Introducing Single Post Widgets: The Easy Way to Design Your Blog Posts

Now you can create stylish blog posts by using our new Single Post widgets: Author Box, WordPress Comments, Yoast Breadcrumbs & Post Navigation.

We are getting closer and closer to the much-anticipated Elementor Theme Builder release.

Soon you’ll be able to go beyond the page level, and delve into designing headers, footers, blog posts, and more using Elementor.

In the meantime, we are building all the necessary framework for the theme builder. This includes releasing all the widgets needed to design your entire dynamic website with Elementor.

Today, we are introducing four widgets, that help you create compelling blog posts. Once we release the theme builder, these widgets will be an integral part of your blog post design process.

Until the theme builder is released, use these widgets to add breadcrumbs, comments, author boxes, and post navigation to your landing pages built with the canvas template.

Let’s explore these new widgets and see how they make it easier for you to create your blog design on WordPress.

Author Box

The Author Box includes information about the author of the post, and usually appears at the end of each blog post. It shows the author name, avatar image, website, biography link to author page.

You can choose to display the actual post author, or customize your own author box details inside Elementor.

WordPress Comments

A while back we released Elementor’s Facebook widgets, which included the Facebook Comments widget. This enabled you to easily add Facebook comments to your website and engage your readers in conversation. Now we bring you WordPress Comments, the ability to create a custom design for your WordPress comments.

Yoast Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are website navigational aids that show the trail of links leading from the homepage to the current page or post you are in. The Breadcrumbs feature is an important part of the popular Yoast SEO plugin and is helpful both in terms of user experience as well as SEO.

Now, you can customize the design of your Yoast Breadcrumbs using Elementor, and make sure your breadcrumbs are consistent with your website design.

Note: You can use this widget only if you are working with Yoast SEO plugin.

Post Navigation

WordPress includes Previous and Next post links that guide visitors through your blog. We’ve incorporated these links inside a flexible widget called Post Navigation.

With this widget, you are able to customize every element of the post navigation, including: previous and next labels, navigational icons, the post title preview text and separator.

Creating Single Blog Posts with Elementor

The Single Post widgets give you a glimpse into the amazing possibilities offered by our upcoming theme builder.

You can already play around with these widgets in your current sites. For us the widgets are a big step forward towards dynamic website design in Elementor.

What do you think of the new widgets? Let me know in the comments below.

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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116 Responses

  1. Can’t wait for the theme builder! but these widgets are already extremely genius!

    To be honest, I didn’t even know if you guys planning on creating a theme builder with elementor.

  2. I’ve been wondering why things have been a bit quiet on the Elementor front and this explains it!

    WOW! I am so excited about this particular update–particularly the navigation and social shares on the side features.

    When using a full-width template plugin to design individual posts, I lose the navigation option. I can add the post widget to create a Related Posts section but want them both and in the right order (navigation first).

    Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in store for us!

    With sincere gratitude,

  3. Yes yes yes, keep up the work you beautiful people!! My site looks pro thanks to Elementor. I do have a very generic question and I guess it applies to everyone here – how on earth can we use Elementor do design an author page? (author.php). Will the theme builder support this and also negate the need to use Stylepress? Thanks. Alex

  4. This is a great addition, thanks! Like others, can’t wait to see the Theme Builder!!

    PS: I usually don’t like to ask for more when commenting a new release of any kind, but I think that having an alternative to SEO Breadcrumb would be nice. Quite a few people are turning their back to Yoast SEO, so providing support for an alternative would be great. What about Breadcrumb NavXT? Open Source + 700,000 installs, looks like a good alternative and it doesn’t force you in using a specific SEO plugin. 😉

    Love Elementor!

  5. Hi Ben,

    great new features, as always.

    I have a question: Can I set the Single Post widgets globally or do I have to make the changes on every single post?

  6. I’m curious what the Elementor team’s thoughts are on archive pages and the use of shortcodes in posts. For example. Let’s say I build 100 posts in Elementor, will they be full of builder code (ie: Visual Composer pages/posts) which is hard to migrate later?

    Regardless, Elementor is fun and easy to use. Very powerful.

  7. At the moment Elementor is a PAGEbuilder and is at home in the content area of one page.

    An “Elementor Theme Builder” will probably offer ways to design things like header, navigation, footer etc and so on for more than one page.

  8. Theme Builder will be a game changer for sure!

    Two questions:

    -> Will we be able to create multiple headers and footers and then assign them to different post types or pages based on conditions? For example, I might want a different header or menu on landing pages.

    -> Will it integrate with PODS?

    If Elementor can do that, then I can probably retire the other theme builder I’m currently using.

  9. Hiya Ben, being new to Elementor, having used a wide variety of themes, most recently Divi, I am very accustomed to a variety of functions and features. I am not a programmer.

    Could you pls point me to info about a theme with plugins or stand alone plugins to add basic functionality?

    I don’t have time nor patience nor the level of expertise to piece this together from scratch. I’ve classes and photos to create.

    I want TWO sites: one for teaching online (although I’ve seen some themes designed for LearnDash, a very popular WP teaching platform).

    Mostly, I need a WooCommerce friendly theme to sell downloadable fine art stock photos. Divi will not play nice with WooCommerce.

    Simple layouts. But back to top button, sidebar widgets, footer, sticky menu, mega menu (WP menus can be very elusive!), slider, gallery, related posts, more social media than just Facebook, and other things I don’t even think about til they are missing.

    I’ve read about Base. OceanWP, plus the pro has some of the features I listed. Then another pack of plugins. I don’t want to spend a small fortune just to make a site. Might as well use another theme. But I LOVE to design my own sites!

    Thanks in advance. Been Googling, but time is not on my side. Do take care and thanks for your good work, @Ben Pines.

  10. Hiya Ben, just looked at your features page. Text says far more themes than the few shown.

    WHERE are ALL the premium themes? Do they all come with basic cost? Are ALL the plugins listed?

    That’s part of my confusion. What is said is not matched with the images.

    I don’t know why I should use your products vs Imagely (who make Elementor themes and plugs) or others I am finding.

    I sure need some help cos the lack of info is driving me away.

    But a pal highly recommended Elementor. Although she’s more of a programmer than I.

    Thanks in advance! You all rock. Although right now I feel sad and confused.

    1. Not sure what you mean by plugins, but three themes that are very popular with Elementor are GeneratePress, Astra, and OceanWP. I recommend checking out WPCrafter’s channel on Youtube. Locate his channel and then search it for “Elementor”. Adam does a good job explaining how everything works.

  11. Fantastic! Just emailed Elementor team asking a few things about the comments section, but it seems you guys already handled it 😉

  12. Excited about the post nav!
    It’s such an important wp element and never seems to get much love.. till now. 🙂
    + Any chance we’ll be able to add a featured image?
    + Maybe a ‘title’ option to put between the prev/next?
    (for example – ” ” )
    + And very importantly, stay in category ‘xyz’ and loop end to first?
    Sorry we always want more.. 🙂 thanks for considering these standard important elements to a full featured Post-Nav !!

    1. @Alex. A Theme Builder will allow you to use Elementor to build custom headers and footers and possibly other components that are traditionally handled by (or limited by) your theme. I think the Elementor team will be releasing more details on this in the near future.

      1. @Robert

        So the “much-anticipated Elementor Theme Builder” is NOT an all-in-one Elementor theme + page builder? How disappointing.

  13. Hello, i’m not an expert but i have some little experience with elementor and elementor pro now, i had tryed mant themes, and OceanWP i think is a good point to start, it is free and you can download the extension for free, this extension expand to a good point the possibilities of customization of the theme, but i prefer (like you) to design my own site, for now i am creating few landing pages, and i want to create all the theme, i hope the next big feature of elementor will be a wanderful update for creating my own theme.
    Every day i receive updates from Elementor, i’m always more happy to had buyed it! Is awesome the amount of new features they have added with a regular base!

  14. These are cool features, if you want to edit them for each blog post you do. I assume that with the Theme Builder, you’d be able to create a Blog Format using Elementor and each blog post would use that format? Can’t wait to see what you guys have planned with that, as I have been gravitating over to Elementor from other builder tools. Hoping to make it a total switch!

  15. Regarding conditions for headers, the answer is yes.

    Regarding PODS, I am not sure what kind of integration you want, but generally speaking, the answer is yes, as it will allow you to work with post types and custom fields.

  16. I actually don’t know if they’re planning to create an all-in-one solution. If I had to guess, I’d say it’ll be like Beaver Themer but integrated into Elementor Pro. It is possible they decided to create a complete theme package like Divi, but I think that would be a lot more work to develop. Personally, I won’t be disappointed either way. An Elementor theme would be really cool, but I’m fine with GeneratePress if we still need to supply our own theme.

    1. Hi Robert, but Elementor’s parent company is Pojo Me Digital LTD, also the parent company of Pojo Themes. And to truly compete with more popular all-in-one options such as Divi, and also website builders like Squarespace, Elementor needs to release an all-in-one theme + page builder instead of these temporary work-around “solutions.” Why do so many WordPress users debate for the status quo instead of for much needed improvements?

  17. I cannot find the documentation for the single post widgets: Author Box, WordPress Comments, Yoast Breadcrumbs, and Post Navigation.
    The music playing in the video was distracting. Let the narrator speak. He has something to say.
    Please point me to the documentation for the new widgets.
    Thank you for your hard work.

  18. Yup as some others have mentioned here already. A feature image for the next/ previous blog post suggestions and also related posts (again with feature image). Very standard features really and the ‘related posts’ is a must for a blog to extend time-on-site. Ben are these being considered moving forward? I know Christmas is 25 Dec but I think mine will come in 2018 with the release of this builder 🙂 Cheers!

  19. You can create multiple headers and footers and use them on different pages now. Simply create, save, and use them as templates.

  20. I just need to customize my single posts pages. If this new Theme Builder has compatibility with Custom Fields that would totally Awesome!

  21. Can someone from Elementor please explain why their parent company (Pojo Me Digital LTD), hasn’t released an Elementor theme + page builder, even though they also run Pojo Themes? Thanks!

      1. Thanks Ben! But could you better explain what an Elementor “theme builder” means? For example, will it eliminate the need for a separate theme? I understand you can only provide so much info at this time. However, you can hopefully provide more details.

  22. This is tooooooo good!

    So if my understanding is right, this would design one post right? While the very much anticipated Themer would allow us to design the Posts template? 😀

  23. Hi Ben, could you be a bit more specific about the release date? I’m about to build a new website for a client. Would love to use the builder for that!


  24. It has been mentioned a few comments above but it’s worth repeating: please add support for breadcrumbs without having to use Yoast. I do want breadcrumbs. I don’t want Yoast.

  25. I think a lot of people would like to know this as many are planning for the year ahead. Decisions on pro theme renewals could be effected by this new theme builder. Can you please comment Ben?

  26. Hey Ben, Do I still need to use anywhere elementor to control the global look of the individual posts page? Im using Astra Pro Theme.

  27. I’m confused. The blog and update say that it’s available now, but when I go create a new blog, and try to add lookup all the new features in the side panel, they aren’t showing up for me.
    What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something? I am a PRO user.

  28. I’m currently using the wp-page-builder framework theme and designing each page in full elementor. How can I build search/archive/category pages?

  29. I’m looking to switch to elementor for all future client sites. I currently have 3 websites to build for feb/march 2018 in which I’d like to use elementor. Do you have a more accurate date or more informaiton for the theme builder? Currently, it feels like elementor is by far the most intuitive page builder but it’s only really useful on websites without blogs.

  30. Looking forward to the template builder, great stuff, so glad I chose to go with Elementor.

    I’m playing around with the new widgets and I noticed something.

    I’m using GeneratePress as my template and in order to be able to use the new widgets, they have to be enabled in GeneratePress.

    So, if I go to Customizer ▸ Layout ▸ Blog ▸ Single Page I have to enable “Display post navigation”

    But if I do that, I will see the navigation twice, once from the Elementor widget and once from the GeneratePress Template.

    If I turn this option off, the navigation disappears all together, also from the Elementor widget.

    Is there any way around this? I kinda like the Elementor widget layout…

  31. If we purchase Elementor Pro would it be necessary to purchase the Themer separately or would it be part of an update once released? Bit confused as to whether it is an integrated or standalone product.


  32. Hi Ben,
    I really can’t wait Elementor theme builder. Though, I would be a bit disappointed if the breadcrumb widget would work only with Yoast plugin. Do you plan to disconnect this “connection” or include some other widely used SEO plugins? Anyway, congratulations for the whole team!

  33. Hi,

    I just got the Pro version, but I don’t have the single post widget? Why?
    By the way, the theme builder will it be included in my Pro version, or is it a seperate plug-in?

    Thank you

    1. The Single Post widgets are called Author Box, WordPress Comments, Yoast Breadcrumbs & Post Navigation. Regarding the second question, it is going to be included probably.

  34. This blog is built with Elementor? – If so, is there a step by step on how to build an entire blog with elementor? – I am new and I am using elementor to build my website, however to start publishing in the blog, I want to do it with elementor to give more design to the publications and the central page of the blog.

    Any advice, or link to see how I can do it?

  35. Is the Elementor Theme Builder going to be a separate purchase from Elementor Pro. ie. if I buy Pro now, would I be better to wait for the Theme Builder (is it going to make Pro redundant?)

  36. Is possible to enable the comment section Without this widget? I know that I have allow the comment section properly and even though it is not working. Does Elementor prevent the WordPress comment section?

  37. This is not so much a comment as a plea for help. I would like to create a blog that is part of an instructional site. In this private blog, students submit work, like an essay, that I as the instructor can read and give feedback on. I’m a newbie and have been pulling out my hair trying to accomplish this. Each student would have a private blog that would be shared with me, the instructor. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  38. I use elementor for both of my websites. Both websites use the exact same theme, however for some reason on my most recent website when I have elementor activated, it doesn’t show my comment sections. My other website, exact same set up has posts with comments in elementor no problem. I’m stumped as to how to get my comment section to work on my wordpress posts while using elementor. Any suggestions to fix this issue?

  39. To have the comments widget is nice, but why are the options to customize so limited?
    You are still bound to the theme-skin. It’d be much appreciated, if the wordpress comments could be styled like footer, header or other sections.

  40. I have been Elementor Site Builder to two of blogs and the application was really awesome. So, you are going to give a tough competition to Thrive Architect. I wish to update one information, create a lightweight framework so that as a blogger, we can enjoy the benefits of the fastest blog with beautiful design.

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