Now you can design WordPress blog posts by using our new Single Post widgets: Author Box, WordPress Comments, Yoast Breadcrumbs & Post Navigation.

We are getting closer and closer to the much-anticipated Elementor Theme Builder release.

Soon you’ll be able to go beyond the page level, and delve into designing headers, footers, blog posts, and more using Elementor.

In the meantime, we are building all the necessary framework for the theme builder. This includes releasing all the widgets needed to design your entire dynamic website with Elementor.

Today, we are introducing four widgets, that help you create compelling blog posts. Once we release the theme builder, these widgets will be an integral part of your blog post design process.

Until the theme builder is released, use these widgets to add breadcrumbs, comments, author boxes, and post navigation to your landing pages built with the canvas template.

Let’s explore these new widgets and see how they make it easier for you to create your blog design on WordPress.

Author Box

The Author Box includes information about the author of the post, and usually appears at the end of each blog post. It shows the author name, avatar image, website, biography link to author page.

You can choose to display the actual post author, or customize your own author box details inside Elementor.

WordPress Comments

A while back we released Elementor’s Facebook widgets, which included the Facebook Comments widget. This enabled you to easily add Facebook comments to your website and engage your readers in conversation. Now we bring you WordPress Comments, the ability to create a custom design for your WordPress comments.

Yoast Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are website navigational aids that show the trail of links leading from the homepage to the current page or post you are in. The Breadcrumbs feature is an important part of the popular Yoast SEO plugin and is helpful both in terms of user experience as well as SEO.

Now, you can customize the design of your Yoast Breadcrumbs using Elementor, and make sure your breadcrumbs are consistent with your website design.

Note: You can use this widget only if you are working with Yoast SEO plugin.

Post Navigation

WordPress includes Previous and Next post links that guide visitors through your blog. We’ve incorporated these links inside a flexible widget called Post Navigation.

With this widget, you are able to customize every element of the post navigation, including: previous and next labels, navigational icons, the post title preview text and separator.

Creating Single Blog Posts with Elementor

The Single Post widgets give you a glimpse into the amazing possibilities offered by our upcoming theme builder.

You can already play around with these widgets in your current sites. For us the widgets are a big step forward towards dynamic website design in Elementor.

What do you think of the new widgets? Let me know in the comments below.