now;
    – Accordion: Option to close the first iten;

    And finally, a decent pop up option 😉

  9. Absolutely great stuff, I’ve already built 3 sites with Elementor. One kind request, could you please integrate PODS in Elementor?

  10. I just simply love Elemento, Happy Bday! I just need two new features

    1. Design feature: Grow on hover image – column – section effect
    2. Back-end features: Integrated custom post type builder that will word perfectly with template builder feature.!

  11. Happy Birthday ! Indeed Elementor is the best. Congratulations for extraordinary achievements and wish you many more.

    Now Elementor is more than a page builder hence my expectations are more for a theme builder.

    1. While coding theme we asign CSS classes to common elements. I wish this feature in elementor too without coding CSS. This has been beautifully done in one of the competitor page builder whose V2 is still to be launched next week. This is a great feature and can save tons of designing time.

    2. I am sure Year 3 will bring complete integration with ACF and woocommerce as you have mentioned in this post. If this can be done with Toolset also then it will empower us even more because toolset comes with complete CPT tools including front end form for creating and editing post. This is very lucrative for designers who have no coding background.

    The way Team Elementor is adding features day by day with every update I have no doubt that one day all these features will be made available. Once again congratulations for entire Team for making such a wonderful product.

  12. Hi, elememtoe Happy Birthday, i brought this plugin during 2nd birthday sale and inhave to say this inam rrallr loving this.
    Thanks for vrecreat great functionality, hope in upcoming updates add more design’s and features.
    I need some features, will contact support theme.keep goigo.
    Really loving it…

  13. Congratulations & wish Elementor many more milestones and achievements in years to come

    Ben, am curious to know the plans for Elementor with the upcoming WordPress 5.0 release with Gutenberg.. how is Elementor going to change with it (if at all)?

  14. Happy birthday Elementor!
    I truly love this product, from the very first time I tried it.

    What I’d really like is:

    1.Icons management.
    to be able to load custom icon sets and use those instead or along with the Font Awesome ones. Also better UI for picking the icons as a dropdown list with endless items – that needed to be chosen visually isn’t the best choice

    2. Adding mobile control to more settings
    like background images for example

    3. getting all elementor widgets on par with each other.
    If Elementor knows how to let me color something with gradient – why not give me this possibility for anything ( like allowing me to gradient color a button or heading)

    4. Laptop screens break point.
    currently because there’s no such break point I limit the content width to 1024 so that whatever I fit in there would work nicely on laptop screens – the sacrifice is a fine but not fully utilised desktop experience.
    A custom break point is also a possibility

    5.keeping it simple
    I completely agree with the aim to keep the interface simple. But why not add some advance setting in the wordpress dashboard? it would be disabled by default, but enabling it would make room for more complicated settings in the elementor panel for the brave ones.

    6.Disable elements & organising elementor panel
    with the growing elementor ecosystem there are many many more widgets in the elementor panel. and more importantly some of them are somewhat duplicates of each other. It would be nice to disable not needed elements from the backend to simplify the elementor panel.

    also. it would be nice to to collapse widget categories, this is a little thing that would help a lot!

    7.Better custom library items management
    Elementor library is beautiful. But the ‘My templates’ not so much.. it should get more love. allowing a thumbnail preview and easy sorting abilities like you know how to implement

    8. multiply items select
    now that the right click features are on the way, it would be great if we won’t need to right click too much. I mean, let us select multiply elements we want to apply the changes to just by one click on them

    Keep up the great work guys, and le’ts have en even better 3rd birthday!

  15. Nice, that your goal is to concentrate on tool for professional design. Hope you achieve it. Some things, that I am missing now in Elementor to use it as a professional tool:

    1. Consistency of editing. What I mean: if I create static page, then Editor (my client) can edit it with Elementor, however, if I create template for blog posts (or projects, company members etc.), then Editor (my client) can only create and edit pages with native WordPress editor. For me as web designer/developer it’s ok, but for client it means that I have to spend additional time to explain how it works and client have to think how it works. Would be much more convenient to give possibility to edit any page with Elementor (inline editing).

    2. Dynamic content. Very nice, that you’ve added feature to link text or images to dynamic content (like from blog posts or other content types) or create Portfolio and Posts regions, but the problem is that it’s limited to your predefined design. I would like to be able to create a card with my chosen fields and design cards the way I want, for example http://take.ms/A1zjE

    4 Elementor builder ads additional gaps when I insert columns. So I don’t see website exactly the same, that it will show to visitors. WYSIWYG (in any forms) should be WYSIWYG, but not different for editing and viewing. These additional gaps look not professional.

    4. Missing tags and css features. I can only add columns, but there is no way to add DIV, or style elements with FLEX. So there is limited capabilities of crafting design. And thus design still looks a bit template-like.

    Would be interesting to know what is your goal in more details (I mean what exactly do you want to implement and what is your general future concept). If you need some clarification on what I described or any help, would be happy to explain in more details and help you build a better website builder.

  16. Happy Birthday Elementor! Ben and Staff, you guys have done an outstanding bod of work this past and current year. This is the only page builder I have and will ever use. The embodiement of your work speaks for itself – it is a creatives playground. Continue. Don’t compete – Dominate the market!

  17. Happy birthday Elementor! You guys are my hero’s, awesome work over the past year and looking forward to all the new developments ahead. Keep up the good work!

  18. Happy belated birthday!
    My main wish is that you’d add the option for
    the ‘Post Navigation’ Theme Element to stay in current category…
    and for it to loop last to first post.
    (On Github a collaborator said, ‘We have addressed this in the next pro version’.)
    Can’t wait! 🙂

  19. For the past few months, the updates are pouring like crazy from elementor. Thanks for the all the cool stuff, and upcoming 🙂 You guys deserve a #1 place for page builder.

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  20. Happy birthday and congratulations 🙂
    Would you add an advanced Google Maps widget? Using the Google Maps JavaScript API?

    Thank you.

  21. Hello! Please could you tell if you’re going to integrate “load more” button or hot spots technology ?
    I’m in two steps from buying JetElements because of this, but truly I’m not happy with idea to spend more money.

  22. You’ve done a fantastic job with Elementor. I made the switch this year and am really enjoying it. I do hope you have a team member part time keeping an eye on your competition. There are some very good page builders out there and some promising upstarts. Only by listening to your users and incorporating the successes of your competitors will you keep floating. I wish you continued success.

  23. Hello Ben, Thanks for sharing all stuff. We can experience, how development is in pace currently. We can see 2.1.0-beta released. But, one thing somewhere I always seeking with Elementor i.e. none other than Public Roadmap. How can I access Roadmap, which features is going to release in what time-frame.

  24. Hi Ben! Happy birthday! I just did a post on my blog (only 5 days ago) to introduce the UI to people who are beginners with WordPress. I had 26 screen shots of how to use all of the Elementor handles, and very detailed instructions on how to use the most basic parts of the UI.

    Then you changed the UI with today’s release of 2.1. Thanks for the job security! ROFL I’ll be writing a new, basic introduction, with tons of screen shots today. With every update, you give me something new to write about, and a new way to funnel potential users to Elementor. Keep up the good work!

  25. This is an old post now. But I love seeing success from teams and companies who focus on the product and experience for users. It shows how to focus a business/product. Thanks Elementor ❤️

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