Celebration! 100+ Designer-Made WordPress Templates to Choose From

We've just released 8 pre-designed templates, reaching the landmark of 100+ beautiful templates available in Elementor.

The new templates include 2 complete website sets. The templates showcase some gorgeous layouts and smart uses of our widgets.

With the newly added templates, we’ve reached a whopping 101 templates that are available with a single click inside Elementor. Our template library is one of the most substantial features, and helps differentiate Elementor from other solutions.

The template library covers a wide array of topics, topics and pages. These range from business homepages to cake shop contact pages. It also includes a premium 25+ landing pages set, released earlier this year. The set includes top-notch stock photography that are available to every Elementor Pro user.

Going Beyond the Single Page Template

The template library is not only helpful in creating a landing page or single page. It is actually quite powerful for creating a full website. You can quickly customize each template to fit the different website pages, or use the pre-designed template sets for an even faster setup.

We have previously released a set of templates that make up a complete website, and now we are adding 2 more of these template sets. This must be the quickest way to set up a complete website. You can reach a complete site, including a homepage, about, contact and services page within minutes.

We plan to release more website sets in the future, as we see a growing demand for them from users of all level. Again, these template sets also serve the purposes mentioned earlier. 

Here are the new templates:

Cake Shop Website Template Kit

We’ve previously released the Cake Shop Menu page template. Now we are completing the set, adding Home, About and Contact pages. This is a really colorful template, and is best used for anything food or fun related.

Delivery Website Template Kit

Another set we are completing is the Delivery website kit. We are adding 3 additional pages to the current Homepage. These include About, Services and Contact page templates. This set is also great for any professions website.

Free Architect One-Page Template

The Architect one-page template is a free & eye-catching template. This template can easily be customized to fit any business or corporate website. It features high quality images and a clean and unique layout.

How people use our templates

There are three main ways to use our templates in your website creation process. You can use them ‘as is’, use them to create an entirely different design, or use them as a learning tool to learn how to use Elementor. Let’s explore each of these ways.

   Taking the Templates as is

The most basic and common use of our templates is to use them as is. You see a template you like, and insert it into a blank page. You then go on to customize its content a bit, changing the text and possibly some of the images to fit your brand, and there you have it. This method allows anyone to create a complete page within minutes.

   Using the Templates as a Starter

If you are a more advanced user, you can get a quicker start on your designs. Use the templates as a starter kit on which you will build your own design upon. This usually means utilizing the template’s structure and layout, while making considerable changes to the design.

Think of it like using a structure of the joke: “A guy walks into a bar…” This makes creating a new joke much easier because you are relying on a pre-existing structure.

A vital part of any design process is getting inspiration for your work. By starting off with a template, you get a built-in inspiration pack to help you jump start your own unique designs.

Starting with a pre-made template also makes the entire creative process easier, because you can start with the basic template and reach an entirely different result through the live-customization.

   Template as a Learning Tool

Finally, exploring the various templates is a great way to learn how to use Elementor. It’s a fun and engaging method. You see a great looking template and wonder how we went about creating it. Then you can go on to insert it and play around, looking into the settings to see exactly how it was done. This method takes advantage of our natural curious and exploratory nature. It’s is a great motivator for learning about new features inside Elementor.

This is actually one of the reasons we like to release new features along with related templates, so you can find out how to implement features like shape dividers, gradients, and other design related features by following how we implemented those features in our own templates.

Where to Find the New Templates

All the new templates are added automatically for all users. The templates should show up as part of the template list that pops up when you click on ‘Add Template’.

If you are still not getting the new templates, go to the Elementor settings page from the WordPress dashboard, and click on: Tools > Sync Library.

For more help, visit our Library docs page.

If you’ve used any of our templates in a creative way, we would love to take a look. Please send us your page design examples in the comments below.

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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64 Responses

  1. Fantastic for mock-ups and sample sites for clients. No more wire frames or sketching.
    Elementor really is the Fastest WP Page builder by far.

  2. It’s the WordPress world before Elementor and the WordPress world after Elementor,
    Good luck you guys, and thank you for making our life so easy 🙂

  3. Ben I apologize for this question but I’m new to Elementor. I just received your notification. How do I get these new templates? I have PRO. No update in the plugins today…. HELP

    1. As Ben wrote:

      All the new templates are added automatically for all users. The templates should show up as part of the template list that pops up when you click on ‘Add Template’.

      If you are still not getting the new templates, go to the Elementor settings page from the WordPress dashboard, and click on: Tools > Sync Library.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. I did exactly as you said. It works. Keep up the good work. All I can say is “Elementor my dear Watson, Elementor!”.

  4. What can i say… Wow Wow Wow you guy’s are killing us with your GENEROSITY….. BIG thanks to all Elementor Admin and Elementor Community.

  5. I Love All The New Features Elementor Brings To The Table! Simply Amazing.. 1 Thing I Would Love To See Is Being Able To Have A Tab For The Pro Features & Templates And A Tab For The Regular Features & Templates..

  6. Hi Ben, I purchased Elementor PRO the past week and struggle to get the ‘perfect’ WP theme. What is the difference between your templates and a WP theme? Yes, I am a newbie. Why would i want to get a theme if I can build an entire blog/website with your templates? What am I missing? Thanks!

  7. More great imaginative templates. Thanks Elementor. As a very happy Pro user could I make a suggestion I have been thinking about recently? Would it be possible to create something of a image of each template page that one could hoover over to view the content without opening the template? My reason for asking/suggesting is in creating websites I sometimes use a section from one template and another section (about us) from a second template and perhaps contact us from a third template. With over 100 templates I forget some appropriate sections I have seen a week beforehand and end up having to open each template again and again. Just a suggestion because this time next year I probably will be making my way through 200+ templates! Thanks again.

  8. Hi! Thanks for the templates! 🙂 There’s one question though – where can I find the menu-bar widget? It seems to me that it’s still unavailable in Elementor?

  9. I think your instructions stating, “If you are still not getting the new templates, go to the Elementor settings page from the WordPress dashboard, and click on: Tools > Sync Library”, are incomplete.
    I did that and clicked the “Sync Library” button, but still haven’t received any templates. Am I misunderstanding something???

  10. Lol, I see why you deleted my earlier comment/question. I want back over the article and found two places where you’ve already answered it. Sorry about that!

    1. Ok, I’m on my phone and the page got refreshed. I see you didn’t delete it. I did get my answer though. Thanks!

  11. This is getting better by the day….
    I would love to have some eCommerce templates like for wooCommerce…
    Different layout like:
    – All categories
    – Product category
    – Or the shop home page

  12. Thanks Ben. GeneratePress is to my opinion highly overrated. It’s a bit techy and conflicts with certain sections in Elementor. I will now switch to Astra or Pagebuilderframework.

  13. Looks nice and pretty but the problem is most of these templates are for businesses who do not either have money to pay for these websites or they don’t have a clue how to use these types of websites. Why not produce templates for offline businesses who use the internet and have money to pay for them? I mean Cake Shops? Delivery? Dog Groomers? Really? What about Realtors? There’s at least 10 different niches for Realtors. The same for Insurance, Attorneys, Accountants, Plumbers, Roofers, Tree Specialist, etc… These are businesses who understand the value of a website and are willing to pay $1500 and more. Cake Shops? Unless you live in NYC it’s doubtful you’re going to earn $99 for the website. What about Webinars and Podcasting or Authors? Let’s get serious about website templates stop with the “cute” and start working on the “profits”.

    1. I totally see where you are coming from, but actually from the 100 templates we’ve already released a large portion are business, insurance, professions etc. Also, it is quite easy to turn our Architect one pager to a lawyer one pager, as I will show in a near video.

  14. I agree. These are just starting templates. You can take pieces of them and create something new. You can also learn how to do things by looking at the examples. As for the types of businesses if you go through the numbers you won’t have a problem getting business.

  15. Hi, I am now in love with the elementor but I was quite surprised that I just came across it recently. But all the same, it is the best plugin for me.

  16. GP ‘highly’ overrated??? really dont think so! dont know where it should be techy, and any hint for conflicts with sections in elementor would be highly appreciated… couldn’t encounter anything like this up til now.

    BTW: you might have a long way to go to find a theme thats more lightweight, well coded and easy to adjust in every possible way than GP – not to mention the great support there!

    GP and Elementor is a hell of a killer team – wont miss it anymore 🙂

  17. Hello! I’m going to refresh mi website but I can’t find the new templates, I did that and clicked the “Sync Library” button, but still haven’t received any templates. Please, help! Thanks.

  18. I am impressed of the short interval of new features and templates added in Elementor. I wonder why people are willingly to pay for “premium themes” if they could have Elementor. 😉
    Great work, thanks!

  19. I was using Themify. I found Elementor and GeneratePress. What a great combination! Elementor is so easy to use. I’m looking to upgrade to Pro. Any discount codes?

  20. Good work as always!

    Now I’m only waiting for a nice set of sport clubs templates (I’m into football/soccer. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  21. I disagree. I bought GeneratePress Premium and was disappointed. It’s highly overrated, and not newbie friendly, some tech issues. That is only my personal opinion. Then I tried Hestia WP theme, much, much worse. Not compatible with Elementor although they say it is. Stay away from Hestia!

  22. @izak, I like GP, but you don’t seem to like GP and Hestia |(Which I have never heard off) so which better alternatives do you have

  23. With the free version of Elementor (version 1.7.11) the Predesigned Templates tab / library is empty !? With an old installation of Elementor when I go to Predesigned Templates and try installing a free template I got 403 error. Can you please tell me what’s happening please.

  24. I’m looking for a template for podcast player… soundcloud / itunes. Seems like that would be a huge demand, but there is not one mention of the word podcast here.

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