Introducing Elementor v1.9: Never Lose Momentum With Autosave

I'm excited to be introducing Elementor v1.9, which comes packed with Autosave, and several other UI features to help streamline your workflow.

"Hey, what the #[email protected]&%*! did you do with my save button?"

Confused User

I know, receiving interface changes can be a tough cookie to swallow.

It might be difficult to get used to the changes, but I guarantee that a couple of hours after using it – you’re going to fall in love with the new version!

Today’s new Elementor version 1.9 introduces such changes. This is the first time in over a year and a half, that our panel gets a major update.

We are making these changes because Elementor’s capabilities are constantly growing, and the interface has to match that growth. To achieve this, we need to continually innovate and improve core elements, to allow creators and designers to stay ahead of the game.

We never cease to add cutting-edge features, while ensuring everything runs smoothly for all users, not only for the current version, but for future versions of Elementor as well.

Every change was meticulously considered from every angle, and was added based on our users’ feedback alongside our own vision. 

It took us three months to ship the best solution, releasing version 1.9 following extensive testing by our team and beta testers group.

Let’s dive-in, starting with the brand new Autosave feature.

Introducing Autosave

In the past, we added two powerful features that dealt with backing up your work: Revision History for saving a revision every time you save the page, and Redo / Undo for quickly undoing any mistake.

Now, we are are adding a feature that will bullet-proof your workflow, making sure your work is always protected. With the new Autosave feature, every change you make gets saved auto-magically!

This way, you’ll NEVER need to press save again!

With the New Autosave Feature, Every Change You Make Gets Saved Auto-magically!

To test this feature:

  • Go into Elementor, and make a few changes to your page
  • Wait a few seconds, and notice that the page is saved automatically
  • Now, open the saving button on the right of the footer panel to see the message: ‘Last edited on Jan 4, 23:26 by Authorname’. (See grey image below)
  • You can go to History > Revisions and see the record of the autosave
Elementor History Autosave Panel

Not Just Autosave... Auto-Draft As Well!

Every post should look perfect, right?

Remember when you were in the middle of editing an article, and visitors saw the changes before you were done? 

No more! Now, you have a new ‘Draft’ status for published posts. 

With this feature, you can continue editing your pages without having to worry about your visitors (or Google) seeing your unfinished work. This makes your workflow more flexible, because you can revisit your published articles, and tweak them without fear using your new ‘draft’ playground.

Publish only when you are ready to Publish

Picture this scenario: 

You are editing a page that has already been published. All of a sudden, you get an urgent call. You have to leave your desk, but the changes you’ve made are not ready yet and you can’t publish.

What do you do? Do you publish your incomplete changes, or discard them completely? Right here – our new ‘Publish / Draft’ feature comes to your rescue!

Instead of having only one published live version to work on, you now have two versions: the published version that your visitors see, and another NEW draft version that you can work on. 

Publish Mode
Publish Mode
Draft Mode
Draft Mode

From now on, whenever you edit an already published page, you will in fact be working on the draft. ONLY when you are ready to publish the changes, hit ‘Publish’ to get the changes up and running in the live version of the site.

'Publish / Update' button instead of 'Save' button

The new Autosave and Auto-draft features made Elementor’s old save button redundant. We wanted to maintain your previous design workflow, while making it better. 

This is why we’ve replaced ‘Save’ with ‘Publish’ on new pages, and ‘Update’ on existing pages. You can publish pages straight from the main panel, or open the saving options to save the page as draft or as a template.

The new buttons are similar to WordPress’s publishing buttons, offering you a more consistent experience. In WordPress, you first click on publish, and from then on click update to make changes to the published post.

Redesigned Footer Panel & Panel Menu

New Menu Panel

Moving on with our UI improvements, we’ve restructured our Footer Panel and Panel Menu.

The panel menu, located through the left hamburger icon, now only contains general default settings (default colors & fonts, color picker, global and dashboard settings). We’ve transferred other settings, in order to make it easier to navigate in Elementor.

This panel also contains the ‘Exit to dashboard’ button. This top-left position is in accordance to where exit button appear in most software (like Photoshop).

The bottom-left footer button now links to Document Settings. This way, all your document settings are separated and are more easily accessible. This will prove more useful once we release our theme builder, and open Elementor to documents other than pages.

Finally, the footer now has a Preview Changes button to let you see your draft before publishing your changes. 

Check out the new look for the footer: 

Footer Redesign

Total Library Makeover

We have now upgraded Elementor’s Template Library, so it’s now significantly easier to navigate and sort templates in terms of functionality as well as UI. 

The Elementor Template Library has consistently grown since our launch, and now holds over 130 different stunning templates that help you create a wide variety of pages (landing pages, about, homepages…) across different industries (real estate, restaurant…).

As we continue to add more and more templates, it has increasingly become challenging to find a template for a specific purpose or need.

This is where the new Template Library is helpful, adding search and sort capabilities.

Library Search

You now have a template search box, so you can find the right template faster than ever before. 

We added relevant tags to each template, so you can also search for a certain category like ‘Sport’ or ‘Food’.  So now, you can search by page, name, keyword tag or purpose.

Template Library Sort Filters

Library Filter

Our brand new filtering system lets you sort using different filters:

  • New / old templates
  • Popular template (the most downloaded templates in the library)
  • Trendy templates (the most downloaded templates in recent days)

These filters help you find the leading templates, so you can leverage our community knowledge and take advantage of the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to help you pick the right layout.

Library Favorites

The heart icon next to each template lets you save any template to the ‘My Favorites’ tab, ensuring easy access to your most loved templates. This way, you don’t have to browse through the templates or perform a search in order to find templates that you frequently use.

"Find the Right Elementor Template Faster Than Ever Before."

My Library

Search & Sort options for ‘My Templates’

Under ‘My Templates’ tab, you can sort your templates according to: Name, Type (page / section), Author and Date. You can also filter your saved templates by using the search bar. Looking for a specific template you previously saved? Just enter any term in the search bar to quickly find and use it anywhere.

Quick tip: When naming your templates, be as descriptive as possible. Include the purpose, client name, functionality, design concept and other attributes that might help you locate it later.

Library Import Templates
Drag Template File

Import templates & sync Library directly

We added the ‘Import Template’ functionality to the ‘My Templates’ tab, so you can import templates directly from the Library popup. Drag your templates into the window and they will be uploaded automatically.

We also added the ‘Sync Library’ and ‘Save to Library’ buttons. Previously, these buttons were only available under the tools dashboard.

These changes came directly from recurring user feedback, that wanted an easier way to access these functions.

Style Settings Popup

Full Typography Panel

The past year, our panel was introduced with many new features and additions. Some of our users felt the panel was ‘overcrowded’ and confusing. As a result, we started working on more advanced controls that made things easier. 

The result is a brand new popup control for typography, box shadow and text shadow settings. 

If you edit any text widget, you will see that these settings have now been placed inside a popup window. This change will help you get better focus when customizing style settings.

Useful Elementor Widget In Your Dashboard

New Dashboard Widget

This version introduces a new Elementor Overview widget into the WordPress main dashboard, making it more convenient for users to create a new page with Elementor, access recent documents and read about newly added feature updates.

This change is especially helpful to users who use Elementor daily. Instead of creating a new page, naming it, saving it as draft and finally clicking on ‘Edit with Elementor’, you can now click on the ‘Add new page’ and go straight to Elementor.

Kickstart 2018 With a Bang!

We are happy to introduce this new functionality to our (almost) half a million users. 

Elementor Version 1.9 includes several other improvements, including added Gutenberg compatibility, privacy mode for the video widget and other development improvements. You are invited to visit the Changelog for a complete list of changes.

2018 promises to be a big year for Elementor and its community, potentially reaching millions of users and rolling-out exciting never before features.

What other capabilities would you like to see inside the Template Library? Let me know in the comments below.

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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139 Responses

  1. You guys are absolutely incredible! There were some things I wanted to email you about, but there’s no need for it now, it’s like you can read our mind 😀

    Very pleased with the weekly/monthly updates and customer service. Keep it up.

  2. A way to edit light boxes like creating a page… not just for a photo or video pop up. Opt-in forms and such!

    Page split testing would be amazing!

    A timed auto reveal option for sales pages where you want but buttons to only show after a set amount of time.

  3. Would love to see an autocomplete type of feature for Links if we want to link to internal pages/products/posts

  4. Love the updates — I can’t wait to start updating my existing site and build new sites with these exciting features!! It just gets better and better! —- thank you

  5. Thank you guys for an already fantastic plugin plus really wonderful new features you have added. Elementor completely blows away every other page builder out there!

  6. Love all of this! Would love the ability to Favorite My Templates as well so I can star/heart the ones I use on sites that have a lot of templates I have custom saved. But truly love all these updates. Keep it coming!!

    1. In the meantime I would suggest naming your favorite templates differently… Like with a starting *Love This* note. This way, you can use the new sorting option to quickly sort and find them.

  7. my choice of page builder… don’t stop the good work and PLEASE DO NOT SWITCH TO HEADILY to Gutenbergs idea to reduce WP to a ( ONLY ) BLOG system. Go ahead

  8. This looks very promising, Ben! Thank you for stellar input regarding the new features. I wish you and all Elementor team members a meaningful, prosperous and happy 2018! 🙂

  9. cool stuff guys!
    really like the update with all its features, especially the settings popup as it recently got harder more and more to keep everything in focus (resp. in the panel).
    autosave and draft function also is a great improvement even if it may take some more time to get used to the new exit procedure.
    but still would like to see the own templates first when opening the templates popup.

    really anticipating the big pro update for templater, custom queries and stuff. my hunger is growing :-).

  10. I think you’re doing great work. However, I updated to 1.9: Elementor would not even load on “Edit with Elementor”. Immediately re-installed previous version, which caused no problem. So, I think it’s not yet ready. (FYI: WP 4.9.1, PHP 7.1.4, MySQL 5.6.34, nginx server)

    Another thing I’ve wondered about since working with Elementor: when I’m developing a site, I usually want to re-use (parts of) templates in “My Templates”, not templates from the “Predesigned templates”. I know, it’s just 1 extra click, but I find it annoying that “My Templates” is not the default tab.

  11. New PRO user, former BB user, really like everything except wish we had the option to put a word “Menu” or something in place of the hamburger icon toggle for mobile devices.

  12. The changes and renovations are excellent! Your enthusiasm is contagious.
    It has been a great help to be able to experiment with the beta versions, it allows to move to the production phase with greater security, and makes possible to take advantage of new functions quickly.
    Thanks a Lot, Elementor Team!!

  13. We are already 9 days into the New Year 2018 and the doors are flying wide open to more more thought out easy to use tools of endless possibilities! I wouldn’t have it any other way! Elementor is the “Ultimate Pro” for Page Building Success!

  14. Elementor is my preferred builder for pages. I’m counting the days for launching the builder theme.

    My dream is to be able to perform all the tasks of the WordPress front-end editor without having to use the WordPress back end, change the highlighted image, tacgs, schedule posts and other things that we set up in the back end.

    Continue with all this strength and wisdom

  15. Thank you for the great changes! I love the template search. A few things I would like to see in the Template Library are:

    1) Default to “My Templates”
    2) The ability to add image previews to “My Templates”
    3) The ability to add categories to “My Templates”
    3) An overall move towards groups of Section Templates rather than full Page Templates
    4) Moving the Template Library to the sidebar so I can quickly build pages modularly using Section Templates.

  16. I seem to be having the same problem as frizzel77. Just looking into it now. Maybe a caching issue?

    Anyway, I do love Elementor Pro and am very excited about all these new features. Thank you very much Elementor team!

  17. Sounds interesting, going to update it now, although I’m a bit scary with the UI improvement. But I guess it only a matters of time until we got used to it.

  18. Great Plugin Ben, I just fall in love with this plugin and ditched Visual Composer completely which was really tiresome. Thanks for building such an Amazing and useful plugin.

  19. Great stuff!

    A color picker would be a nice feature so you can match font or background colors with images. Now I have to go to photoshop to find the hex code.

  20. Good job (again). Happy new year to you, Ben and Elementor team.

    I looked at the “Year in review“ page from Yoni. Impressive year. And impressive page. The sticky calendar menu is really interesting. Also the very top of the page with the background, the overlay and the sliding covering of 2017 are interesting and inspiring. But hard to exactly imagine how all this was made.
    Would you share this page for the example? :oD

    Thanks again for all your work!

  21. You worry a lot more than launching new widgets, you worry about our usability and that’s incredible!

    Every day I fall in love with Elementor!

    Congratulations on the excellent work.


  22. Just a note to anyone using Generate Press theme and the Code Snippets plugin with the Remove Query Strings code suggested by the theme developer. This was his post on how to optimize Generate Press:

    Once I installed the new update to Elementor v1.9, when I went to edit in Elementor, it would just spin and spin. I went back a version and everything was fine.

    Went back to v1.9 and after some trial and error, I removed this Remove Query Strings code from code snippets and now everything works fine.

    Not sure who to take this up with. If Elementor wants to look at it, the code for the remove query strings is at the link above. Not sure why it would cause this problem, but I definitely traced it down to that particular plugin and lines of code.


  23. Very impressive again! One question and a few suggestions below.

    Question: is it normal that switching from WordPress to Elementor is taking a few seconds (say 5-7 sec)? I work with Chrome and experience this on two different server environments.

    * site/page template for using with a newssite
    * possibility to save one or more sections of a pre-designed page template as my template part
    * community for (pro-users) for exchange of templates
    * add upload field for files (pdf, images, zip) in form
    * general possibility to show tablet/mobile mode, sometimes I have no clue where to click for this

    Thanks for paying attention to this and keep up your good work!

  24. Excellent new features as always from Elementor, although the Autoguardado does not always work well, congratulations

    I think that comments should not be ruled out in a language as widespread as Spanish.


  25. Hey i just started using Elementor with Astra to make a photography website for one of my clients. I was a little disappointed that you didn’t have any pre-made templates for a photography-type sites. The gallery is a little disappointing too in that you can’t custom choose the size of the thumbnails and have to crop all the pictures before selecting them for the gallery. But I really love everything else about it and hope to use it for a long time!

  26. Yes. This. I currently use Colorzilla tool in chrome to match hex, but I would love to see this integrated into Elementor. It seems like such a small thing, but it really would make my workflow faster.

  27. Ok sounds great! Also would it be at all possible to have low resolution images in the gallery and a high resolution image load for the lightbox? It would really help with load times! And retina compatibility would also be huge ? My website is coming along pretty well thanks to you guys???

  28. “This panel also contains the ‘Exit to dashboard’ button. This top-left position is in accordance to where exit button appear in most software (like Photoshop).”

    I exit Photoshop only once or twice per day while I exit Elementor several dozens of times per day.

    The Elementor exiting functionality should NOT be in accordance to most desktop software. Elementor is NOT a desktop software and should allow for a swift workflow, not try to thoughtlessly mimic other software.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. The exiting function was two clicks before and it is two clicks now. We will continue to monitor all changes, but this change has been made after a lot of consideration. We keep improving the product, if you go back to the first version you won’t believe the improvement, yet upon every improvement followed some disapproval. I understand that changing how you work with software is a difficult adjustment, but have confidence in our team to lead Elementor forward with improvements.

      1. Dear Ben,

        Thanks for the reply!

        If this is the final Elementor’s Team decision on the Exit functionality then be it, I won’t pointlessly argue on a usability topic.

        At least please consider adding a keyboard shortcut for exiting Elementor. Photoshop has that, hasn’t it? 😉

  29. Ben, LOVe the new improvements…ONE THING 🙂 It seams the dashboard button has been removed from the footer. I go straight from dev to dashboard alot and going to preview then dashboard seems like an extra step. Forgive me if Im just not seeing it, or its moved somewhere else…thanks!

  30. The feature of the search in the library was amazing … but now I have a suggestion that each template be divided into sections, so that if one liked a section of a template, download only that particular section and not all the template.

      Likewise, when one looks for all the sections that match that search regardless of whether they are separately or within a template, there will be more options to choose from.

    A big recognition to all your team, they are doing an extraordinary job. Thank you

  31. Please please create a way to block the templates and design elements in the backend for EDITORS so they cant mess up the page.

    Can you create something so that they can only edit the content (text, photos, videos) and not the layout or templates?

  32. Hi. My code seems to have broken with the new update. Specifically, box shadows are not showing up. Is there a way to report a bug?

  33. Great improvement! I suggest you to add section templates in template library. It will be more easy to build page fastly with this option.

  34. I hope we get an option for masonry in the galleries. Your description is misleading and mentions masonry as an option on the pro version. We bought it and had the surprise that masonry is actually only available for posts not for galleries which would truly benefit from it. So we are not able to use it for our websites which are all photography oriented. Very sad for this purchase and the misleading descrition.

  35. Elementor has been great, and overall I love the new changes. But… seems I’m no longer able to use it with Firefox??? The “update” button is gone. It still shows in Safari, but not Firefox any more.

  36. Thank you so much for Elementor and all your work on improving it!!!

    Would be great to have a VC templatera-like template areas, if possible.

  37. I have just downloaded and put into my website the plugin “element or v1.93”
    Your notification on my admin page says that v1.9 is now available.
    I do not think that v1.9 is younger than v1.93 ??

  38. ‘m not sure why, but since the new update when I go to make a new post with elementor instead of the title that I can type in it puts Elementor#812 or some random post number. I am unable to edit the title unless I exit elementor and use the regular (arg!) WordPress editor. I then bought PRO thinking this might be a glitch, but elementor is still auto numbering my posts. I don’t want elementor to assign its name to my posts on my website, especially after paying for PRO. Any ideas?

  39. A valuable feature for me is:
    > complete, up to date documentation of all features, widgets, and everything else, in ONE downloadable document. <

    Currently information is scattered between many (100?, 200?) web pages and blog posts. The disconnected, and often obsolete, information makes it hard to find what I want. Technical support is excellent, beyond what I expected. BUT I do NOT want to suspend work and wait a day for someone to answer a simple question.

    I think for your own development work you would need a central source of all user interface conventions, definitions of terms, features, and options for each feature. If no documentation exists, I find it impossible to develop and maintain a complex system.

    I would rather have documention than Restaurant templates, Call to action widgets, Christmas snow effects, Black Friday Design Kits, Black Friday marketing ideas, Halloween icons, Halloween design tricks, Construction Company Templates, Testimonial decorations, and "Animated Headlines."

    ("Animated Headlines"!??? Do users really want a moving thing to pull their eye away from the information on the page? I hate the distractions of slide shows pulling the user's eye away when the user is trying to look at other things on the page.)

    Thank you for the clever solutions and ideas you have developed. I DO appreciate them. But is it too much to ask for your to hire a good technical writer who can organize and clearly document your software's features?

    I hope this conveys my gratitude. I hope the words in my request convey constructive criticism. I LIKE Elementor.

  40. Yes. This is a good idea. Once you have a site built and templates saved, you don’t need to go to the pre-designed templates any more.

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