If there is one marketing channel that I can wholeheartedly recommend above all others – it’s email marketing. Growing your email list is essential for any business and niche.

Back in May, we released our first batch of form integrations, which included MailChimp, MailPoet & Zapier. Since then we’ve updated the integrations, as well as made all the needed adjustments to accommodate the new MailPoet 3.

Here come 5 brand new email marketing and CRM integrations, with Elementor Pro V1.12. As you will see in the related video tutorials, integrating any of these services is just a few clicks away.

Get Integrations in Elementor Pro

ActiveCampaign Integration

There are many reasons to pick ActiveCampaign for your email automation service. It’s affordable, well-designed and extremely flexible, allowing you to create intricate automation workflows.

ActiveCampaign combines email marketing, marketing automation, and sales CRM software in an easy to use & visual platform.

ConvertKit Integration

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform for professional bloggers. One of its advantages is that you only pay once for each subscriber, no matter how many lists they are on.

ConvertKit is the new kid on the block, and yet has grown a large community of supporters for its unique approach and vision.

Drip Integration

Drip is an Email Marketing Automation platform that has been recently acquired by …um… LeadPages.

Does this mean Elementor landing pages can’t enjoy the same great marketing automation as Leadpages? Definitely not! Now you too can enjoy the power of Drip, and easily integrate it into your landing pages.

GetResponse Integration

GetResponse is the leading contender to MailChimp in terms of email marketing software. Founded in 1999, they now have over 350,000 customers and growing.

Among the advantages of GetResponse are their webinars, landing pages, and CRM. It is also available in 25+ languages.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing software. You can do just about anything with HubSpot, including building landing pages, generating leads, tracking sales, doing the follow-ups and more. It also offers a CRM that’s 100% FREE.

Elementor integrates automatically with HubSpot, you don’t even need an API key. Once users submit a form and enter HubSpot, their every move on your site is monitored on HubSpot.

MailChimp Integration

MailChimp might well be the front-runner when it comes to email marketing solutions. It’s been around since 2001 and offers a broad selection of email templates.

MailChimp holds a sweet spot for our own team, since we use it for delivering our own newsletters to our subscribers.

MailPoet Integration

MailPoet is an email marketing platform that resides entirely inside WordPress, as a stand-alone plugin. This means that you can manage your entire email marketing without ever leaving WordPress.

Elementor integrates automatically with MailPoet 3, as well as to other MailPoet versions. All you need to do is install the plugin.

Zapier Integration

Couldn’t find your email marketing platform on our list? No sweat! With Zapier, you can easily hook into any one of over a thousand different services.

Aweber, Campaign Monitor, MailerLite, Trello, SalesForce – the list goes on… Integrating to Zapier takes a bit longer. The huge advantage of Zapier, however, lays in the fact that you can sequence a series of integrations that happen once a form is submitted.

The Perfect Marketing Suite

Elementor has grown increasingly popular among digital marketers lately, and we are eager to keep pushing this trend forward.

Replacing over-priced landing page services can help hundreds of thousands of professional marketers all around the world get better results for their marketing campaigns.

Using the new integrations, you can combine Elementor Pro and your email marketing automation service to create the perfect one-stop shop for your entire marketing funnel. From the early stages of lead generation and landing page creation, through more advanced stages of lead tracking and email automation, and then further along to the sales stage.

We are eager to solve ALL of your online marketing pain points. What would you like to see next in Elementor in terms of marketing-related features? Please let us know in the comments below.