Introducing Blocks – The Fastest Way to Build Websites

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of Elementor Blocks, the new crazy-fast way to create websites!

Introducing #elementor Blocks, a new flexible way to build #WordPress sites

We are thrilled to introduce Blocks, pre-designed section templates that can be easily combined to create a complete & beautiful website or landing page.

Think of Blocks like Lego bricks. You pick the relevant blocks – start with the hero, services, a testimonial and the other parts of your page, then customize each one to make it fit your website.

Working with a full page template is great, but sometimes you don’t want the entire page to be preset for you. With Blocks, you get the convenience of pre-designed layouts and the flexibility of picking and choosing each section.

How It Works

Need a hero section? Maybe testimonial? Sort through the list of relevant blocks, and find the one that best fits your needs.

We’ve identified and categorized all the different elements of a page, and provided you with a wide array of blocks.

Here’s how it works:

When you click on ‘Add template’, you will see the Blocks tab. Here you can browse and filter through the different available blocks, choosing the one that you need.

Instead of starting with a blank section, you can pick a block to fill your section with content. Then you can customize it and make it your own. Each block is built with simplicity and independence in mind, making the task of fitting the different blocks together much easier for the user.

For Beginners and Professionals Alike

Blocks are not just a new feature, they present an alternate workflow that can be useful for beginners just learning the ropes of Elementor, as well as for professional web designers who create websites for a living.

For beginners, it enables them to create what they want – Beginners sometimes lack the experience required to create a needed part of a page. They know their landing page needs a contact form area, they just don’t know how to build it. With Blocks, it’s just a matter of picking the right block, inserting it and tweaking the content a bit.

For professional designers, Blocks enable a faster workflow – Blocks are simple and independent. This makes it easy to combine different Blocks together. Once you add a certain Block, you’re able to easily duplicate, drag, delete or modify the Block however you like, without it affecting the other sections of the page.

Faster Workflow

Using Blocks can have a real impact on your workflow.

If used right, you can develop a streamlined process that looks like this:

  • Create basic wireframe
  • Build page using Blocks
  • Customize each Block 
  • Save your new custom Blocks as section templates
  • Reuse saved sections on other projects
This Create > Build > Customize > Save > Reuse workflow is an ongoing process that can be optimized to empower you as a web designer, enabling you to complete far more projects in much less time.

A Huge List of Blocks That Keep Growing

We built a huge array of designer-made Blocks, covering just about any needed section. 

There are no less than 235 different Blocks available in Elementor, spread across 15 popular categories: Header, Services, Contacts, Price, Team, Testimonials, Portfolio / Gallery, Clients / Friends, About, Call to action, FAQ, Progress Bar, Countdown, Subscribe, Forms, Footer, Features.

We included both dark and light types of Blocks. This is crucial since you can adapt a dark Block to a dark themed website with a simple background color change and a few minor tweaks.

Search for what you’re looking for and pick the best match. In the future, the Blocks library will also include category filters. 

Work smarter, not harder. Start using #elementor Blocks, and build websites crazy-fast!

Create Your First Page With Blocks

Blocks are the first feature release of Elementor 2.0. If you missed it, be sure to checkout our 2.0 roadmap.

Next month, we’ll be releasing the Header Footer feature, giving you control of the header and footer design, which up until now was static and came from the theme.

As we release more and more features of Elementor 2.0, Blocks will become more relevant, since they will be used to create dynamic content.

Which Blocks would you like to see? Go over the list and let us know in the comments which Blocks you would most like us to add.

About the Author

Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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161 Responses

  1. Fantastic, that’ll make sites quicker to put together. I use Elementor Pro for all sites now, it’s just the best!

  2. Hi Ben,

    This really looks promising. What i am missing at the moment is a way to seamlessly integrate a 360 panorama picture in my site. Don’t know if you should consider this a block or maybe a widget.


  3. Incredible … the block I would like to see would be instagram in real time as in the case of facebook, this is a dream of consumption that I expect in Elementor. But congratulations on the beautiful work, you surprise every launch. I use google translator to type, sorry if English is not perfect.

  4. Honestly guys, I’m a Webdeveloper since I did it as a part time job during my university time. I coded entire pages in php, wrote countless lines in java script and created themes for various CMS. But thanks to elementor my job became so much more fun, I’m glad I found it and see people displaying a high level of skill and love for their craft & product.

  5. Hi Ben!

    These look absolutely incredible, and I’d love to get my hands on them ASAP to start creating!

    I’ve submitted my e-mail for participation in the open beta, but haven’t yet received an e-mail with the plugin download. Are e-mails sent out at specific times throughout the day, or is it an automated process?


    1. Hi Joshua.
      You can activate the beta version going to the Elementor menu in the WordPress dashboard, click on Tools and then go to Version Control, finally enable the option of Become a Beta Tester and you’re done.
      Wait until the update appear into the dashboard, update to the 2.0 version and enjoy.

  6. Superb!!! Things I’m hoping for…
    + Sticky FOOTER (just like sticky Header but stays visible at bottom of window).
    + Image slider gallery with a text area UNDER the big image & thumbs!!
    This is needed for my pro artist and photographers sites who never want anything on top their art work. THX!!!!

  7. Great next step for Elementor! Have been thinking of something like this for some time now, so it ‘ll be great to try it out!

  8. I almost chuckled because I thought this was going to be a post about compatibility with Gutenberg, but instead… nothing.

    1. First of all, there can’t be any news yet about compatibility with Gutenberg, not until it is released into core. Second, I don’t agree it’s nothing. See the video and the comments it’s actually a great new feature

  9. It is a great job, I am just wondering if you guys are planning/considering to develop “mobile Editor” platform which is dedicated just to mobile phone and tablet which its feature is similar to your current website platform

  10. Are the blocks for Pro only? I already have the elementor plug in? is this a new one? I am so happy that this is available, i was about to leave blue host for not having a drop program that was worth.

  11. A great new feature! I built up my own library in the past by saving different website parts as elementor templates … but with BLOCKS I now have a larger variety and will save a lot of time. Thank you!

  12. Ben, I’ve been feeling very relieved I picked Elementor over BB recently, and then you do this… Holy Website Heaven!

    Simply unreal. Thank you.


  13. This will make all my design layouts unbelievably fast now! I have been messing around with the full 2.0 beta as well and I just want everyone to know at Elementor how absolutely amazing this product is! For someone who is very design oriented (not super code guy) this system is perfect. Thank you for all of your hard work.

    1. OK, so we have page templates, which are full page templates that include several sections that make up a full page
      Sections – which are the rows that make up the page. Every page is divided into sections, every section into columns, and in columns are the widgets
      Finally, Blocks, which are predesigned sections that allow for the fast design process mentioned in this post

  14. ben – i want to use on on my local server to try and test but it says i need to activate pro… which i cant do because its on my live site. any suggestions?

  15. I’m no expert, but it seems to me that a Block would contain several Sections.
    Hope this is correct. (Embarrassing for me if it isn’t lol)

  16. Say… what is the easiest way for me to link to this or similar posts from my Elementor review? (with my affiliate link)

  17. Your new releases are always awesome (and for very useful functions too).

    Blocks will save folk a ton of time and help keep layouts / designs consistent.

    Here’s a feature that I’d love to see: to be able to set a template up as a series of block that is some case can or cannot be removed or moved by a user (depending on the role and permissions), and to be able to lock the design of the blocks (if that’s not the case already).



  18. I tried to install it, I received an error message saying Destination folder already exists. /home/createdj/domains/

  19. Thanks. Looks good. I’m signed up for this. Have Pro, too. Activated everything. Should these blocks be showing up in the editor now? Do I need to download something else?

  20. And again a really great step forward. It’s unbelievable how Elementor accelerated my workflow. Only one anoying thing using Blocks and Templates. My media gallery is populated with many pictures. Is there a way to prevent this?

  21. @Ben: is a third party template/theme (like Astra/Ocean etc) still needed with your fabulous Blocks to create a complete website? Or do I have to wait then for the next update when header/footer will be introduced in Blocks?
    Keep up the good work! After the killing of Muse by Adobe I’ll move over to Elementor.

  22. Excellent news! Is there any way to add elements to those blocks? For example, in the pricing table I need two buttons for Mac and Win versions of each pricing column.

  23. I have a problem when I use Elementor for design my posts. If I do it with Elementor the “read more…” doesn’t work, the post appear at the home page without it, complete. That is a problem for me. If I do it with every post I make, the home page will be huge. And this is not a possibility to me.

    What can I do? There’s a solution to this?

  24. By naming them Blocks, you’re inviting confusion with Gutenberg pending. I believe Elements is a better description and fits perfectly with Elementor branding.

  25. Looks fantastic! Could definitely use a real-time Instagram block if you’re taking requests. Preferably clean with a quantity option starting at 1 for thumbnails. Thanks, brilliant work.

  26. Amazing! Maybe the dynamic fields capability is now the last thing missing to me to adopt Elementor in 100% of my projects! Looking forward to see it working!

  27. Yes i saw those. Contactform is maybe a misleading term for what i mean. I am referring to registration forms. A form with 10 fields or more are difficult to style in an appealing fashion

  28. Hey there. Perhaps I am missing something (apologies, the thread of comments is too long to read) — but are you thinking of adding an option to save user’s own blocks? One thing that I sometimes struggle with at the minute is that I cannot easily save multiple rows into one widget. That’d be super handy. Thanks.

  29. Looking forward to compatibility. I will certainly build all my clients and important platforms around Gutenberg.

  30. I’m an artist by trade (not Techie) and got very frustrated with using templates to create my first WordPress website. Found Tyler and started using Elementor was so impressed with it I upgraded to Pro. I must say I created one CREATIVE website that is getting a lot of compliments and response from customers, THANK YOU ELEMENTOR for a FINE product, can’t wait to start using Blocks on my other new websites and most definitely looking forward to the Header/footer release. Wish Elementor worked with themes in Shopify! Keep up the great work, a real BLESSING to us artist!

  31. Ohoo! This is awesome, I see that, the blocks are goign to update on every niche business soon.

    I’m sure there will be a huge list of blocks in couple of months.

    Can you make blocks on the personal branding pages too?

    Thanks in advance.

  32. Hey Ben, so I have a template from Mojo Market Place it’s called Daisy. My site is a very clean looking blog, at I would like to build a blog for a buddy using my themes layout you know that clean look. I want it to be a video blog and the articles would essentially be the script of the videos if you were not able to view the video, then you could read the article. A side bar with banner ads and pagination to index or warehouse older articles would be fact please make video duplicating my site with Elementor and I think many people would love and easy to build blog site, and something easy to update…

    Very Respectfully,

  33. Hi,
    I think I’m missing something. I updated Elementor via WordPress and I don’t see any option for Blocks. I created a new template and still nothing. I’ve been using Elementor for awhile now on quite a few websites and the idea of Blocks is very appealing. What am I missing?

    Thank you

  34. Wow… Nice Job… We would like to see Headers, Headers and more Headers… An easy way using blocks to have 2, 3, 4 or even 5 columns… Example: 1. in the Header for a logo (all resizeable), 2. Middle text block and say a 3. slideshow right block so with a mobile site the 1. logo would be on top, the 2. text block would flow under the logo block and the 3. slideshow would flow under the text block…That would bw fantastic to be able to customize headers in this way…

  35. Hi Ben,

    first, it’s great to work with Elementor! Great job!

    Is there a way to build my own Blocks? As blocks can consist of more than one section, it wold be great to create my own blocks.

    Thanks in advance, Reinhard

  36. Hi,

    I have the same problem. Elementor version 2.0.14, WP version 4.9.6–ru_RU
    What could be the problem?

    Thank you in advance

  37. I found this one pretty fascinating and it should go into my collection. Very good work! I am Impressed. We appreciate that please keep going to write
    more content. We are the assignment helper, we provide services all over the globe. We are best in these services:-

  38. Is it possible “lock” certain blocks of the page for Editing based on User Role? Suppose, I have a Contact Us block where where I’ve inserted Contact Form 7 shortcode, which I don’t want the Users with Editor Role to mess up with.

    I see the Role Manager allows me to control the ability of adding new blocks/editing existing blocks. But I don’t see a way to lock only a certain blocks on the Page, or am I missing something?

  39. Hello,
    I have 86 contact forms to create with a different email address each time.
    I would like to create a personalized “contact” block or I only have to modify the email.
    How can I do this?

  40. It’s an amazing feature.
    Is there any way to add third party blocks to that section?

    If not, do you have any plan to add this to the Block Library?

    Thank You

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