Advanced Form Fields: File Upload, Acceptance, Date, Time, HTML & Password Fields

Today, we are introducing several features to the Elementor Form widget, including 6 new fields: File upload, Acceptance checkbox, Date & Time pickers, Password and HTML fields.

The Form widget was one of the first widgets included in Elementor Pro when it was first launched. Since then, we have added many useful form features, like our recent integration to several marketing automation and CRM services.

Today, we are revamping Elementor forms, adding 6 new form fields, and extending the functionality of several existing fields. Using these new improvements, you can utilize Elementor’s visual form builder to design any type of form you desire.

Form file upload field
Form File Upload

File Upload

Hiring new employees? You’ll probably need your candidates’ CVs submitted with their application form. 

The new File Upload field lets your visitors upload files directly within the form.  

Elementor’s File upload is extremely flexible and offers a lot of customization options. These include:

  • Maximum upload file size: Limit the maximum file size you’ll receive. Although the absolute limit is set by your hosting provider, you can set a smaller limit using this control.
  • Allowed file types: Set which file types the user can upload. This is important in order to make sure you get the proper file from your users and to improve the security of the form.
  • Allowed multiple files: Let the user upload multiple files at once. Switching this on will add the ‘Maximum files’ control, which limits the number of uploaded files.
All uploaded files go through security and validations checks built in to Elementor forms, ensuring your website is never compromised.

Get in Elementor Pro

File upload now available using #Elementor Form Builder for #WordPress 🤗

Form Acceptance Checkbox Field

Acceptance Field

The Acceptance field ensures your users accept certain requirements of your choosing. This requirement can be your Terms Of Use, authorization to send them emails, or any other approval, offering you future protection as a site owner. 

As expected from an acceptance field, you can set it to be a required field. You also have the option to set the acceptance field as checked by default.

Beside using this field as an acceptance field, it also functions as a single checkbox field that can be used for any other purpose.

Form Date Field

Date Field

The Date field lets users send a preferred date within their form submission. This is extremely practical for reservation based businesses like restaurants and hotels. You can set a minimum and maximum date, so it’s easier for the user to pick the correct date.

Switch on Native HTML5, so that the browser’s date picker is used instead of Elementor’s picker. On mobile devices, native HTML5 wil be used automatically, since native date pickers on mobile browsers are better supported.

Form time field

Time Field

The time field is similar to the date field, only the user selects a certain time of day instead of a date. You can actually combine the Time and Date fields inside the same form, to get the user to send you a specific point in time. As with the Date field, you have the option to turn on Native HTML5, so that the browser’s time picker is used instead of Elementor’s time picker.

Form HTML field
Form HTML field

HTML Field

Using Elementor forms, you probably got used to building the entire form visually. There are situations, however, where adding custom HTML straight to the form can be helpful. The new HTML field gives you the flexibility to add custom HTML to the form, a handy option for customizations, like adding custom coded titles inside forms.

Password Field

Use this field to let your visitors set a password using your form. It will enable users to type their passwords without showing the characters, for better security when filling in the field.

Design & Build the Best Forms for WordPress

Just imagine all the new things you can do with these features. Here are a few use cases you can quickly implement:

  • Find applicants for a job
  • Register guests for an event
  • Get your user's approval for your terms and conditions or newsletter
  • Add your own custom headlines inside the form
  • Let your users pick several products at a time
  • Get customer orders that fit your supply

All this is added to the already broad spectrum of possibilities available in the form builder.

Min & Max Validations for the Number

We added minimum and maximum values to the number field. This way, the user will only be able to submit a number within the range you specified. 

Let’s say you own an online slippers shop that only sends 2 to 10 pairs of slippers per order. With the Min and Max validations, you’ll be able to set the min max values within that 2-10 range, ensuring you never get a wrong order of slippers.

Telephone Validation

Email validation was already included in our forms, and now we also added phone validation. This way, only valid phone numbers can be submitted by the user.

The permitted characters include:

0-9  (  )  *  #  +  -  .

Multiple Selection for the Select Field

Once you switch on Multiple Selection for the Select field, the options in the select field will be visible to your user. The user can then submit several options at once, by selecting them in the field. You can also specify the number of rows that will appear visible for this field.

Get in Elementor Pro

Create Almost Any WordPress Form & Any Design.

Forms play a substantial role for most websites, as it is your primary means of getting leads and conversions. 

So, it’s no surprise that over the past year, one of the most popular requests we received was related to extending our form builder capabilities.

This update was built after we analyzed your requests. Although this was a challenge, we managed to add all the new form features, while keeping the widget as visual and intuitive as ever.

If you’re already a Pro user, I invite you to extend your forms with the added functionality. If you still haven’t upgraded to Pro, now’s the time to join our premium community, and enjoy the best form builder in WordPress, along with many other amazing features.

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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300 Responses

  1. Very nice. I already started making the switch over from previous forms to elementor. I’m extremely happy I purchased elementor pro. Please continue to build and please do not forget to continue to build on the outstanding template library. You guys made my work so much easier.

    1. Is there a way to have a dynamic/responsive form with this widget? For instance, if I ask a user “Do you like the color Blue or Red?” and they choose blue, I want another question to populate asking, “Do you like sky blue or navy blue?” or if they choose red, I want another question to populate asking, “Do you like bright red or dark red?”

      1. This feature is called “conditional logic”, where you add fileds/questions based on previous data. As of today, Oct, 2019 – its not in Elementor. Use Gravity forms or similar.

          1. Is Elementor Forms a completely different service? I recently came across it when doing a search for Elementor contact forms and conditional logic. Apparently it’s a separate paid service and it has the conditional logic feature.


    1. Are you using the PDF action in dynamic content? I’m having such a difficult time figuring out how to take user form data and insert into a custom uploaded PDF form.

      Btw, try FORM VIBES

      1. Yes please!! When do you expect it? I am now considering Gravity forms for $59… And I want as less as possible additional plugins.

      2. Another vote for conditional logic on forms! In fact, conditional display options for content fields, in general, would be a total game-changer, especially for custom post type templates. I know there are a couple of free versions of this out there (such as but for how long they’ll be supported, who knows (a couple have already been abandoned). But perhaps I ask too much 😛 A girl can dream!

  2. Finally!!! I really disliked cheating with other plugins cause needed the file upload feature. :p

    I will stop that right away. You guys are awesome!!!


  3. Does this store the data anywhere? If so that’s great – if not then it makes some of this kind of useless for me. I would love to have a great alternative to things like Gravity.

  4. Ben, again a killer feature! Elementor is becoming one of its kind page builder. So much time saved, so great useful functionalities to add to any restaurant, bar ot event website. Amazing inquiry forms could be build now with closed eyes and no extra heavy plugins to be installed.

      1. Mine shows fully updated as well, with no option to update further in WordPress, but my version is 1.12.3 and these options are not available in my forms.

  5. Where do I have to place the code PHP-Code-snippet?
    Thanks for Elementor. For me, it is the best page builder out there!


  6. Ben, the best just got better and another plugin has just been made redundant. Thank you. If I can add something to the wish list, conditional logic would be it. But, for now, thanks ?

  7. already done a small-scale application/qualification form: so much easier and more versatile than any number of customizable forms plugins I have tried and discarded in irritation…simple to use, but highly effective…

  8. Great work. I like the direction you guys are moving but getting to a level where I can remove Gravity Forms from my list of plugins that I have to use is still ways to go but as I said, you guys are def moving the right direction. I think the last 3/5 sites I have built have been OceanWP + Elementor.

  9. I fell in love with elementor from i started using WordPress a few months ago. Elementor has made me more confident in building my websites for my business. I am a elementor pro user and i encourage anyone who isn’t you should become a pro member. No hesitations

  10. Do you have hidden fields to pass data through for tracking purposes or for tags with regards to marketing autiomations?

      1. Hi Ben, can you provide some documentation on hidden fields in Elementor forms? I have been googling around and can’t find any.

        Also, you seem to be lacking a database for storing form submissions. The one Elementor was recommend we use no longer exists. Not sure if there is a good alternative now?


  11. I think I really have done some good karma. Coz I was, from past few days, looking for premium form plugins like Quform2, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms and many more. And was just about to buy one of them even though I have elementor pro. I was always thinking why I am forced to buy another premium plugin to generate more leads and conversions. But I somehow comtrolled myself and used Elementor pro form widget as it was before this update and decided to wait longer before I could spend some more money.
    And there it is. So glad, so thankful, so everything good that elementor brought this up just when I needed it the most. I did not want buy some fake or unreliable leads from other companies. And wanted to create some beautiful strategically placed forms on my site to create pure leads for me only.

    I hope I would be able to do it well now with good SEO optimization and Elementor Pro Form Widget.

    (My new website is not live right now as I am making major changes with rebranding and redesigning all from scratch. All with WordPress, OceanWP, Elementor Pro and Slider Revolution – the site live right now is built on wix website builder)

    Thanks Elementor once again.

  12. Thanks Ben!! Elementor and these upgrades are so on point, we are already using it in ourselves and recommending it to our SEO clients – well done!

  13. These are simple HTML fields. Would be nice to finally see some advanced fields, indeed.
    For example conditionally shown sections, dependant on value of checkbox or select, or sections that are multiplicated by number from a number field.
    Also an action of type “fire a script” would be nice to see in “Actions After Submit” section.

  14. Hi Ben! Thanks for your work! I’m very glad and my subscribers will be too =)

    Please don’t forget about Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika goals event tracking for the forms and buttons. There is an issue about it on github from me. My subscribers asks about it almost every day.

  15. Very nice! Step by step I can reduce the number of plugins on a few sites! Will there be a possibility for front end post submission sometime in the future?
    Btw: we would love to have your blogposts featured on World of WordPress. It uses Elementor too…

      1. I see this is a pretty old question but haven’t come across an answer…I’d like to create a medical form that is then turned into a pdf and sent to the site owner, an eye doctor. Is this possible?

        1. Any update on this? I have dynamic content for Elementor, but just can’t figure out how to set up PDF Generator with their poor documentation. Also have E2PDF, but would love if someone could explain how to inject user form data into legal PDF format. Thanks.

  16. Great. Just what I needed. Tomorrow I will translate your Post into Spanish at I have already translated some of the posts. Planning to translate all of them for the Spanish speaking.

  17. Ben, this is a very great upgrade! However, it just needs “conditional logic” for me to ditch gravity forms forever. Thanks for always working for the community.

  18. This is Great News Ben Pines + team:

    Form info is sensitive and my host service provider wants me to buy SSL Certificate to encrypt form sender transmissions.
    But its expensive especial over multiple site where each site is a separate charge.

    Also they say Google is ranking SSL over non-SSL (all other things being equal) – a SEO benefit.

    Q: Do you recommend buying SSL Certificates ?

    1. The best hosting companies provides free ssl for unlimited domains via Let’s Encrypt. The SSL certificate renews every 90 days but it’s totally free. Let’s Encrypt runs on donations from tech companies. If you’re using Siteground for example, all it takes is ONE click to install. Don’t need to go through the lengthy and complex process when you buy an SSL certificate. ENJOY 🙂

  19. Hi Ben, perfect timing for the form update. I was wondering if the date format can be made to read month / day/ year when using the non-html5 version. And, can the time be switched from 24 hr/military time format to display in 12 hr?

  20. Thanks Ben and team. This is awesome.

    Is it possible to run some custom PHP to populate a drop down list, based on the selection of the first value in another form field.

    For example, If the user select US in the country field, we show New York, Houston. And if the user selects UK, we show the UK cities in the second dropdown (programmatically loading the cities from PHP, based on the country)

  21. Do you know if image pagination and more Lightbox customization is going to be added any time soon? Also is it possible to have a low quality image load for the gallery thumbnail and then a separate, larger image for the lightbox? I don’t want to buy a gallery plugin lol. Love where you’re going with this builder! I can keep deleting other plugins:)

    1. Image pagination and lightbox customization are probably not coming in the very near future I’m afraid. Regarding thumbnails, that’s a good suggestion I’ll pass it along

  22. My private hosted site threw up a fatal code today. Could it be related to the new addition?

    Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/WordPress/WordPress/wp-content/plugins/elementor-pro/modules/share-buttons/module.php on line 144

  23. Nice, I have been waiting for the Date field. But in it current state it doesn’t allow me to select the language for frontend use. Kind regards.

  24. You can use the plugin mentioned by Jon or create a Zap ( using webhooks to store the formdata in a Google Sheet!

  25. The new datepicker field looked very promising but proved to be completely useless to me. The placeholder text is automatically erased when using native HTML5. Support advised me not to use native HTML5. However on mobile native HTML5 can not be disabled, so on mobile all placeholder text is gone. On mobile i find placeholder text an absolute must to keep the form length acceptable. Have to stick to text fields to enter dates. Too bad.

    1. According to the HTML standard:

      The following content attributes must not be specified and do not apply to the element: accept, alt, checked, dirname, formaction, formenctype, formmethod, formnovalidate, formtarget, height, inputmode, maxlength, minlength, multiple, pattern, placeholder, size, src, and width.
      You can achieve this text on mobile (even though it is not recommended) using JavaScript

      1. thanks ben – just as I checked my plugins this morning i saw on option to update elementor pro. i swear i had checked several times yesterday and it was all up to date. oh well, works now, thanks!

  26. Hi Ben, loving all these updates! Please add MailerLite as one of the options that we can connect with for email subscriptions. I know we already have mailchimp and convertkit, but please add MailerLite as well.

  27. 1) The added form fields are: File upload, Acceptance checkbox, Date picker, Time picker, Password, and HTML.
    Q) Where can I find a list of all of the allowed form fields (new and old)?
    2) “… extending the functionality of several existing fields.”
    Q) What does “functionality” mean?
    Q) Where can I find the an list of the current functionalities of the form fields?
    Thank you for your help.

  28. this is great! i needed some of these features.
    however something is missing with the “Acceptance field”.
    a link to the term page as acceptable.
    please add it.

  29. Hi Ben,
    Loving Elementor from the very beginning, I got Pro and never look back…
    Would you & your team consider launching a popup form (double optin type)? Elementor buttons deserve their own…

  30. Hi Ben,

    It is great feature and I really enjoy it. I just wonder one thing that it is possible if all data is automatic save in spreadsheet and we can download it.


  31. Ben.. why is it that I can’t see any of the new features (eg date select, autosave etc) albeit having the latest version of elementor?

  32. Looks like I can see the new features now.. but when trying to add date selector in form.. got the following error:

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method ElementorPro\Modules\Forms\Widgets\Form::add_script_depends() in /app/public/wp-content/plugins/elementor-pro/modules/forms/fields/field-base.php:20 Stack trace: #0 /app/public/wp-content/plugins/elementor-pro/modules/forms/fields/field-base.php(46): ElementorPro\Modules\Forms\Fields\Field_Base->add_assets_depends(Object(ElementorPro\Modules\Forms\Widgets\Form)) #1 /app/public/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(286): ElementorPro\Modules\Forms\Fields\Field_Base->field_render(Array, 2, Object(ElementorPro\Modules\Forms\Widgets\Form)) #2 /app/public/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(310): WP_Hook->apply_filters(”, Array) #3 /app/public/wp-includes/plugin.php(453): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #4 /app/public/wp-content/plugins/elementor-pro/modules/forms/widgets/form.php(1253): do_action(‘elementor_pro/f…’, Array, 2, Object(ElementorPro\Modules\Forms\Widgets\Form)) #5 /app/public/wp-content/plugins/elementor/includes/base/widget-base.php(378): ElementorPro\Modules\Forms\Widgets\Fo in /app/public/wp-content/plugins/elementor-pro/modules/forms/fields/field-base.php on line 20

  33. No, that is not road i would like to follow. Maybe it is an option not to force native HTML5 for mobile by default, but make this an option to be selected or not. (this will lose the possibility to take the browser language) To me it is basic that if you want to use a datepicker it should be able to take the browser language and have placeholder text. Maybe i am a demanding fellow, but without these two characteristics a datepicker is of no use to me. Will stick to the text fields.

  34. Hello, I am new to elementor but just purchased Pro version because of other peoples review online. Can you please guide me where can I find out all that elementor has to offer for its clients? Also any tutorials for newbies of elementor?
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  35. Are You familiar with Ask Campaigns such as developed by Ryan Levesque? It’s a very popular way of marketing by asking questions to customize experience of visitor. He uses a company called for their specialized questionnaire system designed specifically for that, and includes data transfer to a spreadsheet program allowing deep analysis of the answers that come in. Some also say Google Forms combined with their spreadsheet allows a pretty good system, but requires a lot of customization. … SO, do you have any idea how well your form builder would perform in that function?

    Thank You Very Much

  36. I would love to have a “input” widget. With all the elementor styling options. Is that a possibilty? Basicly all the components of the Form as seperate widgets (or the option of removing the submit button)

  37. Hi, I am really enthousiast about working with elementor. Do you have a slider input formfield for number values? And is there an option for conditional fields, calculation values and preload of data from the database with magic tags? I suppose I am overasking now… 😉

  38. +100 and also Conversion tracking support for Facebook & Google Adwords!!!
    (generic Javascript Snippet would be even more awesome)

  39. Great product, i’m very satisfied with elementor pro features, specially with the form field. But one thing is missing greatly: conditional logic. With that you’ll be ahead of to the popular form plugins, and if you include payment gateways, you’re going to bury them.

  40. Hi Ben, loving Elementor generally and the forms are pretty cool. However, I’m struggling with documentation on injecting parameters – I’m using URL-param shortcodes and it works for options on checkboxes, select, etc… – however, I’d really like to insert it as the default value of a text field – e.g. to fill the subject line on an enquiry form based. Is this something we can do, and if not, is it something that might become available soon?

      1. Hi Ben, I think @Philip Brooks means – if you have a form on page called ‘support’, for example – the subject line is auto-populated by a message title like ‘Support Wanted’ and maybe the user is logged in and therefore the email can be auto-populated by the logged in user’s email address etc.

        These default values/variables would be possible to set in the form and of course the user could change them – or maybe not depending on settings. That way a logged in user can send a feedback form without having to type their email address in because we already have it.

        I also use Toolset and such variables can be generated using shortcodes like [wpv-user field=”user_email”]. ‘Placeholder’ does not translate such shortcodes in Elementor forms. And the shortcode field in Advanced tab seems to be used to set the field key. But such a feature would be good to make forms even more usable. However there is a host of great form plugins out there, so you lose no stars for the lack of this feature….

        Because what a fantastic job you guys are doing with this game-changer page-builder. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  41. Hi Ben, are you planning to add:

    1. Surveys and Polls Addon?
    2. Conditional logic (please!)
    3. Section divider or page break… please!, I used some form for my client discovery cuestionair and they could be really long, or, maybe i need to divider the “personal info” to the “questions” so it could be really nice to add a line divider parts of the form or even better a page break

  42. Great work as always. I would really like to have some sort of conditional logic though. I need the sales price to change depending on what options a customer chooses. If this can already be done can someone please point me in the right direction? If not, I look forward to future updates. Thanks 🙂

  43. I am wondering if the price table widget will integrate in the future an acceptance check box.

    It would be great to be able to use this check box in order to comply with the new european law, which obliges us to get the acceptance from the user of our terms and conditions, before clicking to purchase the product or service shown there.

      1. I also need that link. And also that the legal text (which is very long) to stick to the checkbox. And i would also like to define the size of this text (smaller)…

  44. hope in near future the elementor form can be used as an order form for services. people fill in the information, select options and pay. im building a proofreading website that needs this function…better yet, after payment, client can be registered and log into their client panel, and receive the order(proofreading) when the deadline come. currently still needs gravity form

  45. Is it possible to limit the date field to only show dates in the future? I can’t get it to work 🙁 (I could just manually set it to the current day, but then I’d have to change it every day manually…)

  46. Is it possible to customize what the user sees after they submit the form? I would like the form to then disappear with a thank you (not just the check mark with form submitted) Thanks!

  47. Hi! Is it possible to use a select field and validate as soon as user click an option, without need to click a button? I’m trying to do a select field to change language of a website and once it is selected i want to go directly to the page in that language. Thanks!

  48. Hey folks,

    Amazing works you have done thus far, love it! =)

    Question for you … is there any thought about maybe adding a option for PayPal within the forms? So then one could create a subscription form for an event or the like?


  49. Hi, I have a doubt.

    Is it possible to change the message that is shown as an answer in the “Acceptance” box? by default it shows “On”, but I would like to change it to “If I accept” or a similar text.

    Thank you!!

  50. Is there a widget to add forms for payment? Once user selects a product, how do we close transaction through elementor tools?

  51. If payment is not possible through the form, can anyone recommend a 3rd party plugin that works with the elementor form and will take payment (pref via paypal). Thanks

  52. i need possibility to add custom label texts in my forms, not linked to field, something like the html box but without having to deal with html/css !

  53. Olá! Preciso colocar alguns formulários com cálculos no meu site. É possível fazer com o Elementor ou alguém conhece algum plugin de calculadora que seja compatível? Obrigada!

  54. Hello! I need to put some forms with calculations on my website. Is it possible to do with the Elementor form? Or a plugin indication that is compatible?

    1. At the moment it is not possible to do it with Elementor form. For forms with calculation fields you can use the Gravity Forms plugin.

  55. There is the possibility of making a field for the address. Detect the street or geolocalize the user. Could this be done? thank you very much!

    1. I would like this a lot, the ability to set a field with ACF to define the origin of the form and based on that add a cc email address to the form. My current workaround is to create multiple forms for each email address and then insert them into a page based on an ACF field containing the shortcode for the individual form…

      This would additionally allow me to pass a tag into the HelpScout system for automating support request forwarding, kind of essential to me,….

  56. I would like to have the option where the customer in sending a message via the form also has the option to check a box to also sign up for our mailing list, we use the mailoptin plugin but this at the moment is only a definable action and not conditional on a checkbox being marked as yes…

  57. This is gold! Love elementor pro! But we are really missing advanced form validation… like see that the content of two fields matches (two email fields) ortwo date fields to check that the one date must be before the second. Also it would be great to also allow DDMMYY formats.

  58. Hi.

    I hace 2 questions:

    1. What happen if I declare a date field, and I try to write something that doesn’t have anything to do with a date (ie. “hello world”, “123235434534”, etc). Is there any validation message?
    2. May I customize the language of the months and days?. I need to use it the calendar in spanish.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  59. I would be great if you could override the name attribute so it set it as entered…

    i.e. name=”FNAME”

    rather than…


    i.e. I just want the name tag to be FNAME for an integration with a 3rd party mailing system via the web hook.

  60. A registration form widget is needed! I have been looking for a way to do this with out adding more plugins. ACF function would be really nice.

  61. Good article, thanks. I use some of the forms on my websites, but at the last moment I switched from regular forms to form calculations. Now calculators are very popular and most of all like target customers. I create calculators through the plugin I tried others, but could not find a suitable one for my requirements. I believe that calculators are the best solution for customers than simple forms, especially when compared with pop-up windows.

  62. I have a client that doesn’t like the “Please fill out this field”

    It there any way to edit or even delete it.


  63. Hi. How can I set it up in a way that the user can pick which list to be added to? I have clients from 2 different cities and I send different newsletters. I want them to pick which city they are in so they can receive information only about that city. Thanks

  64. I have a question and have no idea where to post it. Is there a way to add a field (name of form responder) to the subject line of the email that gets the form response? I had this in the contact form widget in my older version of the site and it makes a huge difference for us when inputing clients but I can’t figure out how to do it with elementor 🙁

  65. I have multiple checkbox and I want to map to a query string one of the checkbox options, i.e. option 1 in a query string and option 2 in a separate query string

  66. Hi Ben: I want to create a web form from a fillable PDF. Then I want to link a database to it and output a non-fillable PDF from it. Can Elementor help with this? If not, can you suggest an add-on that could help or the possible extra programming cost.

  67. We all want the double optin! This is like marketing 101!! Literally the first thing anybody does when they create their landing page. Any news guys? Pleeeeaasssee????

  68. Nice! I currently use Gravity Forms to build complex forms, and this is heading in the direction of eliminating one more plugin. The only thing I really like about Gravity Forms is that there’s a space where you can see all the entries and conversion rates for each form you set up. Useful information.

    BTW, how easy would it be to implement a Zip code validation field, where users would enter a Zip code and it can validate it from a list of acceptable Zip codes where a business provides services.

  69. Elementor forms are giving us some issues on mobile. If a user tries to submit a form with a required field missing, the error messages shows for such a short period of time that they have no idea what they missed. This is with labels hidden and just placeholders for field names, a common approach to mobile forms.

    Any chance you might change this in the future so an error message saying what is wrong stays on screen and lets the user find and fix their error?

  70. It is great to have now an easy way to insert form 🙂 However, to get it even better, I’d love:
    – floating labels feature
    – a field to add text descriptions, that would be simplier than HTML field and nos necessarily show up in the mails.
    For example, I need to sau “Ctrl+click for multiple selections” under a field.
    – a non-google CAPTCHA (I’ll try though the HTML field)

  71. Can you give us an estimated time of when conditional logic would be included please?
    Is this a matter of weeks, months or just a vague plan for the future?
    Thanks in advance!!

  72. Very helpful.

    Question: Is it possible to set a single field of a form with a class ID? So that one field’s attributes can be manipulated independently from the next? Thanks.

  73. Would like to see Action= and Method= added as an option for Elementor pro forms.

    Not everyone wants to do ajax.

    Sometimes we have simple php scripts that are already in place and have been working very well for their indended purpose of many years. We just need a way to submit to them via GET and POST that is stylable with elementor.

  74. I find the ‘Any Form Any Design’ statement you make pretty inaccurate. As I try and work with this there are a lot of basic layout options that are simply impossible.

    1. The form must be one continuous element. You can’t have a section of the form and other elements combined (like an explanation, term details, an image, etc.). You can only add other elements another row or column. You can’t insert a header or backgrounds that might help define the page / sections for the viewer. So Layout is extremely limited.

    2. The form label on/off option only work for ALL the form elements at once. So, for example, it’s redundant to have the label ‘NAME’ as well as the place holder ‘NAME’ in a form field visible. However you might very well want to have the label on for a number field so people know what it is and what kind of number to enter.

    3. Checkboxes won’t line up if you need to have multiple sections of them / Items across the page if they have differing numbers of options. Looks all wobbly.

    You all do great work but I think you need a Designer who is NOT a coder with some oversight on your projects. Most trouble I run into with Elementor is not so much in regards to ‘does it work’ as not being functional in terms of what you thought to make possible.

  75. Nice options now – however, is there a way to make the file attachments – say they are images – be uploaded to a specific destination folder, rather than being attached to the sent email. We’re looking to upload up to 4 files max 10MB – so simple attachment won’t work in this case and we want the files to be managed in a client folder structure.

  76. Hi. How to add validation to the text fields? i need to link the field to MailChimp Birthday field and I cant set limits. for example, i want the validation to be ##/## and i cant do that. any help? thanks

  77. I have Elementor Pro on my website. On my home page, I have inserted the blocks for an “Op-tin form.” The form loaded with no problem and everything looks great, but the form is too long. So, how do I “SHORTEN” the length of the inserted opt-in form on the home page?
    Currently, I have a maintenance page up with while I work on the website.

    Thank you

  78. I am a PRO user and have numerous Elementor forms set up.
    Is there a log somewhere where I can see all the form entries in a list?

  79. This was a great update! Any plans on adding Conditional Logic in the near future? I think this is the only thing missing from Contact Forms. Cheers!

  80. Hello!
    I created a questionnaire.
    The questionnaire consists of 6 different popups.
    Each popup has a button that connects (with a click) to the next popup.
    After the user answers all 6 popup questions, the last popup should send all the user’s replies in a single email.
    How can I do?

    (I hope to explain the problem well. my English is very bad)

  81. Where do the files go? How are they secured? Is there a possibility to delete the file automatically after a certain amount of time?

  82. Is that possible:
    Add multistep form. in first step user can select: SELL A HOUSE or SELL A FLAT
    If user select SELL A HOUSE move to SELL A HOUSE multistep. If user select SELL A FLAT move to sell a flat.

    i cant find this option. I only find conditional rules to show hide/show elements on the same tab/mutlistap, not to trigger the next multistep.

    Is that possible?

  83. and what if a hacker upload a dangerous file and hack my website. He can make this file as png or jpg so he can upload it then hack my site. Did you think about that?

  84. Any suggestions for changing the time format from military (24hr) to 12hr format on the forms?

    Also, will be stoked once we have multi-step and conditional field functionality!

    Elementor is the BEST WordPress plugin and well worth professional subscription!

  85. Please, can someone help me ?
    I am a newbie WordPress student, I bought Elementor and I would like to collect data fields by Elementor Form, but I did not understood how do it.
    How can I intercept POST data after submit ? Can I user javascripy or PHP ?
    I need to write code inside my WP theme file functions.php ?
    I need to use Webhook and – or webhhok url ?

    Thank you.

    1. If you wish to save data fields from our form widget, you can try using third-party plugins. For example, Contact Form DB.

  86. This is great features!!

    I’m wondering if there’s a way on the Select Field to redirect user to particular page they signed up for? Let say 3 different programs & 3 different landing pages?

  87. Hello to everyone I need to create forms where the user first selects the country and then the city based on the selected country, but i can do this with the form in elementro pro

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