Elementor 2.0 – We’re Reinventing WordPress Design, All Over Again

Something new is about to arrive. In the coming weeks, we will gradually introduce Elementor 2.0. Each release will focus on solving a substantial WordPress pain - felt by users, yet never been dealt with before

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Finally, everything inside your WordPress website will be within reach. You’ll be able to visually & easily design it all the Elementor way: blocks, headers, footers, dynamic content, single posts, archive pages, search results pages, 404 pages, and more.

Elementor launched 20 months ago, and in that time we established it as the number #1 solution for page building.

Now, It’s time to go beyond the page level.

I’d like to go over our upcoming roadmap, and describe just how impactful Elementor 2.0 is going to be on your workflow.

Roadmap Up Ahead

As stated, Elementor 2.0 is deliberately not going to be launched all at once. Unveiling each new feature step by step will help you get used to them one at a time. 

This method allows us to simultaneously work on a number of features, releasing each one only after it has been fully tried, tested, and is ready to be delivered. This is an effective and more stable process, one that has served us well since launch.

Next week, we will release the first Elementor 2.0 beta – the Blocks feature. Blocks are a new set of pre-designed layouts that will enable you to quickly mix and match different Section designs, generating your websites and landing pages faster than ever before.

Then, next month, we will release the much awaited Header & Footer feature, allowing you to design your entire page, top to bottom, including the header and footer area, all using Elementor. This includes designing your menu, logo and search bar; solves a huge ache of theme users that are stuck with a certain theme’s header or footer design.

Following this release other goodies are coming:

  • The ability to create single posts and archive pages
  • Customization of your search results and 404 pages
  • Powerful design control for WooCommerce shops, product pages and other eCommerce pages
  • Extensive developer support, offering new possibilities for plugin and theme developers who extend Elementor
  • New resources center for Elementor developers, with extensive guides and tutorials on how to create Elementor extensions
  • A brand-new process igniting dynamic content creation that will blow your mind, including an extensive integration of Advanced Custom Fields & Toolset

The new groundbreaking features won’t end there. This is a new path, and it is going to make your work a whole lot easier.

Compatibility with WordPress 5.0

A recurring question we get is how well will Elementor integrate with Gutenberg. Our team is closely monitoring the Gutenberg project, and it seems like a well-worth and much-needed visual text editor.

The new version of Elementor will be completely compatible with Gutenberg, and we are now considering a variety of ways to connect the new WordPress editor with Elementor. Once it’s out, you will be able to write your post in Gutenberg, then design it with Elementor.

With over 500,000 active installs and counting, now it’s clear more than ever – Elementor is a must-have tool for web designers. Once the upcoming features are released, Elementor will become an even more powerful designer tool, capable of creating the entire website dynamically, saving tons of time on each project.

Theme Builder is Part of Your Package

After Elementor 2.0 is released, we are going to bundle all the theme builder parts inside the existing Pro version, so you won’t need to buy any other plugin. 

We don’t view the extended abilities as a ‘nice to have’ project. It’s part of the Pro package that every Elementor user will apply in their daily workflow. 

It’s been several months since we began constructing features that enable dynamic content design. I can promise you that once you use them, you won’t be able to go back to the previous static way.

The Best is Gonna' Get a Whole Lot Better

With Elementor 2.0 coming up, there has never been a better time to upgrade to Pro. We’d love to get your comments, questions and feedback as always. 

The future of web design is coming. Subscribe below and be notified once next week’s first v2.0 feature is released. 

About the Author

Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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246 Responses

  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to the new features! Excellent decision to include the theme builder with the PRO package – this will blow out of the water the competition ;)!

  2. Sounds great!

    Will we be able to set which roles are allowed to change the design and which will only be allowed to add/edit content within a fixed style set?

  3. I am already a proud Elementor Pro Unlimited owner.. Please tell me that i will be able to make my header sticky with the new update? I raised this issue a lot since i became one of your biggest fun.

  4. I am so excited to see the plans for ACF and Toolset. I just had a project where i tried to rig those into Elementor and it was such a hassle.

  5. I’m really excited about this news. I think Elementor 2.0 is going to take the top landing page builder spot and all-in-one solution for any website. Great work guys!

  6. Any chance of Carbon Fields coming along for the ride at some point, along with Toolset and ACF? I know it’s a niche within a niche, but it would be cool to even know if it was set up in such a way that someone else could write an integration.

  7. Wow, sounds awesome. Can’t wait for the beta. Quick question, when you say next month are referring to March or April? I’m thinking your referring to April since next week is March but i want to be sure.

  8. This is wonderful news. As a newer Elementor user and LONG time user of WordPress (9 years)… I want to say that absolutely nothing that I tried before Elementor came even close to the power, flexibility, ease of use and design capability of Elementor.

    One of the great signs of a healthy technology is how often it upgrades and updates it tech. Elementor really does that. Now, seeing what’s coming in 2.0 is thrilling.

    Thanks, Elementor team for all your doing for us!

  9. Yeah +1 for renaming Blocks – it will surely create confusion with Gutenberg … Unless it’s deliberate, for example – using Elementor Blocks in Gutenberg ? 😛 ( don’t think so …) Perhaps Sets ?

  10. Wow!!! Definitely awesome news! I’ve been waiting for the theme builder for so long. I’ve upgraded to Pro now. Can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks a lot and congratulations 🙂

  11. Impressive to say the least – Fantastic that Elementor will finally be fully integrated with Toolset – I’m looking forward with confidence to Elementor 2.0 and beyond.

  12. So if part of this is incorporating functionality like Elementor Anywhere, and Custom Content Shortcodes, then this will be such a powerful tool for creating highly customised sites! Bring. It. On. ?

  13. ahhh this is AMAZING! Can’t wait for this! I love the fact I’m slowly getting rid of all the other plugins i use as Elementor is getting better and better.

  14. So is Elementor going to create a theme? It sounds like the updates will do a lot of what people expect a theme to do. I like to have fewer moving parts on my website so I’d prefer it if Elementor was its own theme and builder combo. ?

  15. -A brand-new process igniting dynamic content creation that will blow your mind, including an extensive integration of Advanced Custom Fields & Toolset.- Please, integrate also Pods 🙂

  16. Excited for PRO 2.0 to be released…Love Elementor…web site design simplified…the elements have great flexibility and fine tuning options for customizing..

  17. “extensive integration of Advanced Custom Fields“

    Thank the gods!!! Hoping for more customizable queries too, such as sorting by a custom field.

  18. I totally agree -THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE NOT HAVING A LAPTOP in responsive views or 4K – this is a major flaw of elementor but hopefully people will get on board…

  19. Elementor s my 1st web builder and I started with after long research and few weeks of fee version and wouldn’t change it for any other. Upgraded to Pro short after and love it. Keep up the work guys, I’m hooked for life, tnx for awesome effort and can’t wait to see what you guys cook up next. You got me as a customer for good.

  20. I don’t think so Roberto. Ben Pines has been on so many podcasts etc across the last months saying that eventually a theme will – not – also be needed in addition to Elementor. Already you pretty much only need it for header/ footer and menu really.

  21. I’ve used Divi, Visual Composer, and WP-Bakery and I must say that Elementor has been very easy to use and setup new websites. Can’t wait to see the new features!

  22. When you talk about dynamic content, do you mean sending $ _Post or $ _Get variables and putting them into personalized queries?

  23. I wish for a broad support of custom post types. Using Pods Framework myself for a range of projects, and the possibility to populate Elementor elements with content from CPT’s, oh boy!

  24. Congratulation!
    From the day i start using Elementor pro e GP pro i solved many problem. Bravo!

    I heard some time ago, the implemention of a Elementor theme like the divi solution.

    What about this drastical chance?

  25. It’s a great time to be alive! ??

    I used to build websites with headway themes but since they stopped development I moved to Elementor and will never look back.

    I cannot express how much time and stress will be saved with Elementor 2.0. Currently, I have to hack manual ways to create dynamic content but it’s not viable in the long run.

    I just hope and pray Elementor releases the feature for designing single post, post archive and search page first as it’s badly required. So many exciting websites are put on hold purely for this.

    Onwards and upwards ?

  26. Will this also include the ability to edit the default author pages with Elementor? (/author/*)
    We’d like to be able to do that.

  27. My guest? they name it blocks because there will be part of third party blocks for Gutenberg!

    At least, I hope so 🙂

  28. Sounds good. I’ve been impressed with the rate of Elementor progress and the excellent documentation and videos … essential when letting a client update their content.

    I’m hoping one of the features to come in Elementor 2 will be nested columns – that would be really neat!

  29. This is really great news, Elementor Team!

    What about the so much awaited and discussed “Responsive Breakpoints” feature? Where does it fit in the 2.0 roadmap above?

  30. Absolutely awesome Ben, I used to hate WordPress but with Elementor you guys have made it close to perfection.
    All we need now is the 2.0 Header & Footer, Custom Post and full single page post control, then we don’t really need a theme any more, well actually we don’t really need WordPress anymore 😉 WordPress will be Elementor and Elementor is what Gutenberg should have been, – you guys should merge 😉

    1. Hey Wilfrido. You can add your support to the official request for Pods integration on Elementor’s GitHub. I’ve provided the link in some of my other replies here. (Don’t wanna repeatedly spam that link.)

  31. Oh wow! Sounds amazing!
    Some of us (many of us WP devs) are not looking forward to Gutenberg. Is the new Elementor going to force us to write in Gutenberg and then Design in Elementor?

    I see this as huge drawback. It is a doubling of effort for every piece of text on the page. It would be much faster to create content if everything is within the confines of the Elementor “canvas” / designer – as it is now.

  32. Yes, roles is very much needed. Can’t let clients have free reign or ill be stuck fixing the site 24/7. But if they could have limited access to certain parts that would be extremely useful.

  33. Sounds good guys! I’m actually already using Elementor as a templating system for blogposts, by using ‘shortcodes’ in an elementor template and then simply replacing those shortcodes with blog post content via str_replace in single.php. It’s hacky but works great.

    By using the Elementor templates I can even integrate things like Advanced Custom Fields or the repeater, allowing me to visually build elements in Elementor and give clients a super simple interface to edit the content of them in the back-end.

    Seeing something like his with native support for ACF would be incredible! Thanks for your great work!

  34. Hi Ben, will the toolset integration be last in release, like it is last written on the list?

    If possible I would very much like to get my hands on it as a beta version. Right now I need to be able to link my custom fields to controls / elements. It is actually on the very top of my list to get going with elementor.

    Or do you have an estimate on when the toolset integration beta will be released?

  35. nice update! I had hoped that there would be user management so that your customers could only adjust the data (not the design). I am a fan for the rest!

    1. Toolset is great in its own right but Pods is free and quite flexible. There’s a request for Pods integration on Elementor’s GitHub – you can add your support to that. (The link is in some of the other comments I’ve made above…don’t wanna spam it by adding it to every comment I make on Pods requests.)

  36. Few things that i want to see:

    – Global Sections/Columns
    – Copy/Paste elements/sections/columns (anything) –> ( copy and paste on the page as well as copy and paste through different pages ) – Visual Composer has an addon for that.

  37. This 2.0 update and rollout looks super exciting! Looking forward to it!

    I am wondering if there is any more info on the roadmap for fine-tuned permissions control. I build many client sites and would like the clients to be able to log in to update text and images, but not have access to or control of Elementor / layout etc.

    Ideally, Elementor could be completely hidden and the client would just be able to upload images and change text content as needed.

    Thanks for making such an awesome and useful product!

    ~ Angela

  38. Hi, what happened if I deactivate my elementor pro license in one site and move the license to another site? Will my previous site be broken?

  39. Superb, can’t wait for all those features, especially the header and footer feature and of course…woocommerce!

  40. By adding “The ability to create single posts and archive pages” … does “Anywhere Elementor Pro” was dead !?

  41. Nice news !
    I am looking forward to using Elementor for woocommerce pages. I’m working on a project right now, so I’m wondering if I should wait. Do you already know when this should be in place?

  42. Like many an Elementor newbie, I’m a total convert and already wondered how I ever managed without it. I’m not that techy, so the ability to ditch child themes is a godsend. I can’t wait for single post function, to design my own set of templates and to have control over the sidebar.
    Chapeaux to the whole team!

  43. Hi Ben – looks awesome – and so does the video – do you mind sharing which program you used to create the video.


  44. Woah, this sounds seriously awesome! I was playing around with Anywhere Elementor already and wondering why it wasn’t a native solution. This will certainly make you different from the other page builders out there.

  45. Have been using this since 1st version. The progress made in short time is tremendous.
    I remember Elementor group having barely 1000 member back then.

    Best wishes for 2.0

  46. 1. Will there be a standard theme included or what theme will you recommend to use?
    2. Will you also support pods (and other CPT plugins) or just Advanced Custom Fields & Toolset?

      1. Hello Ben,

        Can you comment on a Pods integration in specific? You’ve categorically mentioned ACF and Toolset but I’m super-interested in something similar with Pods, the way Beaver Builder & Themer currently does it via their official Pods Beaver Themer Addon. That’s the only thing I feel missing from the puzzle – everything else sounds beyond great!

    1. Hello xokko. I’m trying to get as many on board as possible for official Pods support, and have initiated a feature request on the official GitHub for Elementor. You can find its link in some of my comments on it above, and add your support by commenting there. (I don’t wanna spam that link in every reply I make here about Pods.)

  47. This is awesome – it would be wonderful to also include a way to create blocks for users, and an ajax calling and sorting of blocks (post blocks, user blocks, etc)

  48. Yep, this settles it – Elementor is becoming the standard for our agency. You all blow our minds with how aggressively you iterate and continue adding value to this tool.

  49. Elementor is simply the most beautiful insanity I ever met. If it was a woman, I should say, plz marry me! I recommend the Pro version too for non pro users. Of course, I cannot wait like the others. Big thanks to the Elementor Team. / Jimbo

  50. seems Gutenberg will be WP page builder built in, the Gutenberg beta does not allow building page with elementor. Are WP trying to eliminate elementor?

  51. I’m so happy to already have the Pro version of Elementor. You guys are so good, have you thought about developing a plugin for GDPR – that new EU data protection thing (we collect data through your form as well).

  52. Can’t wait – just got Pro Unlimited plan ;o)
    After long test of various Visual Composers, continued with Elementor…

  53. It already makes client sites so much easier…but I expect to keep using Elementor for my own site, which will be a labour of love…and I know that I can do my personal site ambitions complete justice…wonder about it, plan it, and do it just as I visualised it…fab stuff

  54. Cool. Emm – could you start with assigning h1 -h6 and paragraph to a certain font wich works in ALL elementor elements when usong it. Oh that would an amazing feature ……..

  55. I purchased Elementor several months ago and was keen to implement it on my sites as it seem to have everything I wanted. For the past 2-3 months, I have been removing Elementor from my sites as I constantly had issues with trying to edit posts and pages and the page builder not loading after several attempts.
    I am hoping to see some improvements in the new version to bring me back in as it did make setting up pages and blog posts quite easy.

  56. @thefurmanuk – what theme are you using? Elementor is a very good stable build and not really any major issues…you should use Pojo themes or, Astra, or Generate Press are the best IMO – I use Astra Pro

  57. Also, could Elementor ever be a standalone cms platform? What would need to happen to do that? Just wondering.

  58. They coming now for ipad oder iphone, for change any text, photos on the road? Then i’m happy and i must not allways look for one PC for working with elementor

  59. I wonder if you guys are planning to include new templates, specially for musicians and radio stations. Also it will nice if you guys can include more streaming media players as well, I noticed the only one available is for sound-cloud.

  60. Please add an option to elementor settings that after clicking add template selects the prefered tab by default block/pages/mytemplate instead of defaulting to pages

  61. Please! Add an VISUAL PADDING and MARGIN (like in Divi). When you can simply drag border to change padding and margin. It’s very needed feature!

  62. When I started building my own websites in 2010 the utter nightmare was ‘captions under images & wrapping text’ around the image. Here we are in 2018 & what is the most inexplicable nightmare – ‘captions under images & wrapping text’. Oh & if you want justified text in a caption instead of ragged right you must be some kind of nutter. Unbelievable. Send men to the moon & spacecraft to distant planets but wrapping text around an image with a caption? Big kisses & hugs to you if you can sort it for Elem Pro.

  63. In my dev environment I have Beta release enabled in Elementor->Tools. The update comes up it gets ‘installed’ and then…nothing. I don’t see it. It happened twice. Anything I am missing here?

  64. Recently created a header for my site and it took me a while figuring out how to get it to show on all pages 😀 . So really exited about the new releases. Would love the countdown to be more evergreen though so I could use it in my funnels.

  65. For me this is big:
    1. The ability to create single posts and archive pages
    2. Customization of your search results and 404 pages

    WordPress doesn’t have an easy way other than custom coding to design these pages.
    So adding this capability to Elementor is HUGE.

    Will we be able to add our own BLOCKS?

  66. When it will be released? Just bought the actual pro version, will the upgrade be free?
    Will it have the same features that Anywhere Elementor Pro and Advanced Custom Fields?

  67. What is happening to Elementor 2.0? You posted this almost one month ago – our definitions of soon are quite different Im afraid. What is going on?

  68. Can you guys please create a widget similar to the portfolio widget but for text only or text+image, that you can assign a filter to? Example – I want to create a press page for an art gallery and be able to filter by tags or custom posts, or other TBD mechanism. An example – filter press by year, by artist name, etc – I’d like to be able to send the link to either an elementor page or custom link of my choosing like a PDF or third party web site… Love this platform.

  69. Just say congrats! I use already custom post with templates with another plugin. I can’t believe that now is in the core of elementor! Please add a register with Facebook in ome click buttom, that will be another level in dynamic and all in one concept! And really usefull one ! Thanks! You are great!

  70. hello Bens it would be great if you make feature to upload screenshot for the particular elementor template library so that we wont mess if we have lots of custom section.
    I hope this will make much more easier in development.
    The version 2.0 elementor is awasome its rockstar and king of all webpage builder..

  71. Great work on Pro 2.0beta new theme elements and new templates, really excellent.

    All I hope for now is a Breadcrumbs widget

  72. Hello , i am Muhammad from Pakistan , i want to buy elementor pro, but on your website there is only one method to pay, which is paypal, but in my country Pakistan payPal service is not available , please tell me how to pay with other cards?

  73. hiya,

    but, for example, to configure something like a Sticky Header, it is still necessary to have a Theme which does support this?

  74. Holy cheesebaskets, I just updated both regular and Pro to the betas. Some of these new widgets are ENORMOUS time-savers. Some of the coolest stuff I’ve ever seen in WordPress. I have to manually build things like this on other sides and it takes anywhere from a half hour to two hours to build out, and this is basically dropping in and tweaking settings. Unreal. I already didn’t mind the price but for what you’re doling out now this is a giveaway.

  75. Looking forward to Elementor 2.0

    Need website done by tomorrow. I guess I’ll build it in the current version and give them temporary access to all widgets until the new version is out.

  76. Hi, congratulations for making progress with our lovely Elementor. I would like to ask how safe is to upgrade my production site to elementor 2.0? My site is based on GeneratePress theme and Elementor. I hope not for a broken site. thx

  77. Nice news !
    I am looking forward to using Elementor for woocommerce pages. I’m working on a project right now, so I’m wondering if I should wait. Do you already know when this should be in place?

  78. I also cannot wait for WooCommerce single product page control in combination with new header features. I needed it like yesterday! I would also love an ETA on that, but I understand it is difficult to tell people because then you’ll just continue to be hounded. ? Looking forward to the future. This is a very exciting time for web design!

  79. I know a lot of us are anxiously waiting for custom Woocommerce archive and product pages! 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work, Ben!

  80. Very impressed with elementor! I switch from divi and the speed of my website is so much faster now! At the start, I was not used to the workflow, but having used it for a few days, I got the hang of it! Keep up the good work, I will continue to support you!

  81. Hi there, there has been lots of chat about ACF integration. I have installed ACF and seen videos online, but cannot for the life of me have ACF options turn up when I am trying to input dynamic text. Any help?

  82. I Hope for an iPad Version, to edit and create Websites.
    I am much more creative in my Garden and or Balcony compared to fixed office Desk.

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